Cheesecake – Weiss Schwarz Madoka Magica G/R/B Deck Profile

Good day to all of you! This is ruo for a long overdue Weiss Schwarz deck profile and this blog’s very first post! Wait, did I even get order right? I don’t even know anymore. Life got in the way as usual. Not that I was doing anything relevant to begin with really – aside from my intersession semester, that is. I’m lazy, yes. Though if you want someone to blame for all the procrastination, you can talk to the lads who brought me back to first-person shooters and bought me CS:GO. Yes, I’m looking at you.

Today we’ll be featuring the first of several deck profiles I’ll hopefully be doing in the coming months. As I’ve mentioned to my friends, I’ve recently started a project of building a plethora of Weiss Schwarz decks for a grand collection – something I jokingly referred to as the Babylon project. Of the many decks in the list, Madoka had the privilege of being the first one to be completed, thus, is the deck we’ll be featuring today.


Onto the deck profile!


Level 0 – 16 cards
Madoka From the New World x3
Homura Watches Over x3
Kyoko Shares an Apple x4
Supporting Role, Kyubey x3
Sayaka Looks Up to Mami x2
Memories of a Witch, Sayaka x1

Level 1 – 8 cards
Doubt Towards the World, Kyoko x2
Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka x4
“Magical Girls’ Tea Party” Sayaka x2

Level 2 – 10 cards
Time Regressor, Homura x2
Exterminating Nightmares, Kyoko x1
“My Role” Sayaka x1
A Magical Girl Appears x3
Sayaka’s Wish x3

Level 3 – 8 cards
“For Madoka’s Sake” Homura x3
Sayaka Miki x3
One Guided By the Law of the Cycle, Sayaka x2

Climaxes – 8 cards
Truth Behind the Barrier x4
Sayaka Vs Kyoko x4

Level 0 – 16 cards

An increasingly average level 0 profile, Madoka From the New World is a beater that gains an additional +1500 power when you have two or less stock. A very serviceable turn 1 play that you can sit on for your first few turns until it gets traded by your opponent’s own beaters and reversers – a prospect that’s perfectly fine. She also helps color fix for green.

First of the two advantage engines of the deck. Homura Watches Over is a solid plussing brainstorm that has you search a <Magic> character for every climax you reveal. This allows you to maintain your hand for a bare minimum investment of 1 stock while allowing you go through your deck much faster. Overall a good brainstorm archetype. I’m just slightly tilted how new plussing brainstorms are either cheaper (you only rest 1 character) or have additional support text. I want one of those for this set.  While this used to be a 2-ofs in most of my former builds, the heavy lean on milling and faster refreshes by the current meta forces an additional investment in deck space to accommodate more brainstorms. Not that it’s bad thing. Brainstorms make the next card much more consistent, after all.

The main advantage engine of the deck and one of the main draws to playing blue in the set. Kyoko Shares an Apple is a stock bond to “Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka” that also gives all copies of your aforementioned Sayaka an additional +1000. Good? Probably? No, it’s insane. Not only does the stock bond provide the deck a way to sustain its field, the additional +1000 it gives also allows your Sayakas to match, and most of the time win, against most of its counterparts in other sets simply because you have the option of bonding your Sayakas back. Any gate you trigger could mean an another Apples Kyoko and a much larger Sayaka in your next turn. That’s ridiculous specially when you consider how plussing 2 only requires an investment of 1 stock. A very good card that generates a lot of value all throughout the game and an immediate 4-ofs in any competitive Madoka deck.

– The card also has good amount of OTP flavor to it.
– We’ll also refer to this as Apples Kyoko from here on.

Supporting Role, Kyubey gives your other <Magic> character in the middle position of the center stage the clock encore ability whenever it’s in the center stage itself. A pretty unique card that conserves your hand and gives you some form of control over your clock early game. Play this at level 0 and be happy finding yourself building stock free of hand investment while getting to level 1 much faster than your opponent. Which is neat. This replaces the older marker Kyubeys.

– My father just bought an old car that came with this thing’s plush toy. Disturbing stuff, really.

Sayaka Looks Up to Mami is a top check utility that doubles as a hand filter. On play, you can check the top card of your deck and place it at either the top or the bottom of your deck, then on attack, reveal the top card of your deck. If it’s a <Magic> character, add it to your hand and discard 1. A free discard outlet that allows you to trade excess climaxes and untimely level 3’s for something you can potentially use for your next turn. Would play 3 if I had another copy. I probably will in the near future. A really good clock encore target for the Kyubey from earlier.

