WS Deck Tech!! Hello, 勝利を数えて (Hello, Count the Wins)

2 weeks waiting timed perfectly into li’l ol’ Rin-nyaa’s birthday! Happy birthday, dear Rin-chan~~ hehehe ❤

Don’t worry. There’s plenty more weabing to come this post! XD

Don’t mind if this post is days late from Rin-chan’s birthday. People say it’s better to celebrate birthdays late than early.

Anyway, here’s the follow-up to my BWC 2016 PH tourney report. Let’s greet Rin-nyaa with a Hello, Shouri wo Kazoete. And yes, that’s what I wrote as a deck name. And no, I didn’t write the deck name in Japanese because that might kill me for it being “unreadable”.  Deck lists can kill hopes and dreams for Top 8. 😉

The updated deck list is here (let’s make it bigger so it’s more seen LOL), but the deck list I used during the tournament is the pre-changed above deck list.

Let’s go in order! And to make it harder for you to understand and to spice up how I explain cards, I’ll compare these to PDF cards, if possible. Main bias is real. XD


“Maid Outfit” μ’s

On-play, you may Mill 3.

On-play, choose another Level 1+ <Music> character and give it +1 Soul until end of turn.

rip no PDF equivalent. Basically adds more Mill to the mill-type deck, and a neat bonus you can activate even at L0.


“Hello, Count the Stars” Rin Hoshizora

+500 Assist

CX Combo [Hello, Count the Stars]: On-place of CX, if your Stock is 5+, look at up to 4 cards of the top of your deck. Add a <Music> character to your hand. Discard the rest.

rip no PDF equivalent. One of the core cards in the deck. The effect is a “modern” effect, as ruo calls it.


“Sweets Fairy” Rin Hoshizora

Cannot side attack.

Pretty surprised there’s no PDF equivalent. Simple 3500 body.


“KiRa-Kira Sensation!” Rin Hoshizora

When you use an ACT, give a friendly +500 until end of turn.

BRAINSTORM 4 [(1) Rest this card] For each CX revealed, search up to 1 <Music> character, and shuffle your deck afterwards.

Like Magician, only it’s Rest this and not 2 charactersCan be considered as part of the core of the deck.


Memories of Live, Rin

Your other character with Rin in its name in the Middle Center Stage has +1 Level and +1000.

Themed effects have no PDF equivalent, it seems. This is what allows +1 Soul cheese at L0 with Maid Outfit. Good for early presence.


“No Brand Girls” Rin

On-play, until end of turn, this gain’s +500 for every friendly <Music> in play.

(1) This card gains +1 Soul until end of turn.

Think Neru body and skill (PDF1) and Len Eraser auto (PDF2) combined.


“Snow Halation” Rin Hoshizora

During your Opponent’s turn, this card has +500 for every other character with Rin in its name.

Themed card again. A.K.A Rin Hoshino (Thanks, BSR. 😉 )Defensive wall perfect for the waifu build.


“Dancing Stars on Me!” Rin Hoshizora

If you have 2+ characters with Rin in its name, this has +1000.

Themed card again. One of the lesser-known 1/0s you can play pre-DX2. Definitely sizable.


“That’s Our Miracle” Rin Hoshizora

When you BACKUP with this, reveal top deck. If it’s <Music> give a character in battle + 1000 until end of turn.

(1) BACKUP 2500

Rin Kagamine “Ni no Sakura Butterfly” on a 2/1 BACKUP.


Rin in Pajamas

[(2) Discard 1, send this card to WR] Changes into “Whimsical Girl” Rin

[Rest this card] Give a friendly <Music> +1000 until end of turn.

KAITO Original (F 2nd) with a buff on top of it.


“View the Full Moon!” Rin Hoshizora

During your Opponent’s Turn, global +1500.

On-play, draw 1, drop 1.

No PDF equivalent. Defensive buff that filters. Decent.

(Note: The L3s are all unique.)


“Whimsical Girl” Rin

On-play or on-Change, draw up to 2, drop 1.

[(1) Discard 1] On attack, give a friendly <Music> +1500 x Level of card and +1 Soul until end of turn.

A +Soul card is deadly if played right. Draw 2 drop 1 is also an awesome ability.


“Summer Festival Date” Rin Hoshizora

On-play, you may heal 1.

