ACGT 2v2 WS Tournament Part 1 – ruo's Railgun

A very good evening to all of you readers out there, it’s me ruo, here for the first time to talk about the our group’s Weiss Schwarz adventures. (This is also technically my first post, but not everyone needs to know about that) (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 〜( ̄△ ̄〜)

Last August 10, Sunday, our group, specifically its production arm, the N-Pro, joined ACGT’s Weiss Schwarz 2v2 Tournament held at Otaku Expo Reload 2014. Wanting to show off our organization, we went ahead and registered 3 teams in hopes of sure attaining victory. Sadly however, we were denied time …… [More of this next week]

Moving on, since we’re all in the mood of showing-off, we’ll do so with our deck techs! Representing Team Shanghai Climax, is my very own humble interpretation of the Railgun S set. A deck lovingly named: “Only My Saten”

Now, onto the decktech feature!


ruo: At level 0, we have a very standard but aggressive 14-card game. I find it laughable that during the construction of this deck it once never occurred to me that the level 0 lineup lacked a proper beater/attacker (so much for being aggressive). I guess I was simply too happy with the new Railgun cards I just received back then.

This level contains most of the deck’s utility with several tutors and salvages – setting the deck up for the higher levels.


ruo: The only real beater in the entire level 0 game. “Uiharu, Friendly 4-man Group” has the ability to boost itself twice with an additional +1000 power for every [ESP] and/or character with “Saten”  in its name placed on stage. With a proper playing pattern, this card can potentially reach an easy 4500 power which can kill most characters other sets have to offer at level 0 – its only major downside being its vulnerability to the common level reverser and the fact that I only have a single copy of it. (it’s actually a RRR I luckily pulled from my trial deck.)


ruo: This card is where my playing style starts to manifest. “Uiharu, Worrying” when played, allows you to search for any [ESP] or character with “Saten” in its name for a cost of 2 stock. While most players would consider 2 stock expensive at an early game, it does allow the deck to acquire the cards it would need to run, in an otherwise, crucial Level 1 game – the 1/1 “Saten in Living Room Wear” being a perfect example. The card also scales well into the late game as it allows to cycle out any climax left in the stock into waiting room, grabbing you a card which you might need for the next level as well.


ruo: I don’t even why. Damn. This card has to be one of the biggest mistakes in my build. While “Musashino Milk” is indeed amusing to say during your turn’s attack phase, its synergy with the deck is practically non-existent as the deck does not have any cards which benefit from the recollection mechanic. Powered at 2500, a 3000 vanilla beater might’ve been a better option, especially since the deck lacks anything to fill in the role of an early attacker, and though the card does allow for some compression when sent into memory, the 1 stock you pay in order to do that is better used to fund your use of multiple tutors and expensive changes. Looking at it in the bright side, let’s just say we placed her there for the much wanted megane and senpai power 😉


ruo:. As I said earlier, the deck lacks any resemblance of a beater aside from the conditional Uiharu, Friendly 4-man Group, which makes this card very important to the line-up. When “Mikoto, Good Grade” attacks, it allows the player to give another of his [ESP] character +2500 power and +1 level at the cost of 1 stock. This lets the early game deal against big level 0 characters that are prominent in other sets as well as any annoying level reversers the deck may come against.


ruo: Adding to the ability to fix the hand for later games, the deck also has a number of “Mikoto, Admired Being” in the level 0 lineup. When damage dealt by this card is cancelled, the player may pay 1 stock to salvage a character from the waiting room and drop a card from hand. This allows the player to salvage in much needed cards as well as cycle out climaxes and level 2-3 change characters.


ruo: Lastly comes a powerful searcher in the form of ““ITEM” Takitsubo”. By paying 1 stock, placing the top card of your deck into the clock, and resting this card, you are allowed to tutor for 1 [ESP] character thus effectively giving access to all of your character cards save for the traitless Saten. The clock damage you receive can quickly be put into your advantage by minimizing the risk of being stuck at a level and by allowing you to reach higher levels faster in order for you to play your more potent cards.

ruo: At level 1, we’re running a much larger game with 16 cards in 13 characters and 3 events. This investment of cards is due mainly to level 1 being this deck’s main game. From its selection of vanilla beaters and assists to its key changers, most of the action the deck will do is at this level. It is here that the 1/1 Saten in Living Room Wear is able to change to the 2/2 Gossiping, Saten which has an outstanding 10000 power, something very hard to overcome at the lower levels.

