3 to 7: An Excerpt of My Summer Activities (Games)

And one way to revive this blog (again. TT_TT) is through a post I made in the middle of the night wherein I could be cut off at any moment but will post up to wherever anyway.

And here we go!~

So, my summer break started from March 31 (officially when I graduated high school) and will end in 3 days, hence 3 to 7. August 7 be the start of my college life. Everyone else but Alkaeid and I have started. Lucky Alkaeid gets two more weeks. TT_TT Why doesn’t he blog post?

I always think to myself: “Hey, I should review Chapter 128 of Nisekoi to revive the blog!” every damn week until Nisekoi went to its current chapter count at 133. An Onodera chapter set has already come, but why haven’t I even freaking started…? Sad life. Very very…

I'm sorry, Kosaki-chan!! TT_TT

And the main reason my blog posting isn’t consistent is because of one main thing. Not counting sudden family matters, it would be games. Games, games, games. I am the God of Conquest’s disciple. hahahahahhahaahahahah /shot

Yes, I am.

Hell, I’ll be going into discipleship of the #1 player in the world of this game I’m addicted to currently. He’s streaming as well, and I guess I should link him here as well. o7 He is epic.

But what the Hell am I linking so early on in the blog post?

Well, it’s a certain CCG (Collectible Card Game) that was on open beta last December and was officially released on April iirc. My other friends not in the NOHK plus Renegade introduced me to this game. Speaking of Renegade, he and Requiem are supposed to have a blog post, but nooooooooooooo… What the hell happened? /rantlol

The funny thing is, as well, Renegade dropped the game already, while I’m here continuing, leveling my characters evenly. It’s a card game released by Blizzard Entertainment. If you played Magic: The Gathering (which I kinda have, thanks to the Magic 2015 app, but that sicko app needs an IAP to continue playing, so screw it), you might say that it’s similar.

Introducing to the NOHK Blog! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


A big fan of World of Warcraft? A big fan of card games? Can I rip off a slogan similar to what I’m about to pull now? Then you’re definitely gonna love the cool combination of the two.

Hell, you don’t even need to know Warcraft stuff to play the game. You’ll need to know Warcraft stuff to get some easter eggs in the game, though.

How do I describe this game… Its early days were pure glitchy. Blizzard doesn’t handle them all too well IMO. Card nerfs here, there, everywhere, but the oldest nerf I know was this card for the Hunter class called Unleash the Hounds.

Unleash the Hounds :v

Gameplay: Oh, yeah. It’s very similar to the WoW TCG. I’ve seen gameplay of it but haven’t played it yet. Main thing is: Hero vs Hero. Play cards in the form of either Minions, Spells, or Weapons to bring your opponent’s Health from 30 all the way to 0. There are 9 playable characters in the game, and all of them have special abilities called Hero Powers that can be activated once per turn. Mana is constant here. Unlike the TCG or M:TG, you don’t need to play cards to have mana. Every turn, you gain a Mana Crystal, and it caps to ten.

Players are allowed to mulligan their hands both partially and fully, but only once. Both players start with 3 cards, while the second player gets an extra card and The Coin, allowing him to gain one Mana Crystal just on the turn that it was played.

The turn isn’t divided into phases, but if one were to make phases, there will only be three: Draw Phase, Main Phase, and End Phase. Draw Phase is just known as the start of your turn. Cards with effects “At the start of your turn…” will be activated in this phase. You, of course, draw a card. Main Phase, you can do ALL of the following, provided you can pay the mana cost: Play a minion. Cast a spell. Equip a weapon. Use your Hero Power. The End Phase occurs when you click the End Turn button or if you’re too slow, a rope will start to burn down to the button, signifying you only have 15 seconds for you to do your biz. If you let the rope burn all the way, your turn will end, and cards with effects: “At the end of your turn…” will activate.

Seriously? Trump? IMPOSSIBLE!