On-climax, this gains +1000 and on-reverse shoot to bottom-deck AUTO until end of turn.

Healer and removal if paired with Whimsical. If not paired with Whimsical, the old “bully the weak” mantra can apply to this card. Shoot to bottom deck isn’t necessarily a nice skill to have, but sometimes, it works out.


“Happy Maker!” Rin Hoshizora

(1) On-play, choose two cards from your Opponent’s WR. Put all cards in your Opponent’s WR except those two cards into your Opponent’s deck. Shuffle it afterwards.

CX Combo: [Full of Energy Guts Pose] (1) On-attack, search up to 2 <Music> characters.

The unique anti-compression mechanic. Stat-wise, it’s standard as an L3.


“Love Wing Bell”

COUNTER Choose a character with Rin in its name and send it to WR. If you do, put the top card of your Clock to your hand, and put this card to Memory.

No PDF equivalent, but it’s reminiscent of Sayaka’s Wish from Madoka.


Rin’s Secret

CONT – All your characters gain +2 Soul.

Yay. +2 Soul.


Hello, Count the Stars

AUTO – On-play, put a blue card from your WR to Stock, and all characters gain +1 Soul until end of turn.

The main CX combo of the deck. ’nuff said.


Full of Energy Guts Pose

CONT – All your characters gain +1000 and +1 Soul.

Standard 1k1. This one’s an Arch trigger, allowing you to salvage a CX.

Here’s my take on how to play this deck per level~~

Level 0: Stock or Stuck

card20599-large card20615-large card28155-large card24567-large card21787-large

Because the Hello CX combo needs 5 Stock after you place the climax, the early game is the perfect time to build that Stock up.  Most of the time, triggering a CX on your first ever attack sucks because it “needs” to stay there, but it’s a better option to pay it out if you can, especially if you do not have the combo yet. Entering Level 1 on 0 Stock is a huge predicament, though, even if you do not have that much Cost 1 cards. Also,  if you have multiple Hello CXs in hand, don’t be afraid to use it outright to gain Stock.

Level 1: Filter or Falter

card10533-large card20611-large card20622-large  card24567-largecard24581-large card20599-large

The deck is more technical than power-based, a deck that plays slower than regular decks, aiming to survive more turns by cancelling often. At this stage, it’s either you have the combo or you don’t, and whether your Stock is free from CXs needed to be paid out or not. This association might help.

Can combo? Do the combo.

Can’t combo? Why?

No stock? Build stock!

No Hello Rin? Try to find it through clocking or Brainstorm.

No Hello CX?  Good luck with clock or Arch trigger.

Compressing the deck also only works if you have the combo in your hand. If you have CXs stuck in awkward places such as the bottom of the Stock, if you don’t have the combo, you can try to pay it out and simply delay the combo.

Level 2: Compress or Collapse

card24567-large card24581-largecard20599-large card10595-large  card11762-large card20606-large

But if you haven’t played a single combo by this stage, you might as well give up or endure your extended L1. By all means, do not use Love Wing Bell at this stage. Not even to cycle into another Love Wing Bell. That just delays your suffering at L2 in the worst scenario. Maybe if you’re desperate? Maybe if you’re ahead? Plan B Change doesn’t work out for me too often because it gets in the way of the 5 Stock requirement for the combo. A safe Change scenario which allows you to still play the Hello combo is 7 stock, which at that time you should have already.

Level 3: Survive or Salt

card21781-large  card10526-large card20590-largecard20606-large

card10533-large card20618-large card21820-large card24581-large

The endgame scenario for this deck is a rather peculiar topic for a few reasons:

  1. You don’t have them fancy mechanics like burn or clock-shoot, meaning you have to win by pure Soul damage and management thereof if necessary.
  2. You do have the fancy Happy Maker! Rin effect (combo optional), and paying (1) for the on-play effect can mean the difference between anti-compression or letting the opponent go into Refresh, assuring 1 damage.
  3. My favorite effect since my noob days, Pay (1) > +1 Soul, in the form of NBG Rin, can either help you push huge chunks of damage (but very rarely because Neru’s a bad card like that. But hey, occult playstyle. XD) or assure no funny business happens during your attack by side-attacking into high-levelled cards. This adds a win condition to a deck that some people try their hardest to build mono-blue.

