Dragonforge Weiss Schwarz Shop Challenge: Tournament Report!

Last April 1, 2017, The Dragonforge hosted a Shop Challenge for Weiss Schwarz. This is part of the Bushiroad Spring Circuit 2017 campaign. The shop challenges awarded the overall champion a Bye Card he or she can use for the upcoming Springfest!

A mix of regulars and first-time visitors of the Forge headed over that Saturday for a chance at the free pass. Overall, out of the 8 players who attended and played, JV Pajel, a first-time visitor of The Dragonforge, secured the victory after the Top 4 cut, using his iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls deck. I had a chance to have a few words from him.

Congrats once again on winning the bye card! Did you have a high expectation that you would win it?

JV: Thank you so much! 😀 I was very lucky that I got a chance to join and lucky enough to win. I was not expecting to win. I was expecting to have a good time, to have fun and try out the Ranko deck (credits to Hyuga Miki for it). In addition, the reason I went to Dragonforge is to cover a story for the Weiss Schwarz Blog “The Clock Phase” Furthermore, I also joined to have a good time and check out Dragonforge.

I, as a regular there, appreciate you coming a long way to visit us and enjoy playing Weiss! I’ve read a couple of posts from The Clock Phase regarding events here in the Philippines. I thought it was only Eugene calling the shots in the blog. Didn’t expect there are a lot of people pitching in to help. 😀
Tell me a little bit more about the deck you used. When I saw it in action, it reminded me something that Jamie, runner-up of last BWC Qualifiers, used that time, with your addition of Ranko.
JV: Thank you so much! I hope I can visit once again to play Weiss at Dragonforge. It’s a nice venue but I got hungry halfway. I am glad just to help out for the community in any way I can, and hope to promote Weiss Schwarz here in the Philippines and let Weiss Schwarz be known far and wide (also people supporting and will represent Weiss Schwarz Philippines). I saw Kevin Puno’s post about Clock Phase asking for people to join them so I asked if I could help (I also wanted to improve how I write and I would not mind writing and advertising for Weiss Schwarz). I do not know much about last BWC Qualifiers or decks run by people so much in the community. I have a rule in Weiss Schwarz which I adopted from people who taught me (special shout-out to Andree Nera, Aki and Eugene) to play and build a deck with a character that I like. Some would say to play using your waifu. I believe that the deck was built and centered on Ranko. I really like Ranko, which is why I chose to play Weiss Schwarz with that deck for that particular day. I believe each and every one of us has there own style of playing Weiss Schwarz. I just enjoy playing the game, and I hope majority of the people who play Weiss Schwarz share the same sentiments I do. Whenever I play a deck for Weiss, I always center it on a character I like (examples would be Haruhi, Ranko, Berserker, Gilgamesh, etc.).
What I really like for the Ranko deck is the L1 Changers. Which make for a great setup for turns. I don’t have much difficulty when I have them sent out. Only problem is when its around L2 since the deck does not have L2s much and further concentrates on L1 cards, like the L1 Rin CXcombo which is quite a tough card when you have the combo set up, and the L3 Ranko set up as well.
Ah, so only the utility is the same with Jamie’s deck. The core is just different. 
Springfest’s just around the corner. How many people are you expecting to attend this year, and do you think there will be more “meta” decks builds that will be used?
JV: Core is different. Well I’m not sure about that one, though. I’m not the kind of person that enjoys comparative study much in deck builds. I just tend to enjoy the game. Most of the time. 😉

Hmmm… when I played at Springfest for the fist time, I found it difficult. I had not been playing fora year and I was glad I got as far as I could. I believe there will be a strong number of people attending. I also believe that if we make Weiss Schwarz a fun yet competitive game and urge new players to join and have an excellent community, I believe Weiss Schwarz and its community will flourish and have more participants.
I don’t believe in “meta” decks. As long as you have the tools (certain factors like luck, skill, ability or whatever secret tech) neeeded to play the game I believe you can succeed. However, I believe there will be lots of variations of deck combinations that people will use to try to test their abilities, skills and luck towards Springfest. Decks are akin to people in a way. Every deck is unique in its own way. Depending on its construction and how a player would play it would define the deck. Since the term for meta decks come from what is thought by majority as the strongest or one of the strongest decks out there.
I wish all Weiss Schwarz players good luck for the upcoming Springfest. The fun part about Springfest is that you not only compete, but you also have a good time and may meet brand new people!
Well said! The real important thing with Weiss Schwarz is that it should ultimately fun and enjoyed by all sorts of fans.
Let me re-phrase my question, then. Which series do you think people will bring to the tournament the most? TLR with a finisher like no other? LL Sunshine because Love Live? Or year-old ones like Kantai or SAO?
JV: I believe there will be all sorts of series and titles for Springfest. The last Springfest I joined in had lots of SAO, Kantai Collection, Fate and AoT. For this year’s Springfest I think that there will be plenty of LL Sunshine, Love Live, To Love Ru, Kantai (which is still going strong), SAO, AoT, Fate, Nisekoi and Bang Dream decks that will appear. I also believe that there will be players using decks from Disgaea, Idolmaster (to all players having LL and Imas decks, good luck. Make your respective idols shine. #Idolsarebae #idolsarelife), Fairy Tail, Monogatari Series, Kill la Kill and even the older sets like Madoka and Fate Zero. So I would be expecting a lot of series to be in Springfest but most likely if you will be lasting long then you may get to see the more popular series.
How are your match-ups with that deck?
JV: My matchups with this deck when I was at Dragonforge were extremely difficult yet fun and challenging for me. Often had a few misplays here and there but was able to pull it off. Whenever I play this deck, it sometimes has a tendency to have bad draws and I have to really choose carefully how I play.

Last question: how do you view the Weiss Schwarz community here in the Philippines as a whole?
Also, if you want to promote something or do more dedicated shout-outs to your friends, go ahead! XD

JV: I feel that the Weiss Schwarz community in the Philippines can do more to expand its influence and can do more to make the game playable by anyone. I do not take away what most members of the community of Weiss Schwarz here in the Philippines have done over the years; rather I feel that we can do so much more in order to make a great community of players enjoying the game. I felt at one point that it wasn’t that exciting to play Weiss unlike before when I learned. I hope that the community will become a standard for all card game communities to follow. I hope that each and every member becomes good friends with each other and i hope that we get to enjoy the game we love and help each other out.

For shout outs and promotions, hmmm…
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For shout outs, I would like to sincerely thank Kevin Puno and Eugene (double for you man, didn’t add it last time due to lag PC) for giving me the chance to help them for their Weiss Schwarz blog The Clock Phase. I hope to help them out more and effectively someday.

I also would like to thank Andree Nera (also a double thanks) and Aki for teaching me how to play Weiss Schwarz. I was able to learn heavily from them especially from Mr. Nera.

Would also like to thank Mr. Zach Liwanag for the support and Hyuga Miki for the awesome deck.

I would also like to thank the players of Dragonforge for the matchups, for welcoming me into the Forge, and for the good times there on that day. You were a lively and awesome bunch. Hope to see you guys soon at Dragonforge. Hopefully I can visit sometime in the future.

Lastly I would like to thank each and every player I have played with or against in Weiss Schwarz. It has truly been a blessing to play this game, and I am hoping that you all will do your best! See you all at Springfest 2017!


We’ve recorded one featured match from all 3 rounds, the semi-finals, and the finals, but at the moment, the finals match is the only one up in our Youtube. Check it out here!

Also, here’s a gallery of all the photos I took in the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With that, we’ll see you all in this years Springfest at SM Aura! Until then! XD


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