The last level 0 of the deck comes in the form of a spammable brainstorm. Memories of a Witch, Sayaka has cost 1 brainstorm ability that allows you search for a <Magic> character and discard 1 for every climax you reveal. A decent toolbox that lends itself as excellent crisis management when you find yourself climax screwed or dealing with a bad hand. Being spammable means you can also pay out climaxes if you’ve been triggering bad a lot or just need to mill through your deck much faster. The card is useful enough to warrant a solid 2 slots in most decks though it shouldn’t be taken as a replacement for the Homura brainstorm.

Level 1 – 8 cards

Doubt Towards the World, Kyoko is a level 1 reverser that also gives one of your characters an additional +1500 for the turn when it becomes reversed. While costed level 1s aren’t as common as they used to be, there are still some power-based decks in the current meta that could potentially threaten the deck. This card allows you to trade effectively with those decks while making your Sayaka vanillas (which are usually powered  between 7500-8500) extra fat. Good stuff.

– I’ve found this surprisingly useful late game with the Homura clock shooters.
– I hate it how the exact same profile is in Kancolle but as a common.

Banter continuation. Well, not really. Second-year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka is the bond target for the Apples Kyoko we alluded to earlier and is the deck’s main level 1. There’s not much to say. The bond combo is just that really good.

“Magical Girls’ Tea Party” Sayaka is a costed clock encore with an additional ability that lets you to discard a climax to give her an additional +1000 and an ability to draw 1 when she reverses her battle opponent for the turn – an ability that can stack. While 1/1 6000 may seem underwhelming for a costed character, the option to drop climaxes such as bar climaxes you triggered excessively for potential draws should be reason enough to run at least a copy of her in any deck running blue. Don’t get me wrong, it can save you some games outright. The drop ability also synergizes the deck’s early play level 3.

Level 2 – 10 cards (4 characters and 6 events)


One of the most important cards of the first set. On play, Time Regressor, Homura refreshes your deck for free when you only have five or less cards left. Free refresh as an ability is extremely powerful as any one refresh point you don’t take can be considered one damage point healed and in a meta that has anti-heal – it actually matters. On refresh, all of your characters also gain an additional +2000 for the turn – decent if your aim is to wipe your opponent’s field.

Exterminating Nightmares, Kyoko is a 2/1 2500 backup that triples as an anti-early plan and as a sac counter. When you use Kyoko’s backup ability, you can pay 2 stock and retire a character to similarly retire one of your opponent’s characters whose level is higher than your opponent’s level (early plays, basically). A typical backup that primarily allows you to retire one of your characters to hopefully dodge an impending clock kick or on reverse burn and occasionally screw up one of your opponent’s early play level 3s. Standard in most decks.

– This is actually the only power-based backup in my deck. Nice.

“My Role” Sayaka is a standard level assist with an additional ability that lets you to pay 2 stock to search your deck for a <Magic> character. Surprisingly decent since it allows you to payout any climaxes as well as selectively plus from excess stock. Other than that, it’s just really there to make your Homura clock shooters much more consistent and to have more targets for an event we’ll be getting to in a while.

First of the two events in the deck. Magical Girl Appears allows you to salvage any two characters from your waiting room and discard 1. Another discard outlet that sets you up for the late game while allowing you to play your early-mid game hand more aggressively in terms of what cards to clock and what cards to keep.


One of the most important cards in the deck, probably the reason why you’re running blue, and also the reason why Madoka is evaluated highly in the current meta despite its age. Sayaka’s Wish is an event counter that lets you to retire one of your characters with Sayaka in its name to heal one card from your clock to hand (yes, it gets around anti-heal) after which you send this card to memory. Absurd when you consider how we live in this day and age of on reverse finishers and anti-heal. This gives Madoka an option to say no to your opponent’s finishers while having resilience second only to Index’s own Healing Magic, and in some cases, even top that simply because it can play around anti-heal in relevant match-ups. A ridiculously good card and probably the draw to playing the set.

Level 3 – 8 cards

“For Madoka’s Sake” Homura is the set’s most powerful finisher and probably the single most important upgrade that the meta build received from the Rebellion booster.  Homura has three ability texts that starts with two on play abilities. First, you draw two cards and discard 1, then, rest one of your <Magic> characters (this can be done in any order btw). The cantrip ability does wonders for a finisher profile as this allows you to draw into your climax combo (which is with a bar no less), other copies of your clock kicker, and if you’re expecting another turn, into your Wish events. This makes for a lot of consistency – something you want of your finishers when their purpose is to end the game. Moving on to the climax combo, on attack, Homura gains an additional +2ooo and the clock kick ability – a combo almost similar to Kancolle’s Akagi-kai. This means Homura will be swinging for 13000 without supports and if you run multiples (which you definitely should), it could spell certain death for your opponent (unless they’re packing a lot of counters).