In the end, it’s all Soul damage. The added survivability from Love Wing Bell is the main reason why you shouldn’t play it early. This card helps you get around on-reverse effects, like any sack counter should do. Without one in hand, all you can do is pray that your compression does wonders for you.

Mulligan: Hard

It’s alright to drop L1s in the starting hand for high hopes of getting either KiRaKira Rin, Hello Rin, Hello CX, or all three. Those three cards are the go-to cards for assuring the combo. Getting any other L0 in the starting hand is obviously good. Since the deck has Arch triggers, you can consider dropping a non-Hello CX.

Some quirks with playing the deck:

  • Maid Outfit “Rin” might be an awesome card to have because it’s flashy, but remember that it’s a card that doesn’t have Rin in its name, so effects from Memories of Live or more importantly Love Wing Bell will not work on it. It’s color-fix for yellow, and other yellow L0s for Rin are terrible, so don’t cut it from the deck unless mono-blue because duh.
  • It’s alright to play Hello Rin in the Center Stage if you combo with it and have a second one in the Back Stage. Remember that this deck is more technical than power, so 500-power Assists side-attacking for 1 is completely fine, since you’re resupplying your hand through the combo.
  • The minimum Stock you need to Combo is technically 4, because Hello CX is a stock-soul. The CX’s effect happens, and only after that does Hello Rin’s AUTO procs. Remember, 4 is your magic number.
  • Sometimes, you get faced with a decision of greed. You’re able to combo, with one Hello in the Back Stage. You have 2 more in your hand. Do you cycle those cards by using them as attackers just for the skill? Or do you somehow have board presence you want to keep? What do you call over on in case you do?
  • Either way, that decision must be made with the knowledge of how many cards there are in each zone. The deck can apparently also be named “Hello, Count the CXs in WR” or “Hello, Count the Deck”. These might be unnecessary tidbits for the usual WS player, but here I go again with this deck resembling a more technical kind of deck.


I did a quick check of current Rin Hoshizora waifu decks on Instead of commenting negatively about those builds, it’d be better to explain why or why won’t I run those cards not present in my deck list.

Please Watch Rin Nyaa~ (0/0 2500 – On attack, give two friendly <Music> +500)

Half a Resort Bikini Luka. Running this to color-fix yellow is the only rationale for this card. The deck’s less-focused on power, so Maid Outfit “Rin” the much techier choice.

Dressed Up Rin (1/0 5000 – Assassin [On play, +500 for every friendly <Music> character in play])

Conflicts with NBG Rin, but sure. Repetition of effects is cool, too. This can replace Snow Halation Rin for the simple fact that it’s a 1/0. I just don’t have one on-hand at that moment. Worth considering.

Christmas Bells Rin (1/0 5000 – [(1), Drop a Happy Maker! Rin] At the beginning of your Opp’s Attack Phase, give a friendly <Music> and this card +3000 until end of turn)

I recently replaced a Happy Maker! Rin for another Summer Festival Date Rin, and that’s doing me much more justice. Again, tech over power, so no. Plus, it’s Pay (1).

Korekara no Someday Maki, Nico & Rin (0/0 2500 If this card is in the Middle Center Stage, this has +1000.)

Nice meme. Include non-waifus in a waifu deck, and include a non-color in a mono or di-colored deck. I need a word with the guy who made this deck list.

Angelic Angel Rin (2/1 4500 – Assist: L3+s in front of this card gain +2000. On play, draw 1, discard 1.)

The Back Stage of this deck is pretty much a problem on L2. Upgrading a Hello Rin into this card at L2 is just bad, unless Change, which already rarely happens for me when playing this deck. It’s much more manageable to play View the Full Moon than this, seeing as they have the same on-play effect.

Great Day for Practice? (2/1 Event – Search 2 <Music>, discard 1.)

Yeah. No. You already have the Hello combo to go through your deck alongside Brainstorm. This gives you more chances to whiff your Hello combo if played alongside it. Don’t get me started on getting 3 Love Wing Bells and a CX from Hello Rin. Ugh.

Kaguya-hime Rin (0/0 1000 – (2) On play, draw 1. [Send this card to WR] When another character gets sent to WR from stage, put it back where it was Rested.)

