Supipara – Chapter 1 Spring Has Come! Review (Spoiler free)


According to Steam, “Supipara – Alice the Magical Conductor.” is an interactive novel themed around “dynamicism” depicted through a rallying all of the production techniques minori has accumulated to date.

Supipara is a visual novel created by minori, who are known for creating well-known and acclaimed visual novels eden* and Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. I watched the anime adaption of ef and I really enjoyed that; however, I haven’t read eden* yet, though I am aware of the good reviews of it. I also have a copy of it in Steam.

Supipara revolves around Sanada Yukinari, the main protagonist of the series, who lost his father after a terrible accident that also left his mother in a coma. He returned to his hometown after 7 years, and from there, the main story begins.

Supipara is kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices for branching routes. Therefore, this visual novel has a linear plot that focuses on one heroine for this chapter, Sakura Narumi. The said heroine is the cousin of the protagonist. She is a energetic person who also is an aspiring idol.


Though this chapter only focuses on one heroine, the other heroines were also introduced. The first of which is the witch (best gril) Kamishiro Alice. As a witch, she has the power to grant any wish. Though, there is a catch. As compensation, she will take one of your happy memories. She is a character who you can tell will play a large part in the series as a whole.


The other heroines don’t have as much of a role in this chapter, but I’ll introduce them anyway. One is Amano Angeline Hotaru, a sadistic blonde twin-tailed tsundere. The other one is Yuuzuki Momiji, a shrine maiden who has a completely different personality when she’s not doing her shrine duties.

Plotwise, though good, I did find it lacking. There was potential for it to have a lot of drama. The lack of drama and huge plot-twists made this chapter a simple slice-of-life story with some magic. Though each chapter is meant to be stand-alone, you get the feeling it is part a larger story.


Art wise, this visual novel is probably the best I’ve seen. There is a huge amount of CG in this visual novel. Also, even normal conversations look like CG. Another nice feature is that the mouth of the characters move as they speak (like in Nekopara) in both normal conversations and in the CGs itself.

To summarize, Supipara is good read. The art is excellent, and the character interaction is great. Though the plot may be lacking because of the lack of drama, you get the feeling that the story is just part one of the whole story despite the chapters being stand-alone.

So far only, chapter one is released in Steam. The other chapters will be released as MangaGamer, the English publisher, gathers funds through its fundraiser. If you do plan to read it, please buy it on Steam or through MangaGamer (NSFW). Each purchase will contribute to MangaGamer’s fundraiser to release the other chapters.

Final rating: 7/10



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