Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tavern Brawl 1: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain

Hey, what up? I’m back, but this time, I’ll be heading back to the hype I missed weeks ago and hopefully just giving a recap of the most recent epic new game mode Blizzard just released for Hearthstone. They named it Tavern Brawl, clearly depicting chaos throughout the inn as every week, there are different rules that spice up the game. From preset decks to card restrictions, we just experienced the first week, starting with preset decks for our two main villains in the latest expansion, Ragnaros the Firelord and Nefarian a.k.a Blackwing.

I guess this would just be a short post that will talk about how this 1st edition of Tavern Brawl went.

Basically, a new button appears on the Main Menu screen under The Arena called Tavern Brawl. Though, you can only enter here if you have at least 1 Hero at Level 20. Every week, different rules for the same game are implemented in this mode only. This mode tracks your wins in it and rewards you with 1 Classic Pack for your first win. Nothing more. Nothing less. As Noxious (his YT here, and maybe then you’ll realize what I mean with my ending statements per post haha) says, it’s the ultimate form of Casual Mode in Hearthstone.

I have to agree, because after a while, the mode can get stale for some people. With a lack of reward set and the sense of getting used to the mode, Tavern Brawl could be nothing more but spending your time experimenting on decks and/or playing the game just for the heck of it. Chilling in the inn via brawl? That’s new.

This week, it’s Ragnaros vs Nefarian. What’s different with the game mode than your usual Play Mode is that you can only control either of these two “heroes”, each with a preset deck, crazy Hero Powers, and 60 health. Yep, you read right. 60. Freaking. HP.

Ragnaros the Firelord VSNefarian

What’s more is that the preset decks contain cards that are not collectible, because these cards are found in the Blackrock Mountain Solo Adventures as cards the AI uses. Let the craziness ensue!

How do I describe this? The game is completely unbalanced, and the showdown seems to favor Blackwing pretty damn well. Starting at 4 Mana + broken cards like Chromatic Drake and a broken Hero Power Wild Magic (basically NefNef’s Hero Power during your first encounter with him during the 4th Wing, but the spell you get costs 0.), Blackwing can pressure early on and kill the Firelord before he can transition to his late-game.

Wild MagicChromatic Drake

Sure, Rag has sick cards like Son of the Flame and Lucifron, but usually, you’ll never survive to Turn 6 to swap your horrible Molten Rage (Summon a Magma Rager.) to DIE, INSECT (Deal 8 damage to a random enemy.) If you do survive, you’ll have to worry about Blackwing’s RNG from Wild Magic. You could die from 2 Pyroblasts altogether! 😦

Son of the Flame Lucifron Molten Rage DIE, INSECT!

Symbolically, Blackwing is a crazy aggro deck, and Ragnaros is a crazy control deck. To note, Blackwing’s deck is the ultimate Dragon-themed deck you can never have. 😦

Anyway, the clear winner of this showdown is Blackwing. For statistics, you can even visit Hearthstone Reddit for that! If you want info from me, though, here’s my Win-Loss with both “Heroes”.

7-12 for Ragnaros.

15-5 for Nefarian.

Aggro is just too strong against control in the early game. Tavern Brawl just took the archetype to the extreme. I hope Blizzard devs would change their approach to preset decks again, hopefully in a fair setting. It’s a sad sight to see such a favored side over another. Even though the concept of balance is somewhat ignored, I submit to say that there has to be balance in the midst of unbalance.

Well, there you have it. The next Tavern Brawl schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully it would be tomorrow or on Thursday. This mode changes weekly, so I dare to say I have recaps every week! Until next time, take care of yourselves, and may the fun, and the luck, and Wild Magic, be with you! Peace!

You can count on me from now on! XD


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