ACGT 2v2 WS Tournament Part 2 – Do You Really Call this a Deck List?

So, I had to continue the deck list features. And, apparently, from ruo’s post, I have to say something, at least a bit, about the 2nd Anime Card Game Tournament that concluded waaaaaay back. Well, just 2 weeks back.

I can’t say anything more except I wish I had a Luna Clock. Rather, all of the NOHK had a Luna Clock. Although, stopping time just for us would make everyone else not move, so downside already. :v

If you didn’t get the 2hu ref, I’ll put it 5 simple words…

“Time is our only enemy.”


Moving on, I’m but a simple Weiss Schwarz player who has a fantasy build but doesn’t use up lots of resources to attain what I need. So, I become content with what a have and boom. Deck list. Filled with too many stuff that combo with too many things that you don’t know what combos with what anymore.

As the only one in the NOHK using the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f series as a main, (well, ruo’s building one already. Good for him. I don’t have that much cash to burn.), here is the deck I use all the damn time and was only recently changed by ruo himself. He has OCD. He’ll die if he sees this post. Too many cards. haahahahahah

Here is, SAFE!!!

Decklist (1) Decklist (2)

(Yes, PD reference. It’s obvious. And a baseball one. Not too obvious as well. XD)

It’s arranged by serial number, so cards from 000 to 025 are Yellow, 026 to 050 are Green, 051 to 075 are Red, and 076 to 100 are Blue. Those exceeding that are Green. TD ones are Trial Deck cards, either Green or Yellow, depending on the character shown.

I guess I’ll be spending my time in the post explaining why I simply can’t pass off these cards in my deck.


Len “Star Mine” (1)

It combo’s with Fire Flower. +4500 to it and another <<Music>> character. No waiting. hahahaha


Akita Neru “Original” (2)

BEST CARD IN THE DECK. BEST CARD IN PDf. I’d be running 4 of these if I had 2 more. WS is simple. Deal Soul damage and win. That’s my simple gameplay style. I don’t really get how there are other play styles here, unlike in other card games where there are Aggro, Midrange, and Tempo decks. So, I didn’t delve into whatever other play styles there are in WS, so just Soul Rush (I think that’s the Aggro equivalent of WS) to win. XD This card allows me to do so, and passing Soul damage off is bad for me. hahahahah


Len “Append” (1)

A 3500 on my turn, goes back to 2500 at my opponent’s turn. I should’ve replaced it with the card next to this, because this doesn’t usually survive a turn. But hey. It goes back to 3500 at my next turn unlike the next card.


Len “Trickster” (1)

A 2500 with Battlecry (props for using Hearthstone terms for WS. ahahahahhahaha) (Basically means an effect when this card is placed to the Stage from the hand): +1500 to it until the end of the turn. Good 4000 kills off anything at Level 1. :bd


Rin “Future Style” (1)

A 3000 Vanilla. Needing a diverse color deck to be able to play everything else in my deck. XD


Len “Continuing Dream” (1)

Vanilla 8500 at Level 2. You usually need it. Can’t find something to replace it. XD


Fire Flower (1)

Of course. It combos with Star Mine. Plus a Whirlwind trigger. When it is triggered during one of my attacks, it allows me to send an opponent’s character back to his hand. A bounce? Why pass it off? XD


Tokyo Teddy Bear (1)

No combo, but Shot trigger. If this triggers, if the next damage I do is cancelled, I can deal an extra damage that’s cancellable. I play for Soul, so hell yeah!


Miku “Together with You” (1)

One of my few assists in the deck. 1 of 3, iirc. Come on! +1000 to characters in front! Rest it to give ALL your <<Music>> characters +500 until end of turn. Good assist! Why pass it off?


Miku “My Song for You” (1)

When someone else attacks, +1000. Strategy? This attacks second or third. 8000 + 1000 = 9000. No waiting. XD


Miku “Pieretta” (2)

My Level 0 game. As long as two other <<Music>> bodies are up, this become the Green version of the Len “Append”, but applicable to both turns. Need I say more?


Miku “Kitty Cape” (1)

Middle Center Stage presence.

040 T08

Miku “Pansy” (1 TD, 1 Booster version)

Standard assists. Pay 1 to give a <<Music&g
t;> character an extra +500. I’ve won games because of this. Hell, my characters survive because of her! XD


Miku “Deep Sky” (1)

Vanilla level 0 body like Rin “Future Style”. Again, for diversity.