The very first RR I pulled in this game and for me, probably the most iconic card from the first set. Sayaka Miki is a reasonably large healer that gains an additional +500 for every other <Magic> character you have on stage with a downside of having to send herself to the memory when she becomes reversed. When she’s on a full stage and supported, Sayaka makes it hard for your opponent’s clock kickers and other on-reverse finishers to do anything while allowing herself to be an open target for one of your Wish events. Admittedly boring but actually still effective.

One Guided By the Law of the Cycle, Sayaka is the early play level 3 we alluded to earlier with an alright early play condition where this gets -1 level in your hand when you have six or more climaxes in your waiting room. Like I said, an alright early play condition. Sayaka also gives one of your characters an additional +4000 at the beginning of your opponent’s draw phase. Basically a 13500 2 soul beater that allows you to keep up with the damage race and is a wall that could prove problematic to deal with for most of your opponents (unless it gets anti-early played of course). A decent upgrade to your vanillas though it should not be considered a strict win condition for the deck. This card also has a climax combo with the set’s pants though we’re not really interested in running them in this specific deck.

For climaxes, we run a 4/4 split of gates and bars because running global soul climaxes is a must and having a full set of plussing triggers is actually nice thing to have in a deck that has good hand fixing options to take advantage of triggering bar climaxes.

Now that we’ve covered all the cards individually, we head to the deck’s level-by-level play!

Level 0 – Farm Apples and stock up


The be-all and end-all of almost every deck in the game. The goal of level 0 is to build at least a bare minimum of 2 stock while preparing your hand for the all important level 1. Use any non-Apple level 0s you have and swing! If you happen to whiff on both of your advantage engines (Apples and brainstorms) when you do your first five, it is advised that you ditch most of your hand, hope for a favorable mulligan, and work with any utility you have on-hand. They’re just that important to have early on.

Level 1 – Keep trading (and effectively)


So as long as you actually got to play cards for a couple of turns in level 0, level 1 should be a dank walk in the park. Play your level 1 Sayaka vanillas (unsupported if you want) and bond them back the following turn when they die. The trick here is to keep cycling the Apples combo and maintain a modicum of field presence while conserving resources for the late game (the Apples combo is that cheap anyway). If you’re against something your pumped-up Sayaka vanillas can’t handle, bomb them. The deck has the necessary tools to deal with almost every other deck’s level 1 game barring ancient Greeks and obscure change combos. Don’t forget to brainstorm occasionally and keep that compression working for you!

Level 2 – Set-up for the late game


By the time you get to level 2, you should be nearing your first or second refresh. Using any Magical Girl Appears you have on-hand, salvage your late game pieces (your clock kickers and heals) and discard any unwanted climaxes from your hand. If the game went really well for you and the opportunity presents itself, drop an early play Sayaka level 3 and a Homura free refresh. Make sure to ride on any advantage as the deck does really when it’s ahead (arguably any deck in the game does really).

Level 3 – Send them to the new world


Depending on your match-up and how much stock you have, you may ought to heal first with your Sayaka Mikis specially when your opponent’s ahead. Once your opponent’s at level 3 and you’re at the receiving end of your opponent’s finishers, play any Sayaka’s Wish you have on-hand and pray you cancel hard – keeping in mind to conserve enough stock for your clock kickers.  The key here is to hold back your Homura clock kickers until such time you bring your opponent to lethal range (i.e 3/2 or 3/3). Based on experience, fielding at least 2 clock kickers at the same time usually means gg.

TL;DR (because 2500+ words is too long for a single profile)

Basically my own take on the designated “meta” build for Madoka. If you’ve been paying attention, the deck features most of the cards other meta builds would use. The only differences that comes into mind are the level 0 Mami drop searcher and the level 3 Kyoko burner. This profile only has my personal commentaries more than anything.


That finally wraps up this deck profile. Took a while – a while being 2500+ words. My age must be showing. To those who took the time to read all of my banter, I thank you. For all the others, well, I just hope to see you in my next post.

Until next time!

– ruo

Alternative mediums for those of you who hate reading:
– Weiss Schwarz Deck Builder:
– YouTube Deck Profile: Coming soon!

Credits to:
– Weiss Schwarz EN
– Weiss Schwarz Deck Builder
– Little Akiba
– Kuma (Happylocation)


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