CFV Release Weekend!

Hime-senpai here with my first “blog” post here as a member of the NOHK team.

As you may know by now after reading through my previous posts, Cardfight Vanguard is my main TCG and this weekend coincided with the release of Vanguard’s newest booster set, G-BT07, Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword. It’s been months since I pre-ordered two boxes of the set with a friend who split the contents with me, and of course, what started as a disappointing trip to the card shop ended up as one of the luckiest days in my life as far as TCG boxes are concerned.

You see, I had pre-ordered the set months prior to release in hopes of adding more support to my current Angel Feather deck, and to have a chance at pulling the holy grail of SPs in the set.


The /Holy/ Grail

Black Seraph Gavrail is probably one of the THE most expensive cards among her RRR (and SP) peers in the game right now, and for a good reason.

First off, it works with any Angel Feather deck. You can slide it in to every build, and it provides a very powerful finisher which involves a lot of power boosting and at least five drive checks.

Secondly, I don’t think I’ll have to convince anyone that the card art is glorious. TCG players reading this, I don’t need to explain how good art tends to jack up prices on a good card. It happens in Weiss Schwarz. It happens in other TCGs. It happens especially in Cardfight Vanguard.

Put together and this card commands a price of roughly P700 (18USD) as a RRR and a whooping P1500-2000 (37USD – 50 USD) as a full art SP. The SP has reached the point that it is practically as expensive as the GRs in the set.

Now, by no means would buying a box guarantee a copy of the card, right? Statistically, it’s very unadvisable to gun for a single specific card via opening boxes. I even resigned myself and had the thought of “what are the odds” conditioning my mind.

Then why the disappointment?

Well, on release day, I decided not to go to the shop and wait till the next day before claiming my boxes. In that situation, the normal thing to do for any business who stocks TCG boxes by twos is to just sell off the boxes and get a restock the next day. In short, the two boxes that I pre-ordered were sold off as retail packs, and I would just end up claiming the two boxes from the restock the next day. Now I was all fine with that, until I heard the news around 8:20pm via text messaging.

~Black Seraph Gavrail SP has been pulled from the shop boxes.~



Man, I can’t really describe in words how I felt receiving that message so I let the image do the talking.

The SP has been pulled in the box that I pre-ordered. The box that would have gone to me and my friend had the SP Seraph in it! If I had just gotten off my lazy ass and had taken the box on release date, I would have gotten the card!

I immediately contacted the kid who pulled it to try to get negotiations going, and he’s selling the card to me for no less than the ceiling price of two thousand pesos. If my secondhand sources that were in the shop were correct, the kid even attempted to sell it off for P2500 at first!

No way I’m shelling out that much money in one go for one card. There’s a reason I invest in and choose to play Bushiroad TCGs competitively instead of Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic The Gathering.

Needless to say, I ended that day still a bit excited about the new boxes to be opened, but constantly regretting not picking up the box right there on release. My mind ran itself to sleep with countless “What could have been?” scenarios. Yes, the regret put me to sleep. It’s really no one’s fault, but I couldn’t help but continue to blame myself for the “misfortune” back then.


The next day came and I’m off to the shop to pick up the two boxes and open it with the friend. I reached the shop early and had a couple of games, one wherein I finally pulled this crazy play off.


Four Doreens, 7 Main Phase Soul Charges. You do the math.

It took a while, but my friend soon came, and so did the boxes. Now, with the hope of pulling the SP Seraph made practically close to impossible due to the events the day before, I just opened the box hoping for the best. 6 clans are present in the set. I had Angel Feather, Kagero, and Dark Irregulars, while my friend got Gold Paladin, Gear Chronicle, and Dimension Police.

2 packs in and I opened a RRR Seraph. It was a relief. Hey, I might have missed out on the SP, but at least I got the RRR version, right? Then came the fateful seventh pack in the box. I opened it with haste just like any other pack and…



There we have it. It’s an SP Pack of Kagero! You see, an SP pack has roughly 12.5% chance (1/8) of being in a box. Turns out that despite missing out on the card I really wanted, I got FIVE SP cards (total value roughly P2500 to P3000) back plus the RRR Black Seraph. That’s all that mattered. From that point on, I didn’t really pay much attention to whatever foils the box had. I won, simple as that. I won the investment in buying that box. I won.


I guess in the end what goes around comes around. Lady Luck might not have been on my side one day, but she sure came around the next day.

At that point, I didn’t really care much about the pulls from the next box since I more or less got my money’s worth back (and even gained) with one pack in one box alone, plus one copy of my shiny new boss card.


The rest of the foils from the boxes that didn’t go straight to my deck.

Yes, more than half of the other foils that we pulled that belonged to the three clans (AnF, DI, KG) going straight to my deck is just more proof on how well those two boxes went my way. Didn’t go too well for my friend though, who ended up being flooded with foils he does not want. Sorry, pal…

PS. The second box also had a RRR Black Seraph.

Now to work on that Angel Feather Deck Tech post…..


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