Hello, Count the Sal– Wins (Weiss Schwarz BWC 2016 PH After Action Report)

Day 2. 2nd Nationals.  2 hours (supposedly) early. 2 losses before you either go home or Free Fight.

Either way, it’s card-slinging time.

BWC 2016 Day 2

Credits to the Courtside page for the pic coverage. Players have it hard with covering the event itself. XD

What up? It’s been a while since another Weiss Schwarz post, event or otherwise. It’s that time of the year again. All the preparations us in the playgroup have made have led to this event. With the advent of DX 2 powering up both of my waifu decks to its core, I decided, “Hey, why not try and get Rin into the majors action?” And with that in mind, I created the deck with the help of everyone in the NOHK. Thanks to both ruo and Arisa, I’ve fine-tuned the deck to make it play better than its initial deck build.

Without further ado, here’s the decklist:

It takes me an entire post to discuss how the deck works. Will get to that next week. XD

I was late for the 9 am meet-up in ye’ olde alma mater, but I managed to catch the folks before they headed off. We arrived at the familiar venue of Glorietta around 10. Because I pre-registered, I immediately headed inside the play area, as I promptly needed to submit the decklist and pre-registration slip. After receiving a scoresheet and the Asuna PR, I met up with the folks again to have lunch. Can’t let hunger get the best of you in this test of endurance. XD

According to the scoresheet, the tournament will be Modified Swiss, cut to Top 8, similar to the Nationals last year, but because that format was bad in a sense that those at the bottom would rather just Free Fight, causing the top players to get denied their spots because their previous opponents dropped, we all expected it to be like Springfest’s double-elimination. With around 130 players present, the Swiss system dictates that there should be at least 8 rounds for this tournament. Oh, boy. A grind-fest. With that in mind, and a huge jacket on me (because typhoon. ;A;), I bravely faced the challenge. My losing streak with this deck in the Forge was so bad. Maybe it can work in reverse here. XD

Ah, nozomi ga hoshizora kakete

Round 1: vs AoT (GRY)

I knew the guy, and I initially thought he’d play SAO. To my surprise, it was an AoT deck. I wasn’t familiar with the other cards since Arisa only ever plays the same cards with but minor edits. It was a runner-type deck, with a Mikasa Brainstorm that gives +1000 to a friendly that moved. It was annoying to deal with. Hell, I didn’t deal with it at all. The deck was mostly tech-based. It was a cancel-fest. I cancelled. He cancelled. I was side-attacking for 0, only to trigger my 2-Soul CXs to keep me in the race. I got to L3 before he did, and he got stuck at L2/4 while just top-decking. Him missing his Change to the Mikasa L3 was a huge tempo swing against him. My deck can outlast. His desperation crashing got me somewhat close to dying, but the cancel-fest was a thing.

Standing: 1-0

Round 2: vs IMCG (RB)

Another familiar face, but more familiar than the first guy. He plays in the Forge sometimes, and he eventually went on to get 2nd place overall. Spoilers? XD

I forgot all about the quirks of CG. Well, not like I can do anything about that. Let’s just play on. By L1, he was really hesitant searching for his Minami, because he knows that I play PDF and was concerned over the quirks of a Backup + KiRaKiRa Rin. Too bad he doesn’t know that I don’t run the L1 Backups anymore. That saved me from one turn of his advantage.

Come L3, he had that card that can salvage its own combo. How do I even react to that? With that combo, he was also allowed to re-arrange his triggers. When he only attacked twice, I had the speculation that the top card was a CX. Happy Maker! Rin had something to say about that. With him at 3/0, I tried my best to set up an attack pattern that can kill using those three cards. My plan was then thwarted by that rest counter. wew me. He did take 3. My next attack was for 3. Trigger to win yay. And I did. I even de-compressed his deck!

