JP Rhythm Game Spotlight: SEGA’s MaiMai!

Summer 2014. It’s the weekend. I’m taking a break from school, studies, and whatever the hell is bothering me. Going to the mall with my family for some lunch and some relaxation. I go to my usual place: the game arcade on the top floor of the mall. Everything’s cool, then I see front-loading washing machines.


 “What the hell?”

(machines pictured not actual number in arcade)

Hello everybody~! notKotori here with my first post for the NOHK Gaming blog! Today, I’ll spotlight one of my favorite and currently my main rhythm game: SEGA’s very own MaiMai!

Starting off, MaiMai is an arcade rhythm game made by SEGA initially released in Japan in July 11, 2012 with many editions and updates since (from MaiMai Plus, to MaiMai Green, and now MaiMai Pink Plus).

The gameplay revolves around the circular screen that makes it looks like a washing machine. You tap, hold, slide, and sometimes even spin according to the notes that pop up on the screen. The screen itself is also a touchscreen – so if you feel more comfortable with that, it’s completely fine.

On the topic of playing the game, it’s highly recommended to play with gloves. Why? Mainly because sliding your hands on the screen is actually a bit irritating (burning sensation, if I have to describe it) and if you hit the buttons hard enough, it does hurt a bit.BLwu24zCAAEbZ-g

(Self-experience: I’ve pretty much sprained my right ring finger twice without gloves. Happens way less with gloves.)

The difficulty of the game ranges from EASY to MASTER (with some songs having a RE:MASTER because the previous one feels a bit too easy) and the rankings you get for your performance on a song range from F (~10% accuracy) up to SSS (>=100% accuracy). You see your rankings at the end of every song, along with what kind of notes and how many notes you got Perfect, Great, Good, or Miss on.

The levels of the song start from 1 and cap at 12, but even that type of level ranking is pretty subjective since some songs feel like a piece of cake while others look outright impossible to play (Looking at you, Aiolos [refer to video below]).

The song variety for the game is actually more diverse than you think. Currently, in MaiMai Pink, the genres for each song are split into sections: Recommended SongsPOPS (J-POP) & Anime, niconico & Vocaloid, Touhou Project, SEGA (as in, their games’ music), Game & Variety, and Original & Joypolis. The clickable hyperlinks will send you to the official site’s song listing so you can see what each section holds.

For overall enjoyment factor, I’d say it’s -really- fun to play. More so if you have a buddy with you since the only reason why they’re two machines side-by-side is for two-player play (Doesn’t matter if you’re new and your friend’s already a veteran since one mode allows for split-play with different difficulties and speed for the same song. It does matter because you have to pay for two credits for two players -_-).

It’s just fun to hit buttons and slide your hands across the screen to the beat of your favorite songs.

At this point, describing it isn’t really going to do much good for you peeps to understand how it plays. So on an ending note, here’s a video example of a really good player:

(If you’re new, don’t be discouraged; this guy has like top-tier skills when it comes to MaiMai. Even I’m completely amazed because I can never even reach 95% on that song ;~;)

Yeah. Wow.

So that’s MaiMai for ya! Hopefully you guys give it a “spin” when you see it in an arcade because you’re going to have a pretty fun and tiring way to kill some time!

Heck, maybe you’ll even reach the level of that guy!


  See ya guys on the next post!

notKotori signing out~ 🙂

(By the way, if you’re in the Philippines and you’re looking for one of these in an arcade, the common locations are: SM North Edsa, SM Manila, SM Baguio, and Rockwell Power Plant Mall [don’t look for me pls])

(Photos grabbed from the web [credit where credit is due], video is from YT uploader “4961 amakage”)


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