UnKnWn Deck Recipes: A New Look on Weiss Schwarz Aggro (PDf 2nd)

Hey, guys!

In every trading/collectible card game, there are three main archetypes of decks. They are the Aggro (short for aggressive), Control, and Combo (short for combination).  The Aggro decks are decks who want to finish the game early on. The Control decks are decks who plan to stay alive for as long as possible to unleash their huge cards. The Combo decks are the uninteractive decks that set up their combo for x number of turns and unleash it on a certain turn when they know they can win the game from that point.

Control is having the game at the palm of your hands.

In a card game like Weiss Schwarz, when the nature of the game is the closer you are to dying, the stronger you get, how do you make an Aggro deck?

The technical term for that in this card game is Soul Rush. The main objective of Soul Rush is to level skip your opponent. That is, you make your opponent Level 2 after the turn he was still at Level 0, where he has not set up anything at all to play any of his late-game characters. You deny him a chance to set up majority of his Level 2 game as he compromises with playing his Level 1s, given his limited number of Stock and most likely the cards he kept during the mulligan (change of cards in starting hand), which are most likely Level 1s and Level 0s.

Aggro means speed. Speed means Yukari's train.

If this plan fails altogether, the Soul Rush deck usually loses steam (as most Aggro decks do come the late game) as the game drags on. This becomes evident when he crashes his characters against the opponents’ characters with higher Power just so the Soul Damage enters.

The success rate of decks like this really leans on the number of Cancels per turn and how much damage was Cancelled, so it is hard to tell the consistency of the Soul Rush deck, albeit the numerous types of match-ups a deck can face.

Usually, the more Cancels the Soul Rush decks face, the less likely it is to win, but if the damage would cancel, the most optimal Cancels would be during attacks of 1 Soul. Of course, the problem of steam also affects the win rate of these decks.

My look on Aggro in Weiss Schwarz? Well, it’s not aggro. Losing steam is always bad, and for a card game that drags on longer than its brother Vanguard, how do you suppose ending a match early?

That is, you mix your Aggro with Combo!

Combo... Ehhh, close enough.

And here is my deck recipe for that archetype! Spearheaded by the best card in the series and the most interesting card in the expansion!

This is lovingly(???) named How2SoulRush:

Kagamine Rin “Melancholy”

Akita Neru “Original”

“Never Ending Song” Hatsune Miku


Hatsune Miku “Chat Noir”

Hatsune Miku “Urban Pop”

“Resonating DIVA” Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku “V3”

Hatsune Miku “School”

Hatsune Miku “Orange Blossom”

Hatsune Miku “Siren”

Hatsune Miku “

Hatsune Miku “Meteorite”

Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (Shite yanyo)

Hatsune Miku “Dimesional”

The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku



Now, let me explain the goal of the deck before I go to the components. Besides winning the game, the goal of this deck is to set-up Stock to be able to play Card A after buffing  Card B with a lot of Soul. The only way to set up Stock is by playing characters that cost a net Stock of 0. Usually, cards that use no Stock have low Power, and thus their purpose in the late game is usually crashing, keeping the Aggro theme of deck. This deck does not contain a lot of late-game cards and is also dependent on you playing from behind, that is, you’re at Level 3, so you can pull off the combo. In the event you are playing as quickly as Soul Rush, the tempo boost from Resonating DIVA Miku helps seal the deal and keep your Stage alive if the killing blow gets cancelled.

Here are the cards, neatly arranged in Card Number:


Kagamine Rin “Melancholy” (S22-008) (2)

One of the 4 cards not included in f 2nd, but rather in the original set. I needed an Assist, and I needed a Yellow card, and the on-play AUTO is a nice addition to this deck. +1 Soul for 1 damage.


Akita Neru “Original” (S22-013) (4)

This, my friends, is Card B. This is the best card in the original set. hahahahahhahahahahhaha No kidding. After all, 1 Stock for +1 Soul is perfectly balanced. If there’s a definition for Soul Rush, Neru has to be in it. XD


“Never Ending Song” Hatsune Miku (S22-079) (2)

Also a card in the original set, this is the ever helpful Brainstorm card that cycles through your deck in case your deck runs out of climax cards or if you just want to draw a card from its effect.


ODDS & ENDS (S22-107) (4)

A PDf trial deck card. Well, the Pool trigger (when triggered, put TopDeck to stock, then this card to stock) helps your grind to more stock, but you don’t see your TopDeck when this triggers, so that’s a huge downside, in my opinion. The less information you have, the worse.

013a 013b

Hatsune Miku “Chat Noir” (S29-013) (2)

A carbon copy of Kagamine Len “Append” from the original set. I just added her in because of hopes to make this deck a Miku Waifu deck, to a certain extent, and Yellow. XD Your basic L0 stage presence.


Hatsune Miku “Urban Pop” (S29-015) (2)

A yellow kind of Hatsune Miku “Honey Whip”. Again, main reason, Yellow. And of course, L1 stage presence.


“Resonating DIVA” Hatsune Miku (S29-026) (3)

This is the Plan B card. If you have 6+ Climaxes in your Waiting Room, you get to play this when you’re Level 2. She basically costs 1 Stock as you replace the other Stock after drawing two cards and discarding two. Basically her effect. Cost-efficient.


