Weiss Wednesdays – Updating the Arsenal, Kantai Collection RYG

Hi’ya’s~ I’m back for another episode of Weiss Wednesdays! Despite my current academic obligations, I seem to be able to find more time to write for the blog. Weird. Feels like I’ve wasted the first quarter of the year doing nothing. /sigh

It has been around a month since I posted my first rendition of the set here and I have to say, I’ll be damned. That has to be my worst performing build. Seriously. I’ve played several dozens of deck tests with it, even joined several tournaments, but damn still. I just can’t seem to win with the build. I guess I wasn’t used with the pace it had at all. Looking back, all of my older builds for any set have always had a solid line-up of high power 2-soul characters in level 2 – something my old build barely had in the form of Shokaku. Another thing, most of my older builds had to its disposal an abundance of Heals – something that I would usually spam end game. 

Lacking those two things might have been the reason why I found the build to be fragile. While it boasts the fastest set-up and one of the most potent end games I’ve had for any build, it was plagued with a contradicting level 1 game (Yahagi and Tatsuta) and a lackluster power threshold throughout the build (Yahagi and Shokaku) – something that had consistently placed it in a disadvantage. I am disappointed, yes. Disheartened, probably. But this does not remove the faith I have in the set and in my capacity to build.

Let’s just say the build had an extended deck test.

Anyhow, I’ve cooked up another recipe in an attempt to remedy the aforementioned flaws. Entire CX combos were dropped in favor of a more balanced and cost-efficient game. Heals were also added in the form the world’s largest battleship, Yamato.

The decklist!

Please do note the ff:
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Centre Fleet:

Level 0 – 15 cards
9th Fubuki-class Destroyer, Isonami x4
5th Mutsuki-class Destroyer, Satsuki x3
Clumsy Girl, Inaduma x3
Hardworking, Ikaduchi x2
1st Ayanami-class Destroyer, Ayanami x3

Level 1 – 17 cards
1st Tenryu-class Light Cruiser, Tenryu-Kai x3
5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, Kiso x3
1st Nagara-class Light Cruiser, Nagara x2
3rd Agano-class Light Cruiser, Yahagi x3
2nd Junsen-class Type III Submarine, I-8 x2
1st Kaidai VI-class Type a Submarine, I-168 x2
Compass x2

Level 2 – 3 cards
5th Kuma-class Torpedo Cruiser, Kiso-Kai-Ni x3

Level 3 – 7 cards
1st Yamato-class Battleship, Yamato x3
2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi x2
2nd Ise-class Aviation Battleship, Hyuga-Kai x2

Climaxes – 8 cards
That’s the way to do it, anchors aweigh! x4
“Gunfire assault, ready!” x3
“Let me take care of it!” x1

**Since the build shares a lot in common with the one several weeks ago, we’ll only be focusing on the new cards added.


Level 1 – 17 cards

5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, KisoA slighty different vanilla 5500 power beater. During 5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, Kiso’s battle, both players can’t use Backups.

1st Nagara-class Light Cruiser, NagaraYour to-go cost 1 beater. When you have two or more <Fleet Girl> characters, 1st Nagara-class Light Cruiser, Nagara gets an additional +1000 power.

1st Kaidai VI-class Type a Submarine, I-168Your generic +1500 power Backup just because. Also, swimsuits are nice.

Level 2 – 3

5th Kuma-class Torpedo Cruiser, Kiso-Kai-NiSpace Pirate. On play, Captain Harlock 5th Kuma-class Torpedo Cruiser, Kiso-Kai-Ni places a “5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, Kiso” under her as a marker from your waiting room. If she has a “5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, Kiso” under her as a marker, Kiso-Kai-Ni gets an additional +3000 power static. She also has a third ability where you can place “5th Kuma-class Light Cruiser, Kiso” from under her as a marker to your waiting room. If you do, Kiso-Kai-Ni gets an additional +1 soul until the end of your turn. Options is power.

Level 3 – 7

1st Yamato-class Battleship, Yamato1st Yamato-class Battleship, Yamato has an on play Heal ability. Yamato also has a CX combo with “Gunfire assault, ready!” where on attack, all of your characters gain an additional +2000 power and negates your opponent’s ability to use Encore for the turn.

2nd Yamato-class Battleship, MusashiStaple Punish Burn. On the turn that 2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi is played, when Musashi’s soul damage gets canceled, put the top card of your deck into your waiting room and deal X+1 damage – X being the level of the card placed into your waiting room by this ability. Musashi can’t side attack as well.

Climaxes – 8

Gunfire assault, ready! That's the way to do it, anchors aweigh! Let me take care of it!
The build runs 4 1k1 Gates, 3 1k1 Shot, and 1 2k1 for its climaxes.


As you see, the build still runs the same R/Y/G scheme but has some changes with its lineup. The build’s level 1 was expanded to accommodate the additional level 1’s such as Kiso and Nagara. Despite running the Gate climax, Tatsuta was dropped in favor of maintaining a much stronger Yahagi (tap issues). The Ashigara Backup from the older build was also replaced by I-168 to help conserve stock. The level 2 game was considerably downsized with all cards in the old build being dropped in favor of a much cheaper and consistent Kiso-Kai-Ni. Level 3 pretty much stays the same despite the introduction of Yamato and Musashi because all it had done was replace the Hiei placeholders.

Overall, the build pretty much does the same thing it was intended to at the beginning. At level 0, a minimum stock must be acquired while accelerating your set-up and entry to level 1 with the use of Inaduma. At level 1, trading efficiently against your opponent must be prioritized. Maximize the use of Nagara and Yahagi’s self-boost ability to take out larger level 1 characters while have Kiso take out overextended level 0 characters. At this phase of the game, you must make it a point to expend all of your Kiso’s in preparation for level 2. If you have Tenryu-Kai and her CX combo on hand, you should Salvage pieces you might need for your level 2 and 3. Backups are also recommended. Once in level 2, play Kiso-Kai-Ni when able as not only does she provide significant a step-up and a much larger obstacle (provided you have a Backup on hand) she also helps in compressing your deck. Level 3 is pretty straightforward. Abuse Yamato’s Heal ability to increase your survivability while Clock Shoot/Punish Burn with Hyuga-Kai and Musashi to ensure some damage end game.

The current build follows the more traditional structure most decks were based on back in the time. It features a very simple but scalable game in level 1 and a potent game in level 3. While the build does have a stable Search option, it is still mostly reliant on Salvage to augment its consistency. The build also relies on Heal to prolong its stay late game. Because of its nature, the build finds itself vulnerable against Anti-Heal and Anti-Salvage which can put the build in a significant disadvantage. Notwithstanding, the build is rooted in the basic principle of overpowering and gaining gradual advantage – something most sets have a build for.

That pretty much ends my segment for this week’s Weiss Wednesdays. As always, I do hope you enjoyed reading. Practice your game and keep the salt away. See you folks next time!

– ruo, signing out


Credits to the ff:
– Pixiv Id 1488600
– Weiss Schwarz EN
– Little Akiba


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