1-Saten5500BB 1-Saten5500TD

ruo: This deck runs a complete playset of this 5500 vanilla beater in two variants, the booster pack ver. and the trial deck ver. because you can never have enough Saten.


ruo: Haruue, Munching becomes the deck’s staple as it give all of your characters +500 power plus and additional 500 more to all characters with “Uiharu” and/or “Saten” and its name. This makes the seemingly lackluster 5500 vanilla beaters huge with an easy +1000k power without the usual stock requirements.


ruo: One of the most important characters in the deck, Saten in Living Room Wear changes to a 2/2 Gossiping, Saten during the beginning of your climax phase after paying 2 stock, dropping a card, and sending this card to memory. It is imperative that you get this character in the early game with the different search/salvage-oriented cards you have as the deck has nothing really to offer in level 1 that can compete with sets that have the ability to set walls such as SAO.


ruo: If ever you missed some essential cards, “Passion Pink” Uiharu will be able to compensate that with her brainstorm ability. At the price of 1 stock, reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. For every climax revealed, tutor a [ESP] character. She also gets a boost of +1500 power until the end of the turn she is played, something you can use to kill-off remaining level 0 cards your opponent might have in an early game.


ruo: Yet another key card. “Mental Out” Shokuhou has to be one of the most interesting cards I’ve seen in a while. At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, if this character is still standing, you may pay 1 stock and rest this card. If you do, all of your opponents gain the ability “This cannot side attack” for the turn. This ability works hand-in-hand with the 10000 power Gossiping, Saten as it forces the opponent to send their cards to their untimely deaths facing an otherwise, unkillable opponent at levels 1 and possible 2, cleaning the opponent’s stage for your attack. Though there is a risk that suiciding cards do deal their full amount of soul damage, I believe it’s a price worth paying for being able to attack the opponent with +1 soul from a clean stage. She also give an additional +500 power to all of your [ESP] characters, which should be the grand majority.


ruo: Last of set of cards for level 1 is your standard event card which boosts any [ESP] character with an additional +2000 power. This card can also be played during the counter step on your opponent’s attack phase to keep important characters in the stage.


ruo: A huge change from level 1, level 2 only runs at 6 cards.


ruo: As repeatedly mentioned earlier, this card should be played at level 1 ensure its maximum efficiency. If this can’t be done, she could also be brought out at level 2, this time at a cost 2 of stock and a clock damage.


ruo: Another changer, Kuroko, Serious about Work, changes into “Academy City”, Kuroko for the same change cost as the earlier Saten. This could should be changed out immediately as it is very much underpowered in level 2 at 7500.


ruo: Signature of the Railgun S Trial Deck, Misaka, Friendly 4-man Group gets an additional +1000 power if two or more other [ESP] characters are at the stage, she also gets the notorious CX combo where once Railgun is at the climax zone, the player can pay 4 cost to deal 5 damage to the opponent when with card attacks. Expensive? Yeah sure, it’s something I like doing a lot though hahahahahaha.


ruo: Like level 2, level 3 runs 6 cards as well. This is an insurance in case you fail to do well with the other lower levels. Something you should avoid at all cost!


ruo: “Academy City” Mikoto has a heal effect to take off some damage you may have possibly inflicted upon yourself using characters such as the searcher “ITEM” Takitsubo” and/or playing Gossiping, Saten normally. The character also gets a second ability where you can remove your opponent’s level 0 or lower cards at the cost of 1 stock and resting two [ESP] characters.


ruo: “Academy City” Kuroko a standard level 3 you can play through change. When played from hand or through change, you draw 2 cards and drop 1. The second ability does something similar this time in a CX combo with the gate trigger CX “Eyewitness” that allows you to dual salvage after dropping a card – something that is not played in this deck because of financial reasons. Other than that, hand advantage is what this card is all about.


ruo: To fill in the lack of level 3’s, the deck also runs the two level 3 cards from the trial deck. Mikoto, Works Hard, allows you to salvage a [ESP] character from the waiting room when this character is played. She also gets an additional +1000 when another of your [ESP] characters attack. Pretty straightforward if you ask me.

CX-1k1old CX-green2k1 CX-RailgunTD

ruo: The 8 climaxes are divided into 4 +2 soul, 2 +2k1, and 2 1k1 with gold triggers. The same climax lineup you’d get from a trial deck.

ruo: Tutor-salvage-change-burn-change-heal-salvage. These are the usual patterns the deck would play out whenever I would take it out for a test So far, this deck has gone against Madoka Magica, PDf, Love Live!, and Angels Beats! and has scored quite the number of victories with at least 60%-70% of the matches won, including those at the 2v2 Tournament itself. Something that motivates me to build this deck more. If there were anything the deck were to have problems with, it would be cards which give suicide assist such as the one in Fate/Zero and bounce triggers. Large characters such as the 10000 power Saten is useless if it’s sent back to your hand. It is also vulnerable to anti-salvage effects which could upset the flow of the game for this deck. Another problem would be the lack of the cards I need for this deck. It lacks several copies of the level 3 Kuroko as well as a playset of “Passion Orange” Misaka at level 0 which could give the early game a card to kill-off big level 0 cards aside from using the single copy of Uiharu, Friendly 4-man Group. The gate trigger CX, “Eyewitness” is also very much needed.

While I’m not much of the Weiss Schwarz expert, I did enjoy writing about my own deck. It does make me more confident with it. I guess I should take it out for a tourney this weekend hahahahhaha.

That aside, I thanks the lot of you for taking time to read, specially a post like this. I really do, and I do hope that you do expect more from us. Thanks a whole bunch /o/ o

Till next week with another decktech and our impressions rant of ACGT. Till then, ja ne~~~~


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