Back row conflicts. And Pay (2) draw 1? No. Pay (2) is just too much…

Takaramonozu μ’s (Rin version foil) (0/0 1500 – When this card gets Reversed in battle, if its battle opponent is L0 or lower, you may put the bottom of his/her Stock to WR. If you do, shoot that card to Stock)

Holy hax. Never thought of that. LOL Nice yellow color-fix for the man who loves his suiciders. Can’t run it because of availability. Won’t run it because it’s not techie.

Rin, Hanayo’s Childhood Friend (1/0 3000 – On play, draw 1, drop 1. [(2), Send this to Clock] Changes into Bokura no LIVE Rin)

Old card. Left behind by the times. Just don’t.

Christmas Date Rin (2/1 2500 – When you BACKUP, if the battle opponent is L3+, give a character in battle +1000 until end of turn. (1) BACKUP 2500)

Conflicts with That’s Our Miracle Rin. Sure, this doesn’t whiff, but That’s Our Miracle Rin color-fixes for yellow. This card also has no chance to be a BACKUP 3500 vs an L2 or lower.

Beat in Angel Rin (0/0 2500 (1) At the beginning of your Opponent’s Attack Phase, give this card +2000 until end of turn.)

Pay (1) on a 4500 that can die to suiciders. But more importantly, Pay (1). No.

Bon Dance! Rin (1/0 4500 – If you have 3+ other <Music> characters, this has +1000. CX Combo [Rin’s Secret]: On attack, give this card +1000 power and on-reverse, shoot to bottom-deck AUTO until end of turn.)

That’s actually a fine card, considering I run the +2 Soul CX. I’ll try it out some time.

Home Made Ramen Rin (1/1 6500 (1) At the beginning of your Opponent’s Attack Phase, give this card +2000 until end of turn. Hand Encore.)

It’s a 1/1. With Pay (1) on top of it. Nope.

To an Unknown Land Rin (0/0 1500 (1) Draw 1, discard 1.)

Another Pay (1) skill. Let me just reiterate that the only Pay (1) skill you’ll need is KiRaKiRa Rin’s Brainstorm.

Let’s Go Out Together Rin (0/0 2500 (1) At the beginning of your Opponent’s Attack Phase, move this card to an open position of your Center Stage.)

Nope. Still bad. Running isn’t such a good idea, either…

Swimsuit Rin (0/0 3000)

Oh, man. This card. It’s either you sacrifice 500 power for the ability to side-attack or get the card that has 500 more and has a foil version. LOL Personally, it’s up to you if you wanna swap out Sweets Fairy for this.

Rin in Training Wear (1/0 5500)

Just run the tech cards like NBG Rin or Dressed Up Rin. +500 power doesn’t mean a thing here, anyway.

Rin Hoshizora (1/1 2000 (1) BACKUP 2000)

I ran this before, but since the deck’s main gameplay doesn’t need that much power, I decided to cut it from the deck.

Otonokizaka 1st Year, Rin (1/1 6000 CX Combo [μ’s Teammates]: [Top-clock] If you have 3+ other <Music> characters, draw 2, drop 1. Hand Encore)

Bad card. Bad combo. I don’t want to get mad at myself talking about this.

Wailing Rin (2/1 5000 Level Assist. [Rest 2 characters] Give a character on-reverse draw 1, drop 1 AUTO until end of turn.)

Used to run it, but Brainstorm rests are just better.

Bokura no LIVE Rin (2/1 7500 (1) On Reverse of L2+ battle opponent, search 1 <Music>. [Rest 2 characters] Give this card +2000 until end of turn.)

A worse card than the CX combo one. Bad body. Bad requirement. Bad ACT. Not even worth Changing into!!!

With Everyone’s Strength Rin (2/2 9000 Cannot side attack. On play, if you have 4+ other characters with Rin in its card name, top deck to Stock.)

Used to run it. Just not a good investment for L2.

Yume no Tobira Rin (1/0 2500 Global +500. On-play, give a friendly <Music> +1 Level and +1000 until end of turn.)

Back Stage conflict, and the +1 Level doesn’t really do anything.

Woopsie. Took too long. Anyway, let me know what you think about my deck list and about the cards I called out. New viewpoints are always welcome~~ Until next time, people fear the UnKnWn.


(Props to LittleAkiba for the pics and for the deck-building platform. As always with the pics are not mine biz. XD)

(I should make a new closer. Old one’s gotten lame fast. LOL)

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