Not much in-depth stuff about it for now, but this simple card game got me hooked so epically that I started to learn more about Warcraft lore about cards I have and cards to come. The game is currently having its first Solo Adventure called Curse of Naxxramas, similar to the raids in the original WoW game. This Solo Adventure has bosses with totally unfair cards and Hero Powers.

By the Light!

Oh, and by the way, one can earn cards by levelling up or buying Expert Packs containing Expert Cards or cards with colored gems in the center. Their effects are much more badass than Basic cards. Of course, they should be. hahahahahahaha

The streamer I linked is Amaz, officially the #1 Hearthstone player in the world. His stream is so epic. His Priest gaming is as epic. His Ragnaros is his. Too epic to put into words. That’s why I play Priest often as well. Do we win?

Guys, do we win?

As for the other games I played during my summer, I can’t exclude this game I’ve been playing since October last year. IDK what they call these kind of games where you build stuff and you wait until they finish and you attack other players with troops you made. It has to be a genre of its own…

To the NOHK Blog, here is Clash of Clans!

Most Recent Loading Screen for CoC

I really can’t say too much about it, but because of the Clan Wars addition, this game has gotten even more epic! Being not in clan in this game is just sad. The system of Clan Wars isn’t that all too different with your regular Clash. Aim for 3 stars. It’s just that teamwork, donation, base design and a little hint of luck and YOLO is added when you raid. You’re forced to set your mind to “Victory or Death!” because a worthless attack will demoralize not only you, but your whole clan as well. As of now, my Clan comprised of fluctuating 19 to 24 members has won 10 wars as of the update. Yeah, we aren’t really an “everyday war” type of clan. More of a “once-a-week war” type.

And to add to the list of games, we of course cannot omit this animesque game that I’ve obviously become pro at. At least, when you compare me to the other NOHK members. hahahahahahaha /conceited But, damn, it’s true! No one bothers to 1cc any of the games. Not even our resident 2hu fag is that skilled in the shooters. Fighting games, sure. ruo and Alkaeid can have ’em, but when it comes to the original ones ZUN has to showcase every year, you can count on me to bring the pain!


Hah! I only not know one of them!

In our recent endeavors of file-sharing, I obtained Alkaeid’s EHD which contains WarThunder, a planes/tanks game I played once (it’s good, it’s just my PC’s fault that I can’t play that much.), Team Fortress 2 (EPIC FPS, you should try it out! Same PC problems for me, though. TT_TT), some anime I requested from him, and ALL the Touhou games. From 1-14. i already had 14.3 and was requested of me by Alkaeid. He wasn’t able to download it off the bat when it was released because of his Internet problems, so he passed the responsibility to me. Good game, actually. Got me thinking most of the time. That 3M on one spell, though.

7.5 be Immaterial and Missing Power. The controls were confusing, but it’s your standard fighting game, similar to 105. and 12.3. The problem with this, though, is that you have 2 lives in one round, divided into First Sign and Second Sign. First Sign be your first Spell Card arsenal and Second Sign be your second. Only 4 buttons, because the extra two in the other games are just combo buttons. Say button 5 is just button 1+2, conveniently placed in one button. I don’t feel like clearing it.

And aside from those, I’ve only played 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View. It’s the two-player Touhou. And I have to say, this game’s clearability is dependent on your RNG with the AI’s dodge algorithms. Sometimes, the final boss, Shikieiki would not take any damage the whole of your matches. Sometimes, she dies within the first 2 minutes of your first match with her. Bosses are supposed to be programmed to be OP, but sometimes, RNG can turn things to your favor in this game. That’s why within three days of consistently playing the game (with breaks, of course), I’ve cleared 7 characters in Normal mode. I tried Lunatic with Reimu. Them super-dodge algorithms… I’m at my last life and I take a glimpse of the AI. Full health!? WHAT? >:>

th002 th013

One note: My sister played this with me and gave up immediately unlike the fighting games. hahahahahha /pro

