Finally back~ Thanks for waiting and here is part 2 of my post on my opinions on certain VNs. To those who haven’t seen part 1 the link is here:  (spoilers kept to the minimum, if ever there are). So for part 2, the final part, I’ll give my opinions on two VNs, Rewrite and G-Senjou no Maou. Again, this post should not be taken as a review.


So first up is Rewrite. Rewrite is the ninth VN developed by Key. Despite being a Key VN, it has a very different feel to it. Past Key VNs had a slice-of-life feel to it, Rewrite, however, is more focused on action and politics to some extent. The common route of Rewrite is very long, common route is around 1 ½ months long in-game, but is shorter for Lucia’s route. In general, the common route is your typical slice-of-life plot with a little supernatural stuff in it. As you go deeper in the common route, the supernatural parts will be more frequent. The common route is enjoyable but it somehow feels a little too long. I mean that’s 1 ½ months in-game. For my opinions on the individual routes (arranged according to my play order):

Kotori: Well this route really depressed me. The sudden change of atmosphere after the common route and Kotori’s story in general had a huge impact on me. Aside from the depression here, this route dumped loads of info on me. This info though really helped me understand the situation and circumstances in the other routes. In short, I find this route to be an introductory route for all the others.

Chihaya: The reason I went with this route next is because in the common route, Chihaya is a funny character. After a depressing Kotori route, a more lighthearted Chihaya route seemed like the best option. My expectations for this route was met, it isn’t depressing like Kotori’s route. In fact, the Chihaya still manages to provide comic relief. This is the most action oriented route in the game and it has a shounen feel to it. I also noticed some inconsistencies with some details in this route. Kotori’s route explained a lot about Kotarou (the MC), only to be contradicted in her route. In the other routes however, it remains consistent with Kotori’s route. Despite the inconsistencies, the route is enjoyable.

Lucia: This is the best non-main route in the VN. Lucia’s character really gets developed in her route. In the common route, she was my 4th favorite heroine, but after her route (before playing the main), she easily captured 1st. The 1st part of her route creeped me out, many horror elements. The horror elements could be attributed to Ryukishi07, who wrote Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

Shizuru: Another action packed route. Though with that said, it’s not filled with inconsistencies as with Chihaya’s route. An enjoyable route, but the ending though…

Akane: Among the routes, this one felt to be the longest of them all, or probably it ony felt long because of the excitement for the Moon and Terra routes. Not as action packed as Chihaya’s and Shizuru’s, but it deals more with the political side of the conflict. My opinion on Akane dropped a bit in this route. Even if it did drop she’s still likeable. I find this route to be grand, a perfect precursor to the even better Moon and Terra routes.

Moon: With all routes done, the main route/s becomes available. The two main routes are focused on Kagari, who is seen in every other route (including common) except Lucia’s. Moon route is basically another info dump but with a fair share of sweet moments with Kagari (fave heroine). This route is basically the sequel to all other routes.

Terra: Now this route is truly epic. If the Moon route is an info dump, this route executes it. Really hard to explain how epic this route is in words.  The route elaborates on Kotarou’s past and his encounter with Kagari. In this route, things that Kotarou never can do in the others are easily done here. Terra route can be considered as a sequel to the moon but also has sort of a prequel to the main game.

Rewrite is definitely something worth reading, every second I spent reading this VN was worth it.

G-Senjou no Maou

The final VN is G-Senjou no Maou. This VN is currently holds the top spot as my most favorite VN with Rewrite as a close second. For this VN I can confidently say, the side routes aren’t worth it. Go main route all the way. This route reminded me of all the thrills in Makina’s route of Grisaia no Kajitsu but this is even better. All the plot twists and the execution really made this VN a great one. I won’t give my opinions on the side routes as they are all bland but I’ll give a short one on Tsubaki’s, I consider her bad end to be the good end, a really nice feeling when you break an innocent girl >:) .

Well that’s it for my thoughts and opinions on certain VNs. Hopefully I can find more time and more topics to write about. No plans to make full VN reviews though, but I’ll consider it in the future.


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