Weiss Wednesdays: Springfest PH Head-Scratcher

What up? XD

During the hype of my writing shenanigans yesterday (which garnered two likes from legit writers who run blogs on writing), I considered creating a Writing category for this blog.

But this post ain’t about that! I had the hype because I wanted to talk more about my recent Bushiroad Springfest experience, which I only left a spoiler to touch upon the fun that I had over the 9 hour endeavor. So, shall I dive in? XD

It’s been 3 days since the event, so I may forget all the little details during the event and during my games such as misplays and whatnot. Let’s test my memory. XD

As always, creds to the illustrators and pic-takers! Obviously, without your skillz, this blog post would be just pure text, and that would really be boring to a lot of people.  XD

What a great event to get me the hell out of my first year of college! Do I need to elaborate on that again? :O

Well, as I wrapped up my short story for Creative Writing entitled Hell’s Mountain, I had no more paperwork to submit to any of my subjects, save the ones I need for shifting. I was free from my college burdens, and the first thing I did was create my deck recipe. Actually, to be honest, I net-decked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

But what’s so wrong with net-decking? Nothing! I need the link on that certain article I read that differentiates regular card-game players from scrubs. Basically, scrubs demean meta decks or net-decks without even trying it for themselves. They complain about losing to such “a cheap deck that everyone uses”. Terms like “cancer decks” and “Huntard” (Hearthstone portmanteau of the class Hunter and retard) were coined by these salty bitter scrubs.

Wrong kind of scrub, and that isn't even a scrubbing tool. :v

Okay, that was off-topic a bit, so let me continue.

Before f 2nd came out for WS EN, I read on the cards beforehand. I was greatly intrigued with the combo of soundless voice. That’s why when I got 2 of each of the need characters cards and one of the climax cards, I was immediately stoked with trying to create a deck of it. Of course, with my limited budget and lack of time during the semester, I had to put that on hold. That is, until that day I was freed from my bonds. The net-deck came from the epic dudes at 9th CX, a Weiss Schwarz blog. Hope they don’t mind if I plug them here. Decklist here.

By just glancing at it, I took the important details of the deck and created my own, on my own budget. Because cards are really damn expensive. I call it netted voice. Why? Because soundless voice and net-deck. Deck list was at block letters, so yeah.



















1x KAITO “V3”089





And yeah, that was arranged via Serial Number.

Anyway, during game day…

Gazer and ruo planned to get there by 10, since registration ends at 11. We all pre-registered, so I was thinking we didn’t need to rush, unless the registration referred to check-in, which would be such a disaster if I missed it. I woke up around 9 am, prepping up everything I needed to bring, such as my Kantai Collection singles. No, I don’t run KanColle. Honestly, I took a business venture with KanColle and bought roughly 12 packs, 2 from sanctioned tournaments. The return on investment was okay, to say the least. My sister pulled a RRR Akagi-kai, which I then sold for a nice amount.

Akagi wow

Okay, off-topic again! My life.

I get there around 10:10. Fortunately, I never got lost, and used my communication skillz (really?) to determine where to go. I then rendezvoused with the gang along with underclassmen from our high school. The management was letting everyone in by batches of 18. Then they trimmed it to 9, and being first in line (even though a lot more people got in before us), we got inside the venue with virtually no trouble at all. We were led to one of the many tables in the venue, like customers in a restaurant. All parts of the table had game area mats, registration sheets, and a lanyard determining player number. I got my things settled. Player #56 was ready to own.

39 39 39 39

After a quick lunch (I had a heavy breakfast, so I skipped that) for my friends and some casual warm-up matches aside from the Skype battles we had beforehand, it was showtime. Because of the number of players exceeding around 128+, we were scheduled to have 7 to 8 rounds of Modified Swiss. We were really unsure if it was 7 or 8, so we just played our heart out, and eventually, there was only 7 rounds.

The Venue

Round 1 (vs Love Live!)