But with his dramatic antics of the last card, he cancels with it. I just died by his turn. GG, Jamie. Congrats on Top 2~ XD

Standing: 1-1

Round 3: vs Love Live! (1st Years)

The first cards I see off of him were Rin cards. Around 7 of them. Is this also a Rin waifu deck??? :O Then, I attacked, and he revealed the Let’s Go Out Together~ Hanayos and an Angelic Angel Maki. Oh…

He then goes off commenting to me: “Rin loves you more.” I replied with a “Nya~”, just like the weeb I am. The game was pretty standard, except for the fact that I misplayed my Brainstorm plays (playing a bad card in the center stage before  Brainstorming) and my drops with Whimsical Girl (near refresh, I had 2 CXs in hand. I discarded some other thing I thought I won’t be able to use instead of a CX). Maybe it was because I was going fast. A change of pace from both of my previous opponents. Either way, I was cancelling well, while he wasn’t. That’s Weiss. Ending in 15 minutes was a good time for a breather. XD

Excuse to Rin spam LMAO

Please don’t think of this as an excuse for me to spam Rin pics all over. XD

Standing: 2-1

Round 4: vs Love Live! (Kotori Waifu)

Oh, hey. Where have I seen this before?

It was updated with DX 2, too. Something I plan to work on this coming weeks. Anyway, he had a rough start, skipping Turn 1 as first player. My hand dictated that I had to be a wee bit conservative. What turned the tide against him was him having 6 CXs out already at L0. I had to capitalize, and fast. I managed to grab 2 CXs that weren’t +2 Soul, and with a tri-field, I was way ahead in terms of damage, even skipping him from L1 to L3. With that, and me still cancelling, I was playing slow, dealing chips of damage to him over time, him being able to only heal once a turn. I was too slow that I got to L3 eventually, but by that time, I’ve built off advantages to let me just seal the game outright.

Kotori no Tsubasa

Because I can Kotori too. XD

Standing: 3-1

The grind is real… 3-4 more matches to get through? Give me a break…

Round 5: vs Fate (RY)

His deck had more of Archer than any of the decks I usually see in the Forge. Clock Encore givers gave him a commanding presence early game, while mine was surprisingly lackluster. Seeing as I only attacked twice over the course of two turns, I was ready to throw in the towel. He was hitting his Brainstorms. I wasn’t. It was a cancel-fest early game, but with me being unable to keep up with board presence, I lost the value game early on. My L3 was standard, but he was cancelling my attacks even until then. I still feel proud of my 3/0 play of clocking a Love Wing Bell when I had another one in hand, ready for a counter-play next turn. His Archer L3, though, had other plans. He revealed a Level 2, burning me for 2. Good thing I cancelled that, and I was able to proceed to that play, which allowed me to heal for 2. With him at 3/0, I was at desperation mode. Even so, he triple-cancelled, and all I can do was hold on. I grabbed my third Love Wing Bell during my Clock Phase. That helped as his Archer burned for 2 again. 3/6 me hanging on with 1 card in deck as I desperately played Love Wing Bell to try and survive. I survived his main attack, but his next one wasn’t too generous to me.

Final Standing: 3-2

Oh, well. That was a fun experience. I felt really proud of my deck’s performance today. It was a rare sight because I was too well-used to the fact of the deck losing. Until the next time, Rin! XD

As I headed on for the Free Fight, I then got a shock that that last round was the last round of Swiss. Top Cut 8 was underway. What the hell?

Time constraint? Technical concern? Either way, it was still a surprising sight to see. 4 guys at 5-0, and roughly 20+ others at 4-1. How the Hell is that fair now? Well, that didn’t matter to me anymore. I lost twice already. Maybe someone else has a thing to say about it.

Even so, I’d like to give mad props to Courtside and everyone managing the event to make it a great success! I was truly impressed by how much faster they’ve improved with pairing (despite the Round 4 re-pair) and by using a timer to show on-screen instead of having to constantly ask the head judge how much time we have left.

On that note, GGWP, Meisters!! Until we face again in the next stage~~

Pics not main, as usual, and I will see you in the next one, because people fear the UnKnWn.

(I wanna Top 8, too. ;A;)



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