World of Tanks Blitz: Tier VII AT-15A fighting tactics

Hello World!!

It’s yours truly, GMZ839, and I’m back here with the only Premium Tier VII British Tank Destroyer that you’ll find in Blitz and I’ll let you on a few tips should you chance upon using it or fighting it.

I’ll be basing the tips from experience and the common fighting patterns that I notice in battle. So far I’ve fought in the AT-15A for 100+ battles out of my 3000+ battles, I use this  mostly for credit grinding, when I want to get another piece of equipment or another tank, or just some credits to make sure I don’t lose too much when I go tier viii fighting. The good thing about this is you will never fight tier ix matches unless you go platoon with someone.


Nothing relatively new about this chap, it’s been around for a while, let’s say around December 2014. If you’ve played the PC version of World of Tanks, there isn’t anything spectacular about the AT-15A compared to the other tank destroyers of its line. But here in Blitz, being the only British tank destroyer around, it’s something that’ll force you to change tactics when you fight it. Should it be in your hands, that’s a different story.

Let’s get started with tactics when you’re fighting as the AT-15A.


In low tier fighting, this thing has a nigh impenetrable front when angled right. Most of the tanks that I’ve fought unloaded their best shells on me, most of them pinging off my armour, some of them wrecking my tracks from time to time or managing to get a lucky AP shell in. However don’t be fooled, you still have a large cupola on the sides that need to be covered, thankfully there’s a low chance anyone would actually manage to hit it from afar.

Being a tank destroyer, the usual tactic would be to snipe or to be the third in a line of tanks, with the AT-15A, this thing could lead the charge, it would be pretty common sense to have a tank or two go with you to the front lines. You’ll need them to keep the pesky light and medium tanks off your flanks as those tanks can exploit your slow speed and snap a quick shot to your weakspots.

The AT-15A is a slow-moving cement block with a 17 pounder boomstick, the gun is great as if can pierce most of your opponents in low tier fighting, and the reload speed is reasonable enough. The -10 degree depression of the tank is the best part when you go hull down or when you are firing at an enemy from above.

The low risk folks you should watch out for are:

KV-1S- once it has it’s best gun, the long-barreled 122mm gun, that can do serious damage if it gets to your sides or if it fires APCR/HEAT rounds at you.

M6- The 90mm gun and its high-profile will give it an easier time firing into your cupola if you fight in at close range, keep this foe at mid range and you’ll be fine as long as you keep your front facing it.

051 (2)

Any German tank that can use the 7,5cm Waffe- This is currently the best tier vii gun available to the tier v and vi German tanks that you might fight. It’s not much of a risk when fighting frontally, but it can pierce holes in your sides.


(These folks are relatively low risk because their guns can’t do much against you tough frontal armor)

Now there will be tanks that can do serious damage against you in higher tier fights, trust in your armour and angle it right, make good use of the gun traverse to get some shots in while protecting yourself.

IS, IS-3, IS-6- These Soviet heavies dish out a lot of damage if it manages to pierce your armour, annoy them for a bit and when they take a glancing shot, let them have it with your 17pdr. You probably wont need premium rounds when fighting them unless you really want to pierce the IS-3’s pike nose hull armor. They have slow reload times, take advantage of this weakness.

Another AT-15A- Even in the hands of an inexperienced foe this can still be quite dangerous, again I say, trust in your armour, angle it  so the shots don’t go through and exploit its slow speed. Your best bet would be to shoot the exposed cupola while trying to cover your own, this tactic works if you have cover or other tanks for you to hide behind. In close range fighting, the cupola is easier to aim and shoot at, but so is yours. Fire away at the tracks and continue firing at the cupola. If the AT-15A uses its repair kit, you can easily track it again and go flank it. That way, you’ll be able to get to the sides, and you can start driving into the sides, that will give it a hard time traversing to face you. Be ready to block it from going forward or backward.

050 (2)

KV-3, KV-4, KV-5 – The 2nd branch of Soviet heavies have guns that can rip right through you, I’m looking at the 107mm ZiS-24. The long barrel of the KV-4 is a sign it’s using that gun. As for the KV-3, it uses either the slightly weaker 107mm ZiS-6 or the powerful 122mm D25T, or the average 100mm D10T. These tanks have more health than the IS series of tanks, and may have better reload times with the 107mm guns, do not fight it alone unless you’re absolutely confident you can beat it. I can’t say much for the KV-5 because I rarely get to fight the battleship looking tank, if the’re any tactic I know, it’s to shoot at the smaller turrets on its hull.

Tiger I, Tiger (P), and Tiger II- The tier vii German heavies may be easy to pierce with your 17pdr., but likewise, they have 8,8cm L/71 guns which can also pierce you frontally if you don’t angle the armour right. In the case of the Tiger II, the 10,5cm guns can also pierce through, dishing out more damage, especially its tier ix top gun. These guys are downright deadly from far range, when against these guys, fight like a traditional tank destroyer with soft armour.

052 (2)

Caernarvon, Comet, Centurion, Black Prince- Your fellow British tanks also have tough armor and some with 20pdr. guns which can rip right through your armor. The turret armor in general is tough in the front, the hull can be pierced, but in general it’s better to have someone to distract them while you fight them.

SU-100Y- the 130mm gun is actually a naval gun, think of the IS-7 gun’s damage but with less penetration. This can deal serious butthurt if it penetrates, but like all other high-caliber guns, this thing takes ages to reload, exploit that time frame, it’s all around 60mm armour and its high profile.

And your worst foes are:

Any medium tank or light tank from tiers v-viii- Seriously don’t charge into a crowd of these guys, they will swarm you like pissed bees and sting you in the sides, the back, and the cupolas, maybe even getting a chance for that lucky ammo rack shot. The AT-15A is tough and it’s gun may be powerful, but having slow traverse speed and slow moving speed in general won’t make fighting medium and light tanks easy. Have at least two tanks with you when this happens and pick them off one by one.

053 (2)

I sure hope this guide helps in fighting as the AT-15A or fighting against it. Again, my tactics are based on fighting experience, and my aggressive playstyle. Plus I always use Sniper View in far to mid range fighting, or even close range unless I’m sure my shot will penetrate. If you have different ways of playing the AT-15A, I hope my tactics would help add up to your fighting knowledge. I know very well I’m just one of the average tank commanders out there, I’m open to criticisms and all.

Yours truly, GMZ839

055 (2)

203Bonus…the lag is real, don’t let ’em ruin your game! (P.S. I dropped the Jg. Pz. IV)



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