Dal Segno – Review (spoiler free)


A few months ago, one my Steam groups posted an announcement that the Dal Segno Store page is live. Knowing that D.S. is created by Circus, creators of the Da Capo series, I knew that this VN will be worth the purchase, and I bought it the day that it was available for purchase. Was the purchase worth it?

The protagonist of this VN is Takamura Atsuya (default name), who moves into Kazana Island. Kazana Island is what one can call a paradise. The weather is good all-year round, and the climate is controlled. How is this possible? It is because the island is controlled by the Paradise System. The purpose of this system is to make sure that none of its inhabitants are unhappy.

Shortly after moving in, the heroines are introduced. Namely; Asamiya Himari, a girl with a weird hat, Fujishiro Noeri, the protagonist’s cousin who claims to be his little sister, Kouzuki Io, the chuunibyou classmate, and Murasaki Hazuki, the student council president, and Ame, the AI in charge of the Paradise System.


The common route is basically a slice-of-life story. At certain points in the common route, you can choose which heroine to spend time with. At the end of the common route, you can choose which route you want to pursue if you chose to spend time with a specific heroine always. If you spent time with all of them equally, you’ll just end up in the normal route. The common route itself is enjoyable. This is where you learn the different personalities and quirks of the different heroines. Aside from the heroines, a highlight of the common route is the interaction of the protagonist with his only shown male friend, Yamato (who acts like Suginami from the Da Capo series). First half of the common route is getting to know the island and the other characters. At the second half of the common route, the protagonist is forced to look for a contestant for the beauty pageant (like Supipara chaper 1). Who did he choose? That depends on which heroine you choose to interact with the most.

The heroine routes is where the main essence and conflict of the VN lies. Each route has the same formula; the pageant, the dates, the conflict, then the resolution. What is the conflict? The Paradise System is meant to make everyone in the island happy, but this however has its flaws. Each heroine highlights the different flaws of the system and its goal. If I were to rank which heroine is the best it would be,

  1. Murasaki Hazuki – Hazuki has the best route and is the best heroine hands down. Hazuki fits the bill of my ideal heroine. Also, her conflict and its resolution is the best among the heroines. The dates are also diabetus inducing.
  2. Asamiya Himari – Himari is a close second for having the title of best route. If there’s something that let me down, the resolution of her conflict did not leave that much of an impact on me. What I like about Himari is the way she interacts with the protagonist. Even in the common route, she engages in some hilarious banter with him.
  3. Ame – Ame’s route is the main route of this VN and is only available after completing the others. Like the one’s above, her route is well done. The conflict and resolution is good as well. She only gets third here because of personal preferences.
  4. Kouzuki Io – I’m not a big fan of chuunibyou characters, though there are exceptions, Io isn’t one of them.
  5. Fujishiro Noeri – the conflict here is, in my opinion, is kinda childish, or it can be just because I’m not a fan of little sister characters.


Was the purchase worth it? The price maybe quite steep ($40), but I do not regret it at all. The characters are likable, the art is good, and the CGs are desktop wallpaper worthy. If there’s one letdown from this VN, it makes me want more Dal Segno. If ever Mangagamer translates and releases Dal Segno i.F., I’ll instantly buy it.

Final Rating: 9/10



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