Totally not sponsored. I wish I was. ;A; Maybe I should get S-Rank first before even asking for it.

What up? P3rcY here with a new installment I’d like to call Now Playing, where you get to watch what I’m playing… now. That sounds better if I said it, but anyway, this time, it’ll be another kind of CCG I recently got hooked on thanks to Alkaeid and some Hearthstone personalities. It’s time to enter the world of Duelyst!

Duelyst is a free-to-play collectible card game created by Counterplay Games. Mechanics you’ve seen in Hearthstone revolutionized mostly by Magic the Gathering are also present in this game. It’s become a template for creating a new card game, so it seems.

I can go on how keywords like Opening Gambit, Dying Wish, Provoke, and Rush remind the common Hearthstone player about mechanics like Battlecry, Deathrattle, Taunt, and Charge, but this game boasts more than that. It’s played on a 5×9 board, with each General (Hero) standing on opposite columns. They both start with 2 Attack and 25 maximum HP, along with 2 mana (3 for Player 2). You can play any number of minions, spells, and artifacts (Weapons) as long as you have mana for it. You can place minions only nearby your General or your other minions (the Airdrop skill bypasses this restriction). You can move your minions and General up to 2 spaces. Call this a sort of mix of Hearthstone and chess, where placement of troops becomes very important.

Board Game yay

Decks here contain 40 cards instead of 30 (Except in Gauntlet, Duelyst’s Arena). There are only 6 Factions (Classes), though each faction has 2 different Generals. Card rarities are identical to Hearthstone, along with Spirit Orb (Card Pack) and Gauntlet prices at 100 and 150 Gold respectively. iirc even the real-life prices for Orbs are similar. Also only recently did they add Prismatic cards, basically foil versions of existing cards. Crafting is also a thing, though it is easier to grab higher-rarity cards in Duelyst because of both Hidden Achievements and lower Spirit (Arcane Dust) costs. Also, there is a 3-card limit per deck, and Legendary cards aren’t as restricted in Hearthstone. Hurray. :v

Eyos <3

And they spent the time creating lore for their game! How cool is that? XD

Missions come in everyday, with a Welcome Back! mission when you don’t play in consecutive days. 5 Gold for each day until 50 max. Also, an awesome feature is the Daily Challenge, where you get to solve a puzzle everyday for 5 Gold. I couldn’t care less for the 5 Gold, but the Daily Challenge allows you to find out interactions you never thought were possible. And it’s fun to solve puzzles!

Daily Challenge

Max hand cards at 6. Can only mulligan 2 cards at the start, but can replace 1 card each turn. Can equip up to 3 Artifacts at a time. Yeah. Simple to learn. Difficult to master. Just like how Hearthstone marketed itself 2 years ago. XD

Ranked Play is also somewhat similar, except there are no winstreaks at Rank 21 below, but I think also at Rank 5 above. 2 wins give 15 Gold, which is already more rewarding than Hearthstone’s 10 Gold for 3 wins, except that the missions here only reward a maximum of 30 Gold, so that’s a balance.

For the first time ever, I created a video of me playing some Ranked Play. Maybe it’s better to learn a game through a demo. Welcome come on!

You can download Duelyst for FREE at and enter “P3rcY” (no quotes) when the game asks you if you were referred by a friend (we’re friends, right? XD) for free 100 Gold! So good!

Anyway, I hope to create more posts like this, with vids. Hope you enjoyed, and I will see you in the next one because remember, People fear the UnKnWn.

(All I own is the vid. Calm down. XD)

5 days to the return to normal life. TTwTT I don't even know how to credit anymore.


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