iOS Gaming: World of Tanks Blitz

Hello folks here is my first gaming related post, so let’s roll forward with our armored fighting vehicles in this mobile game World of Tanks Blitz…Panzer vor!!

World of Tanks Blitz is pretty much a small slice of the original PC version. While I don’t mean to make this review look like a comparative review, most of Blitz’s features are reworked from the PC to fit in an iOS game.


I must confess, my laptop is not gaming grade and it can’t play the PC version of World of Tanks, I don’t want to miss out on any of this, so I grabbed the mobile iOS version without a second thought.  I managed to play the PC version after some time and I found some differences which are understandable since you can’t exactly cram every single detail of the full game into a mobile version without crashing the OS.


So in Blitz, we have 3 countries, the Soviet Union, the American Allies, and the German Wermacht. The tank tech trees are limited to one branch per type of tank, so if you played the PC version and saw 3 branches for a heavy tank, in here there’s only one. And sadly there are no SPG’s. That doesn’t really bother me much since it’s just a mobile game.


Compared to the PC version’s 15 vs. 15 matchmaking, there’s 7 vs. 7 here. Of course, the more the merrier as some would say, but honestly I find it easier in 7 vs. 7 fights since it’s faster, and easier, given that the maps are smaller than the PC version.


One notable thing I noticed about tank destroyers and other turret-less tanks, in Blitz, if you look beyond where the gun can point at, the tank automatically re-positions itself, but in the PC version, you have to turn the tank manually. While it may annoy some purists, I find it practical since it saves me the trouble of having to turn around and get a shot.


There’s no fog whatsoever in Blitz, again it’s understandable since a mobile game’s internal processors could only take so much before it crashes. It adds to the realism of the game, and makes concealment better in the PC version, so in Blitz, everything is pretty clear, no fog of war, in fact tanks could almost hide in plain sight, only becoming visible when you get close enough.





I have been playing the German line since the start of the game, and I have reached the Tiger I, but I have yet to buy it. I have played in various other Tier VI vehicles, but when I started losing money, I slid back to Tier V to pay up for costs. For fun, I also started grinding the American and Soviet lines.



If you’d like to add me up, I’m GMZ839…and no, that is not my plate number, I don’t have a car or anything.






















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