Besides a little Counter Strike here and there, which I can’t appreciate on this computer because de_dust lags, (seriously? de_dust? TT_TT) Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes and Half-Life which crash at a certain point (you see, this is why I don’t torrent), because I’ve gotten a non-Steam version of Counter Strike (YES! 1.0, baby!), I’ve finally gotten to mod and add bots the other games installed with it. These would be Firearms, Team Fortress Classic, and Ricochet. Note that these 3 games are games I’ve wanted to play with either my sister or with bots ever since I’ve been playing Counter Strike, which was when I was 3 years old. XD So, just imagine how I felt after I got the mods working. 😀 😀

Firearms is military-esque. There’s a prone option here! hahahahaha. Still 100 HP like usual. You have a skillset! Wow! You can be a medic, a commander, or some badass soldier wearing bandoliers because you have more ammo than usual. There’s even a Stealth skill. No footsteps + added damage to knife. The AI made by Marinebot are decent. Unless there are no waypoints for the map, which there are maps I wanna play but have no waypoints for it. The bots just go around in circles or something and they don’t shoot. Seriously? So much for that game.


Team Fortress Classic is standard FPS, except you have 9 classes to choose from which specialize in something. So, a team has to have variations on classes to be able to perform well as a whole. There are no deathmatch maps unless you mod them in, which I got lazy to do. So, everything there is objective gameplay. Capture the Flag, Attack/Defend (one team brings a flag to command points in order and the other team prevents them), Push (an object must be taken from the middle of the map to the opponent’s side), Hunted (Bodyguards must escort a VIP to a safe zone while defending against Sniper-class Assassins), Control Points (like 5-point Domination, but you bring the flag to the points), and Reverse CTF. My complaints for the AI are just these: In most maps, they camp. Only Scout classes go YOLO, but no one is taking offensive action. Spies are the closest to getting a flag since they have a disguise and lose it when they carry the flag. AND SPEAKING OF SPIES, these freaking bots are too hax. When you’re a spy, if you’re in their line of sight for a full second, they’ll start to shoot at you. Spy-check too OP. You should usually get through most of the time. It’s just too hax. Favorite classes for me are YOLO Scout, Sniper, and Soldier. 😀


Then, Ricochet. It’s an arena type of game wherein, using your disc things, you launch them at your opponent in order to push them falling into their doom or launch a strong one to decapitate their heads even if you hit them in the stomach. XD You have 3 discs. You can fire as much without worrying about ammo. Just worry about ammo regen. You won’t get your discs back until they’ve either hit someone or gone off the map or back to you. The reason it’s called Ricochet is because you get more points by bouncing your discs off ledges all over the map. The more bounces, the more score you get. Thus, Ricochet. 3 bounces max, though, but that’s obviously hard to pull off. The bots are too OP.  Since you really can’t jump and aim upwards or downwards because you’re set to firing straight, this game requires more skill with aiming. And the bots will really get to you. They’re programmed to look back after they jump (jumping is done through arrows at the end of a pad, see below), so, you can’t surprise them from behind, and they’re programmed to shoot on sight. If you follow them, be ready to counter with a shot of your own, because you can cancel out attacks by your own attack. Solid game.


And for all that games, I wish i was there during the hype so I’d be able to play with pros from all over the world. XD

And to end this post, I wish I could’ve ended with a PS3 game, but sadly, even after a long break, my PS3 still hasn’t been fixed. It went haywire since December, and I couldn’t find the time or the money to get it done… TT_TT

But, at least I’m ending this post with an anime-related type of game. Then again, this anime was just a 2011 anime and isn’t even originally an anime. It’s a project, much similar to other projects I know of, but this one would be the first ever school idol project that I’ve gotten hooked to somehow mainly because of this game and the anime.