Well, I pulled the CX combo off once. ONCE. So much for that. I was really worried about my opponent’s Red/Yellow build with the 1/1 Kotori Minami which disallows BACKUPs and can CHANGE from Level 0 to Level 1 and Mermaid Festa vol 1 (+2 Soul all just became a teensy bit scarier). It made me worry about the potential Kotori Level 1 suicider, the only real threat for the soundless voice CX combo. It never appeared, but I still lost. There were no misplays if I remember correctly. My opponent was at 3/6. I lost through a Soul Trigger on my side. Going for 1 but triggering 1 more, only to have the second one cancelled… On 3/6. Meh, it happens. And that puts me on the losing half 0-1.

Round 2 (vs Kantai Collection)

I remember telling to myself whenever I face KanColle, “Keep side-attacking. Let your opponent do the effects on his turn.” It’s a tactic I derived from Hearthstone whenever I face Taunt minions I can’t kill or Deathrattle minions I can kill but choose not to because the effects are annoying. A card like Ikazuchi is such a card in KanColle which I can count as an “annoying Deathrattle card”. Too bad for me, I don’t know when I actually need to not do that. I killed one Ikazuchi, which enabled him to search for another character he can use to wreck my succeeding play. I was shut down and shot-to-clock with Akagi-kai as I got myself a demoralizing 0-2.

Round 3 (vs ???)

I was waiting for a dude to show up, and being demoralized as I was then, I tried to take a nap while waiting. It might clear my mind. Eventually, he didn’t show up. The dude must have dropped. So much for “Never give up. Never surrender.” No one wants to play 0-2 for nothing now, apparently. I just ranted to myself how I won’t get to go up in the Top 8 because I fought people who dropped. Meh. From here on, I played for fun. 1-2 me up, baby!

Round 4 (vs Kill la Kill)

How many times did I pull off the CX combo during my first 3 games? 3. Here was no different, actually. I think his hand of 3 Junketsus (the Blue one) cost him the game. It was a Red/Blue/Green build with that certain card that gains +1 Level and +2000 per marker. It can gain 1 additional marker through a CX combo, reaching the soundless voice wall. Fortunately for me, he wasn’t able to pull it off, forcing him to go defensive come his Level 2, sailing me through a nicely-felt victory. 2-2.

Round 5 (vs Kantai Collection)

To be honest, I thought I was playing against a Chinese person. I talked in English the entire game until he spoke Filipino at his Level 3. I internally facepalmed myself for me forcing my English chatting. This game, I pulled off the CX combo 2 times, the third one was abruptly interrupted by him getting to Level 3. 3/0. He drops 2 Akagi-kais and a Musashi. Well, I’m screwed. At 2/3, all I had was soundless voice in hand but the 3 combo cards were killed off, two getting shot-to-clock. I was top-decking and clocking for solutions because once your combo fails, you run out of hand cards, and you find yourself in this familiar situation. Fortunately, my tiny shots never cancelled despite a Compass play, putting me over 50%. 3-2. I was happier than ever. Who wouldn’t be?

Round 6 (vs Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA)

And only here did I realize that I’ve been misplaying KAITO “Holiday” all along! He was Level 1 and 4000 Power when your opponent had 3 or less characters down, not 3500 as most loners become. I pulled off the CX combo only once as I got SPiCa’d 3 times too many. Miku “Orbit”, being Miku “Orange Blossom”‘s Level 2 counterpart, was a huge wall to overcome, if I even did. His field with those two cards was virtually unstoppable along with a field of decent assists. My misplay here was attempting the CHANGE of KAITO “Original” into “V3” with only 2 stock remaining, no field and forgetting that he searched for his Len “White Edge” BACKUP which could buff his wall up instead of just playing the Level 2 character as is, and go for the Encore. Needless to say, I was 3/6 with no cards in hand and on the field, and I top-decked a climax. I clocked myself to suicide, ending the game at my own hands. 3-3.

And the very anti-climactic!

Round 7 (vs ???)

ANOTHER BYE! Such quit. Much wow. 4-3, but really 2-3, in a player’s perspective. I was fine with the result, but meh. I wasn’t able to play 2 games just because people gave up and attempted to go for the PRs from WS Free Fight.

After all this, my friends and I free-fought as well, only to get stocked out of the PRs. Sad life. But, for me, at least I got home with something special in my hands.

During one of the free fights, a raffle for free KanColle card sleeves ensued, and all of a sudden, I hear my player number being called. I immediately rushed up front to claim it, and yeah. This is really a sign to start KanColle, be it the game or the anime. HAHAHAHAHHA Check the pic in our Weekly(?) Screenshots. Or Photo-Op if I take it with our family camera for some reason.

