(Creds to the owners of the pics~ Again with me “stealing”. :< The only thing mine is the game ss.)

Yay. Another one~ I thank the tempo from the annoying English 10 paper I had to do just as I declared myself being free from my second year in college. Stupid professor. He should seriously quit his job. No kidding. But enough about that! Let’s talk Hearthstone! After the longest time I haven’t. :<

So the Whispers of the Old Gods turns a month old today, if I remember correctly. So does the Standard format. A year for new cards to shine and for old overpowered cards to not get nerfed and “enjoyed” somewhere else. Along with the Classic card nerfs, this was a healthy turn-around for Hearthstone, as the stale metagame was demolished altogether with Blizzard only supporting Standard tournaments. No more salty games brought about by the same old cards like Dr. Boom, Piloted Shredder, and pre-nerf Force of Nature. But of course, new salt comes in from the heavy-hitting tempo-control metagame established today, along with your new cancer, Face Shaman.

Sorry that happened.

But I’ve got a thought. A shower thought, to be honest. It’s been around 2 years since this game’s release, and I’ve gone into thinking: “Is there too much randomness in Hearthstone?” “Is this randomness hurting the game’s integrity as an e-sport, or is it strengthening it altogether?” “Are card games supposed to have this much randomness?” “Where’s the skill in Hearthstone??”

Woah, too much thoughts there. But the main thought stays the same. “Is there too much randomness in Hearthstone?” I’ll go through each set and check all the cards that have “Random” effects in their card text/ability. Card draw is a different form of random, though.

Basic:  7/133 collectibles

Classic: 27/245 collectibles

Curse of Naxxramas: 7/30 collectibles

Goblins vs Gnomes: 35/123 collectibles

Blackrock Mountain: 5/31 collectibles

The Grand Tournament: 27/132 collectibles

League of Explorers: 16/45 collectibles

Whispers of the Old Gods: 25/134 collectibles

Okay, this shocked me a little bit. Even if my bases for “Random” were somewhat subjective. Okay then. So, it’s not the number of cards. What is it, then? Is it the card draw? If it is, then that’s a classic form of card game randomness. What’s the cause of this “Too Much RNG” mindset I’ve developed for Hearthstone? I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who’s thought this way, though.

topkek Yogg

Maybe it’s because we saltily lose to the same RNG cards over and over again that we’re sick and tired of it?

Maybe it’s because people never learn to use other cards in the game that actually “take skill” instead of relying on RNG to close out games?

Maybe it’s because e-sports shouldn’t embody a huge amount of randomness such as Hearthstone that we’re making excuses as to why we’re not Legend yet? (And believe me, after 2 years of playing, I’m still not a Legend. :v)

Well, whatever the reason is, the next time you lose to a 1 in 6 chance to get Rag’d to the face to lose, it’s alright to salt it out and go NeverLucky BabyRage BibleThump or whatever emoticon you have to losing the battle of RNG. Just remember that there is only but few RNG cards in Hearthstone than you think, and only cry out if your opponent didn’t thin his odds, and yet he still wins via RNG.

To a writing summer~ (Because whenever I say “productive”, it just becomes the opposite.)

I will see you in the next one because remember, People fear the UnKnWn.

(On a side note, Nisekoi ded in 2 weeks. Goodbye, only manga I’m currently reading. TTwTT)

Too much Miki will most likely kill you.


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