Weiss Wednesdays – The 2nd Impact of Card Gaming on my Life

Figure collecting, being a tank commander in World of Tanks, watching anime, drawing things, and writing fanfics and blog posts; those are the things that I usually do in my free time. There was one thing I forgot sadly, and that is passionate card gaming.

In my earlier days I’ve always wanted to play trading card games, first starting with Yu-Gi-Oh!, or so I thought I could. I had the cards but no idea of how to play the game, it was a mistake on my part not having the initiative to at least try to learn how to properly play it. I collected countless Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with a passion, not knowing that my entire card collection was composed of fakes, and indistinguishable fakes that look just like the real thing. Being bluntly honest, this did not shock me, I was a kid at that time, attention span was also another thing that played a part in sending my TCG hobby to a screeching halt.

I drifted to other things and left card gaming until I came across Weiss Schwarz. 259

Being a figure collector and passionate gamer, I reluctantly bought my first Trial Deck from the Bakemonogatari card set and stared hard at the stack of 50 cards, and wondered to myself if this was truly worth it. That money could have gotten me another Gundam model kit, it could have gotten me a tank on the other hand, maybe even a game. I say it couldn’t hurt to try out new things–or rather dig up an old passion. On the plus side, many of my friends play it, 6 is considered many for me, since this hobby is pretty uncommon among my old high school and college peers. I watched a couple of matches and said to myself: “This looks pretty interesting, it’s one thing to spectate on a heated match and see folks pull off all sorts of maneuvers and climax combos, bludgeoning each other with overwhelming soul damage, only to have a triggered climax card cut the combo short.”

How would I describe it, it was in an essence, a strategy game, but the the randomly drawn cards also played a factor in making the game half reliant on strategy and RNG. It felt like a war game of sorts, because you had to organize your cards with level 0 to 3 cards, and have at least 8 climax cards, and only 4 cards with the same name unless a special rule applies. (I’m looking at a certain Project Diva F card).

“Honestly, card gaming and tabletop gaming may be two different hobbies, but somehow I see some subtle similarities here and there.”

Here’s my old Red, Green Bakemonogatari build for an example, still using plenty of Trial Deck cards with other cards thrown in to make it a little stronger. Can’t call it competitive though, I’ve never used it in a tournament, I’ve rarely beaten any of my tournament-going friends with it; it’s still unproven and needs more building. I can’t exactly give an in-depth description of how my deck works or how I expect it to work, because every Weiss Schwarz game I play is situation-based as far as experience goes. My deck build may be effective against some deck builds, but it won’t be as powerful against others. If there was that “effective against all” kind of deck, if I feel inclined, I might try to build it, but what I think really matters is the deck build that suits your play style.

258      257255   254   253252   251249   248   247246   245244   243240   239238   237   235005   004

I fancy myself a strategist in a number of things, but not everything. There are some things that I choose not to take as seriously as others, and some things I like to take casually. Card gaming for instance here. However that does not mean I don’t have a slight passion for this hobby, I want to play this game, and I can honestly say that I can survive 2 weeks without any other form of entertainment, only playing Weiss Schwarz against other folks, who have different decks. The RNG nature of the game would make each and every battle I have an interestingly different one, and no battle I have would be exactly the same as the last, this is another thing I like about this card game.

264“We must summon the Eternal Waifu by doing this ritual right!!”

263“Step into the circle and chant after me!”

265“Waifu Summoning Circle Activate!!”
(But why are there some guys here?)
(Koyomi of all people?)

And the summoning circle never worked. The Chaos Space Marines never got it right and vented their frustration on their ‘roneriness’.



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