Symphonic Rain: A Review

Imagine a situation wherein you don’t have Internet access (let’s say, for at least two weeks, and you don’t have any academic/work-related stuff to do). What are you supposed to do?

You would probably die out of boredom, I guess. Kidding :> Of course you would sleep!

That’s exactly what happened to me. Boredom’s horrible, trust me. 


“Oh please.”

And so, I’ll get to it. While I didn’t have Internet for at least 10 days, at least I have a spare Visual Novel to play titled Symphonic Rain.

The story revolves around Chris Vertin, a Fortellist (a Fortell is a magical instrument similar to a piano that requires magic to be played), nearing his graduation recital. To be able to graduate, he needs to find a partner to sing being accompanied by his Fortell. He lives in the town of Piova, previously called “The City of Rain”. However, it has been changed to “The City of Music” for the town’s dedication to music. It still rains all- year round for Chris Vertin.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a visual novel without drama and romance. Sadly, I cannot spoil anything to you readers, but here are some thoughts and points you might want to know.

First off, aside from the reading experience itself, the game has a mini-rhythm game. It will pop up during some practice sessions in the game, and you can’t skip it. Don’t worry, you have the option to auto-play it for the sake of reading the game.

There are also difficulties for this mini-game:

  • Easy – Around 5-7 keys/ letters in the middle row of your keyboard
  • Medium – Almost the whole middle row of your average QWERTY keyboard
  • Hard – Welp. Your average QWERTY keyboard

The keys are gray if you’re on auto-play. It will be colored if you chose not to. If ever, you only need to press on colored keys.

Music. Music. Music. The game is heavily focused on music, of course. I definitely liked the background music for each character because it definitely reflects each character’s personality. Not only that, but their character songs (or you could say your chosen graduation piece) is definitely fitting for them. I definitely had a comfortable time reading and casually listening to the BGM. 


See? Even Lise agrees!

So, how about the characters, Arisa? Let’s see… They’re definitely likable.

The voice acting and singing were also superb. I can’t really pinpoint anything that made me cringe about the voice acting and singing. And being a music game, every heroine has great singing voices.

Their personalities? It might be not okay for some of you…


Umm… Yes, it’s not okay. Even with those puppy dog eyes.


Okay, Torta. You got me. Every character has a unique and fitting personality suited to their stories.

Fal is your average Student Council President former Student Council President archetype. Almost everyone (since your protag apparently didn’t care at all) knows and likes her. She’s hardworking and kind to everyone. And of course, she’s the type that can’t reject teachers’ requests.


With that face, can you really say yes?

Lise, okay listen. She’s your typical super shy freshman girl. She’ll definitely call you s-senpai and fidget a lot. *Blush*


Of course you can. You’re just too shy.

Can you really have a Visual Novel without your childhood friend? Of course not! Will she lose? Of course not! Just kidding. She’ll lose. A lot. Such is the fate for childhood friends. Well unless, you pick her route. (Thank you!)

Torta is your childhood friend in the game. She’s 100% cheery and 101% cunning. And of course, she’ll drag you around just to find a practice partner.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Chris is in a long- distance relationship with his girlfriend, Arietta Fine, Torta’s younger twin sisterNo problems with that, right?


Girls sure are cunning…

Finally, you have your self- proclaimed “Sprite of Music”, Phorni. She’s definitely a qt supernatural existence, and your protag’s roomie. 100% cheery, of course, and 101% addicted to singing and ensembles. Unfortunately, no one could her nor see her except for Chris. Too bad, she has an angelic voice.


Sometimes, you really need someone like Phorni in your life.

Their stories and development? Great. Definitely Great. 


Actually after finishing the first three routes, I thought the game was average. Average romance, average drama, and all of that. Nothing too good, nothing too bad. Plain, I called it. Well, not until I continued playing through the second part of Torta’s route. Once I started that, I went from sitting down to jumping up and down my room for minutes.

Why, you ask? ‘Cause the cake is a lie. :>

Speaking of which, you need to complete Fal and Lise’s route first before you could proceed with Torta’s.

As far as I could remember, each route took me 6-8 hours before I could complete it. There are 6 Good routes and 3 Bad routes in the game. Don’t worry, you could track it in the Gallery if you’re worried or something.

Okay, to wrap it up in a very simple way:

The game is really comfortable to read. Music is great; the story is also great in the latter parts. It was definitely worth my time reading this visual novel.

Rating: 8/10 – A good read.



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