And no, it isn’t me.

My high school classmate, the tall dude who’s part of one of my two circles of friends, who also introduced me to Hearthstone during our 4th year in high school, just recently got back into the game because it’s his summer break already. And since it’s a fresh meta, it was high time for him to cause a storm in the ladder. 

He was playing so early, he got the Battletag of his first name. I know no one else called Anfernee playing Hearthstone, and I was lucky enough to catch him chilling on the 3 pm of the ladder reset to transition into the May Season 2017. Here’s my quick interview with him! XD

P3rcY: Congrats on Legend!

Anfernee: tysm

(#humblebrag he’s Top 5978 Legend)

P3rcY: How did you do it? And why now out of all the times you could have gone Legend?

Anfernee:  I usually grind with Hunter at rank because it is what I considered the forever aggro deck (even if it’s built with midrange) but during this meta, Hunter, at first, died down… so I didn’t do much ranking til before end of April. Hunter by then had tools specifically to counter Tier 1 decks in the meta such as Pirate/Taunt Warrior and Quest rogue, all while having aggro/midrange.

The deck I used was found randomly from people with different Hunter versions from Hearthstone PH group.

P3rcY:  Shoutouts to HSPH!

You once told me that you used Hemet Burn Mage by Noxious to grind to the early ranks. How did it fare higher up?

Anfernee: I said before that I used Hunter decks in rank, right? Well, I used that as an alternative because it did well in the lower ranks from 15 to 5 as a sort of midrange Mage, but when quest rogue and pirate came out, it was too slow.

Plus, I think people underestimate “Hemet” as a card (maybe because of his previous design?) and using him in a successful deck gives you a pretty satisfying feeling.
P3rcY : Interesting. Any other way you think for him to see play?
Anfernee: To be honest, I’ve actually been theorycrafting about Hemet in other decks and I thought that maybe using him in a Ramp Druid sort of deck would actually fit him. I mean, using ramp cards costing 3 below and then summoning him to draw nothing but big minions? In thinking, it might work but we’ll never know for real unless I try it out and revise the deck list over and over…
P3rcY: Legend is a perfect time to meme up like Toast especially if you’re not going for Top 100 or something. Wish you did that. XD
Anyway, what do you think of the meta at the moment? Is it as cancerous as before?
Anfernee: Cancerous? Yes, definitely… but in my opinion, this is a healthier meta compared to previous ones for various reasons:
  1. The cancer decks don’t only focus on a single hero/class
  2.  Using cancer decks do require the players to think more and strategize
  3.  They are not “unwinnable”, proven by how I got to Legend by using a single Hunter deck.

(nice memes as always from notKotori :bd)

P3rcY: You’ve read my previous post about early meta thoughts. Any correction to those? XD

Anfernee: Here are my thoughts on it:

  1. Jade Druid isn’t as strong in the meta now (due to the fastness of Pirate Warrior and Quest Rogue)
  2. You haven’t thought of Murloc Paladin being a “thing” now 🙂
  3. Priest does see play, but not using the quest
  4. Shaman quest isn’t all that good (as you might have implied)

P3rcY: How about Elemental Shaman? I see it at the higher ranks.

Anfernee: Yeah, I agree that Elemental Shaman can easily be Tier 3 or 2 decks in the meta because of element synergy in the class… I mean Blizzard gave Shaman more Elementals than others and a damn good Legendary to make them a good control deck (not to mention people can get the Legendary through Discover).

P3rcY:  Nice, nice!

To wrap things up, got any tips for people like me to grind Legend in this Un’Goro meta?

Anfernee: Getting to Legend is time consuming. You need patience and determination to continue laddering. Find a deck that suits you and is successful in grinding to make things easier and for you not to stress out. You can net-deck good decks, but always open the option of revising that deck based on YOUR environment and opponents recently. 🙂

Lastly, try out meme decks or fun decks in casual whenever you’re stressed to de-stress yourself before going back to Ranked mode.


P3rcY: Alright!! Thanks so much for your time! Last question: Will you be trying for Legend this month?
AnferneeIt all depends on the last 2 weeks of the month if I’ll be busy with other things or not. 🙂

And that’s it! Hunter is back with a vengeance, and my old friend Anfernee’s proven it by taking it all the way to Legend! Hoping to get to Legend, too, soon! In the meantime, I’ll see y’all in the shiny tavern!
(I can’t meme as hard as these other guys who deserve credit for the pics. You happy now, notKotori? :v)

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