Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft BlizzCon SEA Qualifiers (Philippines): Did I Really Join This??

So, yesterday was the qualifier for a qualifier. Okay… I haven’t gone through details about Hearthstone, but I guess I can do one now. XD

I can’t believe I just joined a random tournament the Hearthstone Philippines group had set up for us here. It’s been two weeks since it was announced, but the Curse of Naxxramas expansion adventure was more of a highlight during these times.

Hearthstone is an emerging OCC here in the Philippines. WoW fags don’t not know about it. XD But I ain’t one, so yeah. XD

I neared cut-off time at 11:30 am in our time, and we had to log into TeamSpeak. I downloaded it beforehand, but I didn’t know how to use it right away, so I got lost a bit and panicked inside. hahahahahah oh, man. The minutes leading up to 11:30 was killing me.

Good thing I had lunch early, and we started right away at 12 noon. This looks like a good time to address some game features I haven’t already discussed. XD

There are 9 classes in the game, all of which have class-specific cards that synergize with each other. All classes have their own Hero Powers that can be cast once per turn for 2 mana. My personal thoughts on how the classes differ:


Druid (Malfurion Stormrage): Choose One cards, so you can switch playstyle to remedy the current game situation. Good card removals. Huge cards with huge buffs. (Hero Power: Shapeshift – +1 Attack this turn and +1 Armor)


Hunter (Rexxar): Beast synergy. Trap secrets. Drawing cards and discarding others, also to remedy the current situation. (Hero Power: Steady Shot – Deal 2 Damage to the Enemy Hero)


Mage (Jaina Proudmoore): Spells. And lots of them. And they’re particularly strong as well. Spell-based secrets, only two are minion based. Some are for delays. The only class that can delay lethal through the secret Ice Block. Variations of the deck build include Freeze Mage, wherein the opponent’s minions and the hero himself can’t attack the next turn. (Hero Power: Fireblast – Deal 1 Damage)


Paladin (Uther Lightbringer): Minion based spells. Soft removals. Most of his cards are either heal of huge proportions, +Attack to minions (only Blessing of Kings and Sword of Justice add to Health), or setting minion’s attack to 1. A kinda weak class, but if you pull off the combos perfectly, then it’s a fun class to use. (Hero Power: Reinforce – Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit)


Priest (Anduin Wrynn): Heal. So much heal. The kinda counterpart of Uther, he has spells to buff health of minions, and with the help of Inner Fire, the health will equal to the attack, so GG. For other class skills, taking control of the enemy’s minions, and copying cards from the opponent. So, this class becomes more powerful depending on the good cards of the opponent. Has spells that Silence (removes enchantments of a minion) and kill off any minion. Only drawback is this class can’t instantly remove minions with the attack of 4. My favorite class overall. Not because of Amaz, but because of the copy cards ability. Thoughtsteal OP. (Hero Power: Lesser Heal – Restore 2 Health)


Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar): Combo cards. Cards have special effects when another card has be played before it. It can effect board state by returning cards to the owner’s hand. A small number of weapons, but this class has good weapon boosts and weapon AoEs, something lacking for the other weapon-heavy class. (Hero Power: Dagger Mastery – Equip a 1/2 Wicked Knife)


Shaman (Thrall): OP Removal. Has removal for everything. Hard removal like Hex, a low cost Lightning bolt to deal 3, a low cost Lightning Storm that can deal 2 or 3. Synergizes with totems, totems synergize with the Totemic Might spell, adding +2 health to all Totems. Windfury. You like to attack twice per turn? Well, here’s your class! Minion-based buffs. But these OP spells and minions don’t come cheap. Your mana available next turn will drop to a certain extent if you played OP cards like a while ago. This is Overload, and a good Shaman knows how to play around Overload. An epic class overall. [Hero Power: Totemic Call – Summon a Random Totem (A 0/2 Healing Totem that heals all friendly minions by 1 at the end of your turn, a 0/2 Wrath of Air Totem that boosts Spell Damage by 1, a 0/2 Stoneclaw Totem with Taunt, meaning this minion must be attacked before anything else, spells don’t count, and a vanilla 1/1 Searing Totem)]


Warlock (Gul’dan): Huge minions, huge spells, either at the cost of your health, or the cost of your card advantage. To remedy the health problem, he has a lot of spells that restore health. To remedy card advantage, his hero power draws you a card at the cost of your health, which is remedied by the spells mentioned earlier. Demon synergy, and most of his class-specific minions are Demons. A strong class, and is the most used class in the meta today. (Hero Power: Life Tap – Draw a card and deal 2 Damage to your Hero)


Warrior (Garrosh Hellscream): Charge and Enrage. A class built all based on damage. And, of course, as a Warrior, this class is weapon-heavy. The hero can take damage and kill off minions with a hard removal like Execute (Destroy a damaged minion.) A tough class to use, but it can take the hits. (Hero Power: Armor Up! – Gain 2 Armor)