I can feel the elitism from ruo and everyone already. XD

And so, that’s it. Wait, do you even know how the deck worked? Have you even bothered this far? Well, if you have, that’ll be on next week’s Weiss Wednesdays!

Until then, may the fun and the luck, yeah, you get it. Peace!

You can count on me from now on! XD


5 thoughts on “Weiss Wednesdays: Springfest PH Head-Scratcher

  1. Lucky you for those 2 no show wins there. You could say you won from their….soundless voices.
    ……. ‘_’
    Sounds like the event was a great time though. I play only Project Diva and Kancolle sets (Both english only) so hearing the little vocaloids get a victory makes me happy a bit. A bit bitter too though since Soundless Voice. Sure its an easy wall to put up but to consistently keep it going is the challenge. Well seems like you had a swell time so no complaining out of me~

    I came here randomly from 9thcx after reading some articles involving the 2 sets I play. I have everything in Project Diva at least 4 of so while I build my own no problem, i like to net deck some competitive builds every now and then to see how they play, cause why not. But….most builds are friggin Soundless Voice or other variety that tends to have roughly the same cards. So much for that then. I have my own Soundless Voice variant. But its not TOO reliant on it…Using the “Whereever you may be” Miku that gives +1 Level and 500 Power assist is pretty awesome to killing off side attack damage and level 1 suiciders. Check her out if you haven’t/feel like it ^.^


    • Again, I want to see that decklist. XD
      Regarding the soundless voice trend, though, I’ve seen some people here play Miku waifu decks during major tournaments. Packaged-Spica-Glory 3usi9. In the Philippines, Time Machine Miku is still the way to go for the EN meta, I think, along with Factory Tyrant Miku. If only the pieces weren’t too expensive for a student’s budget, I could try making a deck and use it the next tournament. XD


      • (Actually I read and posted on this article first. Since the other article’s topic is on the deck itself, I’ll post my version of the Soundless Voice there then haha)

        …Shoulda figured Packaged-Spica-Glory 3usi9 woulda been seen a lot. I hardly see any PD players and the one I did see at my local card shop, was a Soundless Voice player. For a LONG time I didn’t have many people to play with so I played by myself to practice the game and brainstorm ideas as situations arose. I got at least 2 of my friends into the games but I usually help them build their decks since my knowledge of the game is higher. For a casual, who went out of his way to get a playset of EVERY card in Project Diva English…its weird I didn’t go competitive but I could after all the research and games I’ve watched from other players and the competitive scene. But eh.

        My main project Diva deck is a pure green build as well, maining Spica and Glory 3usi9 as well. Its very consistent, gets the job done most of the time and I’m highly loving it. I had my first version of it posted at Heart of the Cards website. But I’ve since changed it multiple times, first to be the trendy Soundless Voice Diva players during the time, if I ran into any. But actually Glory 3usi9 has far more power potential options than Soundless Voice at level 1 so it wasn’t hard I guess.

        It makes sense that many tourny players would use a variant this though (with Packaged Miku no less cause clock kick) so despite me not being competitive, I still followed the collective conscious of it nonetheless? Haha.Time Machine Miku though….ehhhhh Never was a big fan of it honestly but I see the appeal ~_~ but not a fan of keeping spots open for free attacks and it can be very predictable. 8500 coming back plus some assist but most sets I fought against can get to that kinda power as well or set up a counter for their next appearance.


      • I saw Time Machine as the most viable build only during the time Project Diva F 2nd wasn’t available in the Philippines yet. It had the most decent climax combos of the time, but now, I think it’s safe to say that Glory 3usi9 is better, not to mention cheaper.
        For me, the competitive mindset is just as important as /having/ the competitive deck, so even if you /could/ make the meta deck for PDF, it’s better to have the feel of it, but of course it’s more optimal to have the deck, so you can make edits and whatnot.
        I’m so jealous that you have a playset of each PDF and PDF2nd card. I’m only collecting 3-ofs as of late. My binder can’t hold more than 6 cards back to back. Hopefully, I can get a better one for that. XD


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