WAIFU POWER! Bushiroad Springfest 2016 PH After-Action Report

It’s that time of the year again. Where one’s abilities as a Meister are tested to the limits. For a chance of representing the country during the majors on July 10, my birthday.

Too bad this wasn’t the birthday gift Bushiroad gave me. Sad… ;A;

Hello. It’s been a while. XD Well, what better way to restart writing prompts than to talk about events? I’ve slated a blog post for so long now, so let’s not let the hype die down and get to it already! /o/

Last April 17, ruo, Gazer, and I, along with a new member of our group, traveled to a venue away from our comfort zone to participate in this year’s Springfest. It was held in SM Aura, at the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Okay, well not really at the heart, but near there. Point is, it was a new venue, yet it was an unconventional one for us who have never commuted to that place ever.

Arriving at 9 when the first match starts at 11:30 sounds definitely unlike me, but it proved to be crucial preparation time for things there were to come. Rich (best kouhai PH 2016, the new member) lent me his Utaha sleeves along with outers at ruo’s command (because he won’t stand me using generic sleeves). I opposed to it, seeing that my sleeves were still okay to use, but I gave in anyway. It was only me preventing the re-sleeving. Because we were early, and I pre-registered, after re-sleeving (which the three did for me) and writing my decklist, I checked in. #14 was ready to rock. And lookie. 14 was the jersey of my little sister when she was a basketball varsity for her high school for two years. Maybe luck would shine on me that day.


What deck did I use? For the first time in a major tournament, I used a deck of another waifu. Sorry, Rin-nyaa, but your time in the spotlight is on hold for a bit. Enter! Little Burning Talons! (no reference here, sadly. LOL)


“The Sheep’s Feelings” Kotori Minami

“Our LIVE, the LIFE with You” Kotori Minami

Otonokizaka High 2nd Year, Kotori Minami

“KiRa-KiRa Sensation!” Kotori Minami

Makeshift Approach

Okay? Let’s go!

Round 1: vs Love Live!

I fought a u’s deck. The first time since ever. It was an awesome battle. He had all the expensive staples. His level one was the classic Bokura no LIVE Eli-Umi stage. Of course, those were nothing to my L1 bombs! And imagine L1 bombs overpowering those cards! The Favorite place CX combo, when stacked more than once, wins battles for these cards that are mainly used for crashing. The highlight has to be clutch cancelling two lethal attacks from the L3 re-stander, cancelling both at the last card. He gave the card +2000 and 1 Soul, also allowing the CX combo. At 3/2, he triggered the same CX to swing for lethal. I played my Makeshift Approach some time else earlier, missing the crucial deny of the re-stand. As cards keep soul even after re-standing, the card swung again for lethal. It was scary stuff. Fortunately, I was able to close it out, for no cancels appeared on his side.

Round 2: vs Nisekoi

MariKosaki. Yeah. Is that the EN meta for Nisekoi? If it is, I’ve seen it from Rich all the time, as he only ever sports two decks for Weiss. I was able to pull off a Turn 1 Change this game, and I managed to dodge his bombs while putting mine to effect. The L3 game was long for both of us, cancelling at crucial times. That was until his last turn, he triggered 3 CXs, with only 1 CX being a 2-Soul trigger. Nothing special to win, since he was CX screwed due to that. Just attacked with whatever remained. XD

Round 3: vs Kantai Collection

R/Y classic build, almost pure KC1 deck, because of A Winter Moment, Akatsuki. MVP plays from KiRa-KiRa Kotori, locking Inazuma, denying the +1 and the accelerate. He was forced to call over it to gain the plus, but by that stage, it was pointless, seeing as he was nearing the end of his L1 game. Tatsuta so good, IMO. XD Also, don’t ask me how I won this match-up. With no heals and relying on burn to win, I was at the end of the rope. This was even closer than the last match, since we both cancelled. He constantly played Musashis. For 3 turns, there was at least 1. My last attack wasn’t enough, bringing him from 3/0 to 3/6, burns included. That was a turn I hit him for 5 and cancelled on the last card. Seeing him at 3/6, I felt like I choked a win. Then came the final turn, his last attack. Two newly-played Musashis and a Haruna that wiffed. At 3/2 and a newly-refreshed deck, it was clutch or kick. I took a 2-Soul attack from Musashi, and cancelled the remaining two attacks, along with a 4-Soul punish burn. I really shouldn’t have won that, but okay. I’ll take the concede. XD

Favorite Place SO GOOD

Round 4: vs Love Live!

Look at this Nico waifu deck. Alkaeid has one, but IDK why his ain’t working, and this guy’s does. This guy who I fought, by the way, was the person I sold my foil Nico card from the LLSIF trial deck. A friend, one way or another. I made my hugest misplay ever here. I saw him salvage an anti-change Backup from That’s Our Miracle Nico’s skill. I changed into Sheep at L2 and completely forgot about it by attacking with something else first. RIP stock and hand cards. And I thought I was being really careful this tourney. Sad that I lost this one so hard, but going 3-0 to start was morale-boosting. XD 3 rounds max to go. Hopefully, the dream is still alive, I thought to myself. (Note: This guy went 5-2 after going 5-0. TTwTT)

Round 5: vs Madoka Magica

It’s also been a while since I’ve fought a GB Madoka deck. Heck, I think it’s the first time I’ve fought such a deck! I’m sick and tired of Kyoko-Sayaka. It’s been strong even before Rebellion. The build she was using was stock-build CX combos for L1 (not really well-versed in the set, sorry. Dx), Changes to L2 with that Homura that keeps reviving after death, and classic Madokami and Homurakuma featuring the new clock-shooter that goes up to a maximum of 18,000! I’ve saved my Makeshifts to avoid that one extra damage. Clutch cancels again, and with her at 3/4, I topdecked my second Sheep to go for the win with the punish burns and a direct attack in the middle center stage. Her friends applauded her for “getting this far”. I would, too, for both of us. She’s a friend of a friend of mine who plays PDF as well. :>

Round 6: vs Nisekoi

What a way to end my run. At the hands of yet another friend, and that friend would be freakin’ Rich. If he ever considers writing for the blog, I’ll let him put up his decklist, but I might consider simply interviewing him for his decklist, but it’s yet again classic MariKosaki. Almost the same build as the guy I fought in Round 2. We traded +2 Soul CX turns, but unfortunately, his L3 game proved better, outlasting me in the end.

Thanks, nonetheless, Kotori.

Well, that’s pretty much it for this post. Making it this far put me somewhere in the Top 32 of PH. Top 20-something, probably, if I calculated my Swiss right. Oh, well. It was a thrilling experience nonetheless. Too bad Rich went Top 10. At least Gazer got to Top 8, but that story’s better left unsaid. Trust me, you do not want to know it.

Was that a mouthful or what? Next time, I’ll bring up the little bird (Kotori) to the spotlight with the decklist. As usual, credits to those who made or took the pictures I used (Courtside yay ty~). Without them, text…

I will see you in the next one because people fear the UnKnWn. o

Too much Miki will most likely kill you.


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