Here it is, nya~ Love Live! School Idol Festival


Do I start with fave girl rankings? hahaha nya~

LL_1_Rin LL_2_Hanayo LL_3_Kotori LL_4_Nozomi Ll_5_Nico LL_6_Honoka LL_7_Umi LL_8_Eli LL_9_Maki

And to note, the difference in ranking is juuuuuust too slim to cut it.

Plus, reason for rankings will be on a next post. I promise I’ll make one ASAP.

So, seeing gameplay from OtaCom and other people playing it in the area, I’ve seen another music rhythm game I have to conquer. I started with Tap Tap Revenge 2 for the iPhone, and now I’m trying to conquer new lands. Though, osu!, Alkaeid can have that. It’s too hard  for me. But it was only recently that I learned that you can bind keyboard keys to mouse clicks so you can click that instead of MOUSE1 or MOUSE2 to click a note. Oh. Nah, still won’t osu!, at least this year or in this timeline.

From ruo’s perspective, there is an element much similar to KanColle, and that’d be the Practice feature of the game. It’s the only way to level members up to their cap. And the practice members kind of “disappear” after practices, thus they’re, in a sense, “fed” to the member who was practiced. iirc Commons cap at 20 (40 if Idolized), Rares at 40 (60 if Idolized), SRs at 60 (80 if Idolized), and URs at 80 (100 if Idolized). The Special Practice feature of the game allows you to “merge” two of the same member. This increases their level cap and base stats. The stats of each character affect your score, and depending on the song, they can help with the maximization of your score. Only one of the three stats are used for one song: Smile (A red sun), Pure (A green diamond), and Cool (A blue crescent moon). You get more idols by completing songs, getting a certain score or combo, and Scouting. You can scout by using Friend Points, earned through the same manner except Scouting, assistance from other players, and daily log-in bonuses. You can also Honor Scout. It gives an assured R idol at the cost of the in-game paid currency which are Love Gems. Use 5 to scout one. Use 50 to scout 11. IMO, if there are deals like this, it’s better off to save 50 rather than keeping on buying one for 5. You can get Love Gems in the same manner as getting members and Friend Points, events such as a member’s birthday (the most recent was Honoka’s. Happy Birthday~ 8/3), or if you have cash to burn, buying them.

There are only 3 difficulties in the game as presented, but through certain events, Expert modes of certain songs are unlocked in the B-sides section. Also in this section, there are Daily Songs. They’re harder than your usual songs and cost more LP to play (LP is the energy system of LLSIF). There are many songs in the game, but most of them are either open during events only or unlocked at a certain rank. You yourself also Rank Up. At an irregular interval, your max LP gets one more, and so does your Friends limit. Seriously? A Friends limit? Why?? Can’t I have everyone as my friend?? XD

There are also in-game goals that when attained, you get to unlock a unique portion of the game: Story. Yes, there is a story here. And so far, since I’m at Rank 40, Chapter 7 Part 1 is unlocked. That’s for the main story. The stories are just shorts that revolve on random problems between the idols, solved within three parts. Also, there is a Bond system in this game, wherein when you max an idol’s Bond (only attainable through playing songs), you get to see their side stories, and for Common idols, their Self-Introductions. The main idols get a little bit too comfortable around you in that side story, but that’s only in the form of words that they use on you. The words that they use become er– romantic in a sense. Provided you’re a guy, you’d kinda feel that vibe when you hear them speak and say those words. No innuendos, please. Supposed to be decent. I just can’t find the right words to use. Maybe you can show me? (UNEXPECTED EXAMPLE WIN)

Grinds are slow, of course, because you have to wait for your LP to recharge, and due to that, I usually mistime it and my LP goes full already and I haven’t used it up. It can get stale, but if you enjoy Love Live!, you won’t be bored. o/

My proud highlights: Grinding Event Points to get myself an SR Honoka and gaining an R Honoka (Cool) through finishing a song. Because that doesn’t usually happen.

So, at that, I will see ya’! Thanks for stopping by! XD

Creds go to the pics’ owners!!!!


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