Miku “Swimsuit” (1)

My level 1 game. Can kill off anything as long as I pay for it with Stock. +2000 for 1 stock?  Sign me up!


Miku “Honey Whip” (1)

My vanilla level 1 game. 5500 is not bad. Why pass it off? XD


Miku “Full Power Mikku Miku” (1)

Back-up 3K. Only allowed at Level 2. I could use a back-up or two in the deck.


Miku “Hello, Good Night.” (2)

Two Soul base. Character Encore. XD


Weekender Girl (1)

Level 2 Search for 2. Deck searching is a must. XD It’s my only deck search in the deck, even.


MEIKO “Long Pareo” (3)

BEST RED RARE I HAVE. AND I HAVE 3. Well, had, because I just sold one. It’s a Battlecry: Salvage for 1  and -1 in the hand. My only salvages in the deck. XD


Luka “Racing Swimsuit” (2)

My questionable Level 1 Red game. My deck lacks Reds, so why did I run them? Battlecry: +2000 if there are 2+ <<Music>> characters on my stage. :bd


Kasane Teto “Original” (1)

My very questionable Level 1 Red game. I have not used her second effect. Ever. That’s +1500 to any <<Music>> character for 1 turn for 1 stock. Maybe I kept her because Teto. Tetotetotetotetotetotetotetoteto


Miku “Dark Angel” (1)

Back-up 1500 for free. Need I say more?


KAITO & MEIKO “Original” (1)

1 of my 3 only Level 3s. Gives me a +1 on hand if a <<Music>> character is revealed during this card’s attack. And it’s an 11500 during my opponent’s turn. +2000 on his turn. Hooray for defense. XD


Miku “Never Ending Song” (1)

A MUST. Brainstorm for card draws and deck cycling. First effect to clean the hand. I am now running two because why the Hell not? XD


Len “Bad Boy” (1)

Defensive assist. Gives +500 to all other friendlies during my opponent’s turn.  Plus, just send it to Waiting Room to pay for any of your character’s Encore. This card has to be in the Back Stage, though. I need another one. XD


Rin “School Swimwear” (1)

MORE DEFENSE. Same as Luka “Racing Swimsuit”, except +1000 but lasts until my opponent’s next turn. XD


Miku “Innocent” (1)

WHY NOT? It had me at Level 2 10K power. Downside is sending a friendly character to the Waiting Room at my Encore Step, so, if this dies, I can immediately send it there. Or if another friendly dies, Innocent assures “unencorable” death. ACUTE reference. Kinda.


KAITO “Requiem” (1)

Same with Rin “Future Style” and Miku “Deep Sky”. For diversity.


Ashes to Ashes (1)

Back-up 4000. But since Event card, it’s bound to color restrictions. Still. 4000. XD And Back-up. And I can use it on my turn. XD


Miku “To The Highest Stage” (1)

Battlecry: +2000 if there are 2+ <<Music>> characters on my Stage. A Level 2 Luka “Racing Swimsuit”. Base 8000, so 10K Level 2 again~~


Miku “Black Rock Shooter” (1)

Combos with the climax of the same name, omitting Miku. +3000. Now that I think about it, it’s not worth it.


Miku “Heartbeat” (1)

Combos with the climax Odds and Ends. +2000. Much more worth it because 2 Soul base. Wish I ran 2 instea
d. Why did I give the other one to ruo…? :v


Miku “Original” (2)

2 of 3 of my Level 3 game. Battlecry: Everyone of my <<Music>> characters get +2000. Screw your walls. I’m forcing you to Encore. hahahahahaha Second effect gives +2000 for 1 turn for 1 stock! Nice card. Sure, there are better Level 3s, but hey, I’m content with what I have. XD


Black Rock Shooter (2)

Along with its combo, +2 Soul ALL. Need I say more?


Odds & Ends (3)

+1000 power all, +1 Soul ALL. Plus Pool trigger. When it triggers, I place the top card of my deck to stock then the climax goes to the stock as well.


Tengaku (1)

Draw, +2000 and +1 Soul to one character. Wanted the draw. XD


Miku “FOnewearl Style” (1)

TD FTW. Plus Level 1 character encore. Good enough. XD


Overall, this is a YOLO deck. It doesn’t require you to think much to be able to mash in random cards into one deck like this, but Hell, I used this during a legit tourney. It didn’t get me places, but it didn’t disappoint me. How do you play this deck? You just do. Just play WS normally, and you can play this deck. hahahahahha

Well, ’til next time~ Pics go to their respective owners!


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