They Actually Did It! Revival Collection

Praise the TCG gods, they actually did it.


Featuring JP-only cards, cards that have spiked to over 25 USD locally, and… Bladewing Reijy

In case you’ve been pretty late to the news, Bushiroad just announced Cardfight Vanguard’s Revival Collection Vol. 1 a couple of weeks ago. This would be an English-only product line set for a January 2017 debut. Revival Collection, as it is right now, looks like it’s shaping up to be another “Fighter’s Collection” type of booster. For those who don’t know, Fighter’s Collection is a group of booster sets that supports every clan in the game (technically speaking). All of the 24 clans in Vanguard get something in these booster sets, which feature slightly more expensive pack prices and having only 3 cards per pack in exchange for having all-foils per pack with the occasional higher-rarity foil. The contents of Fighter’s Collection sets, more specifically the newer ones, are generally handy additions to any cardfighter’s inventory, either as actual cards to be used in their decks or trade fodder.

Now, why is Revival Collection big enough to warrant me making a post about it?

I don’t know, maybe because it features reprints of some of the most sought-after cards that have been long out of print (or have spiked big time in price). I made a piece on this blog regarding the secondary market of Cardfight Vanguard. This is big simply because a “reprint set” like this is one of the solutions I proposed in that entry.

Clocking in at a total of 50 different cards (25 new ones, which I assume would be the JP-only cards, plus 25 reprints), Revival Collection seems like a move to re-stabilize the secondary market, seeing as a lot of cards seen in the picture have tripled their initial value by now, with no deflation in sight.


You mean I don’t have to sell half my entire deck for a set of Lambos anymore?

While it may come as an upsetting decision for people who held onto their old foils (please don’t remind me of the salt when people who held on to their GR Olyvias realized that they lost a major leverage to sell them for 2000 PHP a piece, because the R reprint does the same thing, cost half the price, has the same drop rate from packs, all at the expense of worse foiling), I think it’s for the better in the bigger scope of things.

A lot of the cards shown in the poster ended up becoming core engines for their decks. Surely, it was a big turn-off to players who wanted to build Nightmare Dolls back then to see that a key component of the deck that must be run at one playset managed to cost more than a thousand PHP per piece. Now? Based Bushi trying to set things right, one booster set at a time. Don’t worry, your OG Alice would still have its high monetary value. It’s just gonna be harder to sell them off to players at that high price when Revival Collection exists and people can get their Alice cards at much lower prices. Hey, at least there’s still that collection value, right?

In the end, we can only wait and see how this plays out. Unfortunately, with no Angel Feather in the set, I’ll probably have to wait for Volume 2 for my Battle Cupid Nociel cards. Till next time, Hime-senpai checking out!


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