Hatsune Miku “V3” (S29-029) (2)

Level assist. Basically +500 x the buffed character’s Level. As I like Back Stage characters, she’s a good addition. You never know when you’ll need her boost.


Hatsune Miku “School” (S29-031) (2)

Keeping up with the Miku theme, this is a common card in terms of effects. Use 1 Stock and discard a card to search a specific card. You use this to filter your hand that has unwanted cards with cards you can use for later, like Neru. It’s using 1 Stock to replace a card in your hand. It’s a good filter card.


Hatsune Miku “Orange Blossom” (S29-032) (3)

For this to be effective, you need to be playing a full Stage, something you should already be doing as Aggro. Combos with DECORATOR to give all friendlies +2500 until end of turn, at the cost of 1 Stock, though.  But if that 1 Stock saves your Stage from dying, then it’s pretty worth it.


Hatsune Miku “Siren” (S29-034) (3)

An essentially 0-cost 2/1 vanilla -500 Power. You clock yourself on a poorly-timed/unlucky TopCheck. The condition required to not clock yourself is a <<Music>> character. There are 8 climax cards in this deck and 9 event cards. Still not a too high chance to clock yourself.


Hatsune Miku “” (S29-037) (3)

The ever-useful TopCheck. It’s a 3500, meaningfully higher than a vanilla. If the conditions of the TopCheck aren’t fulfilled, you clock yourself. At Level 0, when playing this card on Turn 1, the clock damage is pretty beneficial to you. Anytime else, though, is bad. This is still a nice card all because of TopCheck. Pros outweigh the cons.


Hatsune Miku “Meteorite” (S29-038) (3)

A 2/1 7500. Obviously bad statline. It’s stock-dependent, though, becoming a 9500 with 5+ stock. And since you’re running a lot of cards that build stock, this shouldn’t be a problem. It can also pay for itself just by resting two characters and giving a character the nice on-kill effect of TopDeck to Stock.


Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (Shite yanyo) (S29-039) (4)

Card number 39… So intended. The awkward +3939 to a Miku card is essentially a +4000 boost plus the good effect of an on-kill search of a Miku character. Too bad the search is limited to Miku, though, but you can use this to get Resonating DIVA Miku instead of Neru.


Hatsune Miku “Dimesional” (S29-042) (2)

1/0 6000… You have got to be kidding me. The good balance, though, is that you can’t play this from hand with an empty or 80% empty Stage.  Again, as an Aggro deck, this condition is easy to fulfill, provided you’re not playing from behind.


The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku (S29-048) (2)

This, my friends, is Card A. Essentially a re-stander for your cards if the attack cancels. For 9 stock. Because 3/9. Get it? Agh, whatever. But know this: The cancel happens before the Battle Phase, meaning your cards stand first and then get reversed if they have lower Power than their opponent. So, the game plan becomes: “Side attack first, then hope to cancel to unleash full soul damage.” Combo the +1 Soul of Neru, and use DECORATOR for maximum value.


Melt (S29-050) (3)

Looks pretty weak, because it only gives +1000 to something  plus the on-kill TopDeck to Stock, but it costs nothing, and you essentially put the card to your Stock. Also, if this becomes your blind stock, it will not hurt you as much as any other card does. I wouldn’t say it’s a stock-builder necessity, but it is a nice addition.


DECORATOR (S29-055) (4)

+2 Soul all friendlies. Combos with Miku “Orange Blossom” for the +2500 all friendlies. ’nuff said.

And a breeze-through potential optimal gameplay per level.

013a 013b 037 008 079

Level 0: Chat Noir and Infinity. Start to subtly build Stock, but DO NOT OVERCOMMIT to the stage yet. In case you do overcommit, make sure you have Never Ending Song Miku to replenish your hand, hopefully, and mill out cards you may or may not need, for the sake of it, and overcommit lightly. Simply commit. :O The only reason I said subtly is so the opponent would be less likely to know what you’re up to with a million Stock.

042 032 039 015

Level 1: Keep building Stock. Secure Stage presence with Orange Blossom and/or Dimensional. In case you fail the second premise, the first premise must stay important. If a Neru helps build Stock, think twice to send it down.

031 026 029 038 050 034

Level 2: Keep it up. There’s also the general rule to be looking for your combo cards now that your key level is approaching. If you can maintain Stage presence here, more likely you’ll need to secure it more with Resonating DIVA Miku or Meteorite. If it’s just been taken from on this exact moment, prepare your combo cards and get yourself to level up ASAP.

048 013013013013

Level 3: There’s little chance that you’re not going to make it this far (implying you’ve won already). If you don’t have the 3/9 Event, at the very least have 1 Neru in your hand. Press for full damage. At this case, 2 Neru cards is optimal, as you can allocate +1 Soul buffs, preventing a chance of a failed combo. Though, this is Weiss Schwarz. If luck’s not on your side, it isn’t. If you made it this far with Stage presence, just simply finish your opponent off.


Keep anything below Level 2. If you have all 5 cards as L0s, remove one in hopes to get something higher. Except Neru. Drop her.


Less events, more characters. After some considerable time of thinking, I think that 4 or 3 of a single Event Card is pushing it, This would look like giving less leeway for characters to pop up. A character-dependent Event Card is useless without the character.

Others, I’ll just leave them when I do get the concrete version of the deck.

So, here it is, and I hope you enjoyed the read. XD

You can count on me from now on! XD


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