Weiss Schwarz: 2015 Bushiroad World Championship Qualifiers (Manila) After Action Report

Well, we’re dropping the Wednesdays in Weiss Wednesdays because the hype is real. We can’t wait 3 days to post HYPE!!

So, here’s a quick overview of what went down yesterday in the Manila qualifiers for Weiss~

So, this event is similar to the Springfest event I posted 4 months ago, only this one offers the chance to go to Singapore and face the other top contenders from different parts of the globe along with bragging rights as the victor of an event with about 180+ people playing. Oh, did I mention the top placer gets an all-expense paid trip to Singapore? XD

I’ve never practiced for any WS event my entire life until this event. I’ve prepared all week before the event, teching in and teching out cards, play-testing my heart out so I don’t misplay, and even going as far as renting outer sleeves so I can use the KanColle sleeves I won at a raffle during Springfest.

What did I use? What else other than my soundless voice deck? Decklist here.

Of course, I modified the deck. Here are the changes:

+1 KAITO “V3”

+1 KAITO&MEIKO “Original”

+1 Melancholic

+1 Kagamine Len “White Edge”

+1 MEIKO “Long Pareo”


-2 “Eternal Sounds” Hatsune Miku

-2 Colorful x Melody

-1 KAITO “Holiday”

-1 Cantarella ~Grace Edition~

The only “new” card in here would be this card.



Your standard Search 1 <<Music>> character. Nothing more. Nothing less. XD

Oh, yeah, and the tech’d in +2 Soul CX, shown below. Why I didn’t use the yellow +2 CX Remote Controller was beyond me.



Well, anyway, I was confident going into Nats, but things start going downhill when you do too much of something. In my case, I practiced too much. In any case, here’s my outing.

Everyone else here who attended with me (Gazer, ruo, and Alkaeid) were at the venue an hour early, simply waiting for the inevitable. With some warm-ups done, we were super hyped and ready to get this thing started.

With my sleeved deck, I was going for the element of surprise. People would expect to be facing KanColle because of the sleeves, only to find that they were gonna go up against PDf. I take deep care of the little details in these sorts of things, because every little thing you do or what happens can and will greatly affect the game in any way.

Round 1: (vs Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f GY)

I wasn’t too happy facing a dude with the same set as mine. The worst way to die is by your own weapon. Although, he had a semi-budget semi-competitive semi-Miku deck that ran the CX combo for DECORATOR, Glory 3usi9, and Packaged. The only reason for the Yellow was because of Colorful x Melody and the characters involved (Rin “Cheerful Candy” destroyed the Miku deck theme). It was only this stage I knew that when you actually use BACKUP on your opponent’s turn with a White Dress or Magician (basically any card that says “When you use an ACT, give a character +500 until end of turn.) in your Stage, THE EFFECT WORKS. So, your standard BACKUP 2000 in the face of Miku “Gothic” can amp up to 3000 with 2 White Dresses in play. That screwed up my late-game CHANGE tempo and cost me the game. Also, I wasn’t able to pull off my soundless voice wall combo. That was a bad loss.

Round 2: (vs Love Live! RY)

Hooray for combos and hooray for walls. I was able to pull off the combo thrice. 2 CXs in hand available, and I retrieved 1 from a Cantarella trigger. Nothing special with the dude’s deck, tbh. He ran the standard Kotori Minami 1/1 7000 that can be CHANGED from L0 and a Honoka CHANGER that turns into the uncommon L3 with the Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru CX combo. At 3/0, I took 7 damage in one turn. That sounds like a standard loss, but the thing is…

With the odds stacked against my deck in terms of CXs in deck percentage, I took the risk of “refreshing” my deck by using Len “White Edge” during his last attack, which was a 1-soul attack, but with a +2 soul trigger from That’s Our Miracle. Before I reshuffled my deck, I revealed my topdeck as a “What if?” Turns out, the card was Cantarella. I could have cancelled the attack!!! But I didn’t. That was aggravating.

And, at that stage, it was obvious that I won’t make the top cut. I was utterly devastated. All that practice, all in vain. Just think about that! It was frustrating, to say the least. Again, I found myself at the situation to just have fun.

You know what? Screw this. No more prepping up for Nats, or any major event, at that. Just play like you’ve been playing. Also, it doesn’t mean that a deck works in a country, it would work where you are. Net decks are terrible, at least for this game. (Can you just imagine the salt level of this paragraph? :v)

Aaaand, with a sack of salt, I continued on.

Round 3: (vs Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f soundless voice)

OMG A MIRROR MATCH. BUT LOOK AT HIS L3. HE HAS THE GREEN CARDS I HAVEN’T TOUCHED EITHER FOREVER OR IN A WHILE. At this point, really, I just didn’t feel like playing anymore, yet I continued on. The goal here becomes trying to see how this deck fares in a mirror match. He was drawing goodly; I was drawing badly. He had 2 Bad Boys in his Back Stage; I had to attack with mine for Stock.

Although, I won by concede. wtf did this dude concede? He was super ahead of me! Well, there’s this term I love to hear but practice to not experience. It’s missed timing. After I had set up my field of 3 Ciels and the combo done, it was his turn to combo me. In this stage, the attacker wins the battle for the wall. He’ll also win the defense side because of his 2 Bad Boys (which can also bring back the wall). When he placed his CX, he immediately placed all of his Rin “Soleils” to the Memory, only to find out he didn’t have any Ciels left in the deck. Of course, in an official tournament, that’s a move you cannot take back. By that, he conceded! This is why you don’t pay for everything! Check first if you can make something happen by paying.

Even though this was a kinda sweet victory, had he done the combo, I would have been screwed. I had 4 cards left in hand; 3 of those were CXs. I had 4 cards in my Waiting Room, and my deck wasn’t even close to refreshing. It would have been near impossible to mount a comeback if he didn’t miss timing.

Round 4: (vs. Love Live! Honoka deck)

cannot believe I lost to someone who was misplaying her cards. Tried to CX without a corresponding color in the Clock or Level Zone. Failed to maximize power levels for her cards. I level skipped from L0 to L2!!! Also, I was only able to do the soundless voice combo with only 1-2 Ciels on the field, leaving an open area. I was able to catch up, though, but that was not enough. At 3/1, I took 6 damage straight. Sound familiar? Because it happened to me again! Against the same set!!


Comes from that damn White Edge!!! I didn’t use the effect, playing around the high chance of cancelling 2 damage from the last attack. Only 2 CXs are in my Waiting Room. And look at the ultimate punish. I did not cancel. That was demoralizing beyond reasonable doubt.

And, to keep it brief, the last two games were no-shows, so I ended up 3-3, but 1-3 in a player’s true perspective.

So, again, screw preparations. Just do it. So I sold my only character sleeves out of spite. Free playing mat I’ll never use tho. hahahahahah ugh…

Man, that was a mouthful. Revisiting salty moments ain’t good for my psyche, either, so I’ll end it abruptly.

Crap, where are my manners? Well, the Top 4 is up in the Weiss Schwarz Philippines page, as Mr. Miggzz Jaurigue bags a back-to-back win with roughly the same deck he used last year! Ugh. I see the trend now.

With thanks to where I got my photos, I will see you in the next one, because people fear the UnKnWn. Thanks a lot~ XD

Man, I gotta practice soundless voice on the piano.


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