So the three classes I chose were Druid, Hunter, and Priest. I was the only one in the whole tournament with exactly these three in their line-up. There were a lot of Hunters and Warlocks. hahahahahahha

But at least I had fun in all of my matches. I fought 6 matches of Swiss. I went 1-1, to win 2 consecutive and lose 2 consecutive, resulting in 3-3, and #27 out of 68 players. So, from HS to WS tourneys, I go 50%… Wow, is this the Swiss curse? :v

So, I’ll go through the matches I had and skim through them in a fast fashion. XD

Please do note that in games with a small amount of characters available for a username, I use “top1imno1”. Short for “Top 1 I’m Number 1 Team Captain”. A long history of this, but I won’t go through it. It’s egotistically obvious. hahahah

Round 1/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs Amberle (I won 2-1)

Druid Hunter

It was Druid vs Mage. A Freeze Mage aimed to delay the game and finish off at Turn 10. As said earlier, Ice Block delays lethal damage, and if not triggered early, you’re wasting turns. Exactly what I did. :v I got hit by Alexstrasza, a Legendary Dragon for 9 to set a Hero’s health to exactly 15. Nooooot good if you’re at full health + Armor. That, Ice Block, and two Fireballs (6 damage for 4 cost) along with Frostbolt (Deal 3 and Freeze) + Ice Lance (Freeze, if already Frozen, Deal 4) will kill anyone in 15 HP… Exactly that, so I lost that.

So, I dealt with it using Hunter. I think he didn’t have the cards he needed either for stall or board control, so I had my standard board control for midrange and dealt with the problems as they went. Dealing 2 damage to the enemy hero works wonders for triggering that Ice Block. :bd

He then faced me with his Paladin. I don’t remember too much about it except it was an aggro vs midrange, with me being the latter. I won in a commanding manner. It seems he really had bad hands.

And here I thought we’d go fourth match, but here we realized through game rules that it was just a best-of-three, so yay, first win~

Matches were 1 hour each. And 6 rounds? Sooooo tiring!!! hahahahaha

Round 2/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs Mottaka (I lost 0-2)


Two words: Legendaries Warrior.

His deck is too epically built to not be beat by standard lacking Druid decks and a standard control Priest. He had both games in the bag, and I expected that, since his hero was golden, signifying he’s played 500+ matches on his Warrior in the ladder and won at least 500. He has so many Legendary cards, hence  Legendaries Warrior. So many staple cards killing off whatever I have, and I had no response for anything. Meh. 1-1.

Round 3/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs Jazzele (I won 2-0)


This player’s decks were non-meta. Completely constructed through personal experience and lack of cards plus being unaware of how the other meta cards were built. I played against his Mage and Hunter, all dealt with my Druid. Good removals. Standard games won by Druid control. XD. 2-1. I’d also like to note the set-up play here of Starfire + Force of Nature. XD 11 damage AND I avoided death by drawing almost near all of my deck for a Healing Touch (Restore 8 Health). Both against his Hunter. And knowing Hunters can constantly deal 2 damage to you, I would’ve died had I not drawn into that card after several tries. Then he summons Deathwing, a 10 cost 12/12 that kills everything on the board and the user’s entire hand. I have a Taunt solution for that! Go, Ironbark Protector! 8/8 with Taunt FTW! And through him, I got it set-up. Had he dealt with my Ironbark Protector in some way aside from attacking it with Deathwing, I would’ve lost, but no. GG.

Round 4/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs Coldznap (I won 2-0)


OH MY GOD BEST MATCHUP IN THE TOURNEY EVER. Shoutout to Coldznap! Thanks for the greatest two matches!

I was not sitting pretty during both of those times. I knew the guy by name, and that he’s a well known player in the HS PH community, so I was thinking “Can I win against this guy?” But I played on and persevered. In a Druid vs Priest match, I’d expect a long match with minimal minions on the board unless Token Druid, or a Druid with a lot of minions + all of them are buffed with a card called Power of the Wild. (A Choose One to either give all friendly minions +1/+1 or Summon a 3/2 Panther.) He had the Magic 8-Ball deck my fave player Amaz uses, so I was kinda prepared for anything that can possibly happen. When I had a chance to use a spell named Starfall on a Taunt minion with 5 health, my cousin told me not to because I can kill it with something else. I did that, and woop-dee-doo. Ragnaros the Firelord appears. A one-on-one with my also 8/8 Ironbark Protector. Ragnaros misses, and I play Queen Sylvanas to take the Starfall so I take control of his Ragnaros, dealing 16 in one turn. Next turn, he puts down his own Sylvanas and 3 more minions to give Ragnaros more targets. Take note, Ragnaros does 8 damage to a random enemy, so, all the better if it doesn’t hit minions that shouldn’t be hit. Even hitting the enemy hero is bad if the enemy has board presence. He sits at 14, but I have a solution to the extra 6 without Ragnaros. Force of Nature. Yes, Malfurion’s 3rd(?) skill in DotA translates here as summoning 3 2/2 Treants with Charge (means they can attack already as they’re summoned) that die at the end of your turn. 8 + 6, so yeah. Concedes.

