Love Live School idol Festival!! –Aftermath Report, The Night Sky Knows Everything

Yousoro—uhm nyaa~? I flubbed it! Hey there folks and fellow SIF players! For the Love Live SIF EN players and just anyone curious reading this, the Aqours event featuring Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi recently concluded and the two week’s worth of painstaking level grinding and loveca spending heaped upon us our just rewards.

Being a busy college student, I had little time to do my share of damage. By some random twist of fate, I had an afternoon class which unexpectedly had to start sooner because something came up. I decided the night before that I’d wake up a few hours earlier and supposedly finish the event in the span of one and a half hour. RIP sleep.

I’ve been at it at every free moment I get, and this was the last day, this is the time where I go all out or leave without the prize SR. I wasn’t about to let all the effort go to waste. Armed with 90 LP and a sizable supply of loveca, I timed myself after every time I finish one of the EX level songs, namely Daring!!, Mermaid Festa Vol. 2, and whatever other songs were there where I could consistently finish without my score suffering from tired fingers.

Everything was supposed to finish in less than two hours, but that was not to be, for I had lacked a few thousand points. I knew soon that I would have to leave and commute for an hour or two depending on the severity of the traffic situation. Yet I had already decided that I would not stop until I finish the event. Sounds like a bad decision for some, but after giving it around 45 minutes and a lot of blind confidence, I managed to pull through and ascend the to the middle of tier 3 (7500~ish). Getting 25000 event points was enough to get two SR Chika Takami’s and that’s all I needed. I just had to pray that my rank wouldn’t get so disrupted when I get back. Around 10 hours later I checked on the event to see what came out.

I was already confident that I’d still be within tier 3, and with much thanks to the RNG gods and the power imbalance from the Korean and EN server merging together, I retained the tier 3 rank, although I lost a lot of ground, it was still just right there near the border of tiers 3 and 4.

You might be wondering who I am there, my IGN there is “iDOLM@STER”, quite the irony, but it doesn’t matter since I like both Love Live and iDOLM@STER. Song ranking wasn’t much of a problem because the difference between tiers wasn’t so big. I would still get N Sachiko Tanaka.

Managed to Full Combo the song with a Pure team packed with SR’s and just 3 UR’s. Hitting the 12k rank mark was enough already for me.
Finishing that exhausting event was well worth it. And I didn’t touch SIF for a few days, except just to take a few screenshots for the sake of writing this review.

The event characters are last on the list since the Aqours aren’t really in the EN version yet unless you managed to get some of the Sticker Shop Aqours members that were around for a limited time. That aside, I get the feeling this is a hint that the next major update will mean the EN version finally catches up to the JP version.

And now, let’s see about Chika Takami and her stats.

Her base stats are pretty cool in my standards since I mostly have unidolized Lvl.60 SR’s in my teams. I predict a steady 4500-ish Smile rating. Please note though, this SR has no voiceover at all. I say again no voiceover, I was kind of expecting it at least for an SR at least, but still no avail. Moving on, let’s take a look at her fully upgraded stats.

Here we have it, she’s at 4810 Smile power and this works just fine for me since I don’t have a single Smile UR other than the Christmas giveaway Maki Nishikino. I would like to place her as the center, but I still want to hear voiceovers, so I’ll place the less  powerful SR Rin Hoshizora there.

I was not able to idolize the SR Riko Sakurauchi, but let’s take a look anyway.

Her base stats look okay, just like any of the recently released Cool SR’s average base stats. I wish there was more to write about Riko, but sadly I wasn’t able to get her idolized. It’s the usual rhythm game until the recent merging of the Korean server with the EN server. I see it as a double-edged sword since you get the opportunity to add friends from the Korean server who may be stronger than you, however things will get harder in getting higher ranks during events.

That wraps it all up for the aftermath report of the last event. Until the next one, which I hopefully will participate, too! See ya!~


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