But the second game wasn’t all too easy for me. He has Legendaries Warrior as well, and Druid doesn’t have a lot of one-shot removals for them. I have the classic Druid combo on hand that can deal 22 damage in one turn. My problems are: A 1/2 minion with Taunt, him being at 22 health and can Armor Up!! to get 2 Armor, which translates to two extra HP. I have the 22-damage combo on hand, and I have a card called Claw that can give my hero +2 Attack and +2 Armor. How do I push in this card? There’s a Druid card called Innervate that gives you 2 Mana Crystals for the turn it was played. I already have one on hand because Force of Nature costs 6, Savage Roar (All characters get +2 Attack this turn only) costs 3, Innervate costs 0, of course, and Claw costs 1. I have two Savage Roar cards, so that means, 6 + 3 + 3 = 12 for 22 damage. On the same turn, how do I deal the extra 2 damage. You can only have 2 copies of a card in a deck, so I was hoping for my extra Innervate to give me more mana for Claw. I prayed to the RNG gods, hoping I’d TopDeck my Innervate. He copied his own Ragnaros with a Faceless Manipulator, so I take 16 + 4 from a card already there. About to die next turn, but what do you know? TOPDECK’D INNERVATE!!!! I really jumped off my seat when I got it, and he was epically shocked when I pulled it off! BAM!!! 6 + 6 = 6 + 6 damage is 24! Wow. Just remembering it now… It was epic! 3-1.

Sorry that happened.

Round 5/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs HAVATITE (I lost 1-2)


Oh, God. Not another famous PH player. Is this my consequence for doing well in Swiss?? I also get this when I’m playing Weiss Schwarz sanctioned tournaments… T_T

But, I stood a chance. I really stood a chance. A player who’s made it to Legend will always lose to a newcomer from time to time. XD

I played around him maybe using his Warrior off the bat, so I used Priest early on so I can get good card copies fast. But instead, I get a Warlock. I now played around him either using a Zoo (a deck flooded with minions and minions or spells that buff them) or Handlock (a deck that mainly floods the hand and plays out cards that rely on the number of cards on hand and damage of hero). I chose to play around the latter since he’s a Legend player, but apparently, when he played a 2/1 minion on Turn 1, I was surprised. I was taken aback. He played the former. Now, my strategies changed, and I screwed up my mulligan. :v But this Priest control deck is built against Zoo. An Auchenai Soulpriest that turns my heal into damage + a 0 cost Circle of Healing that restores 4 health to ALL minions effectively makes it a 4-cost board clear (because the Auchenai costs 4). I got good board clears. I healed up, and eventually, I got him where I wanted him and got him beat! Yeah! One more to go!!!

Priest OP!

But this is where everything turned out so badly. Having lethal next turn only to get wombo-combo’d by a Hunter who runs Leeroy Jenkins, a 6/2 with Charge that summons two 1/1 Whelps for his opponent + Unleash the Hounds (a card that summons 1/1 Hounds equal to the number of minions the opponent has). And in Hunter vs Hunter (reference? Maybe? Well, no.), the wrong trap and the wrong set-up of traps on my end cost me the game. Same wombo-combo, but my trap was Freezing Trap (a trap that puts an attacking minion back to the owner’s hand) instead of an Explosive Trap (a trap that deals 2 damage to all enemies once your hero is attacked). So, the Hounds triggered it first, giving Leeroy a straight 6 opening to the face. Sad, but it was a fun experience playing against a Legend. 3-2.

Note: He talked to me post-game and said he’ll keep me in his friends list because I played well, and his head hurt just playing against me. Compliment? I’ll take that! hahahahahah Yeah!


Round 6/6 Swiss: top1imno1 vs TheSandman (I lost 0-2)


His Shaman. OP. I lost steam entering this match. HAVATITE was too much for me to handle. TheSandman buried me. My Druid and Hunter lost to this guy. He’s strong. I really don’t remember how I lost, but I just did. A small number of misplays led to an opening on his end. My cards that can potentially get me an extra card gets killed via Earth Shock (Silence a minion, and deal 1 damage to it.) (Silence removes all of a card’s enchantments). Fire Elementals that deal 3 damage when it’s played… I can’t handle it.

So, there 3-3, and #27 out of 68 players. The 8th seed was tied by 4 players. Wow. And our PH representatives are Chalk and StaZ. Known people in the community as well. Good luck to them!

I’d like to thank KatipunanCowboy and Babael for organizing this event plus the stream. It’s not all fun and games organizing this. Too bad there were no free Expert packs. Well, until next time! Stay tuned for another blog post, thankfully not related to this! XD

All pics (except for my topgame screenshots) are from their respective owners. XD

BONUS: Decklists would be in the Weekly(?) Screenshots~


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