Bringing Death to An Old Game!

It’s me again, always late to the party. That’s what happens when you get your entire being frozen to the bone by the skeleton-chilling frozen wastes of Northrend, where Icecrown Citadel is located, with The Lich King sitting in his frozen throne.

Last August 11, Hearthstone’s second expansion of the year, Knights of the Frozen Throne, came out. With me having the littlest motivation for continuous playing, I found myself opening a measly 29 packs, with 4 of those coming from the Frost Festival and 3 coming from the launch campaign. After opening the guaranteed Legendary (Valanar ffs), I headed quickly onto the free single-player campaign, which completing the prologue gave you a free Death Knight card. Getting Frost Lich Jaina wasn’t the most thrilling one to get, so I had to budget my 4800 dust into a deck I really want to play. Unfortunately, most of the decks that came up this week of the meta shift required 2 or more additional Legendaries from previous expansion to be usable. With a lot of decks and cards catching my eye, making me want to build them, I was in a huge dilemma of which one to make.

That aside, I’ve had days experience of the Ranked metagame and entire days of watching meta highlights and reviews on Youtube for me to make my own, albeit a short one.

Aggro is Dead?

No, aggro just got a faster clock. If they don’t kill you by Turn 5 up until Turn 7, assuming you’re not playing aggro, you  win the game. Hasn’t it always been like that? That’s why it’s aggro. Aggro doesn’t win coming towards the late game. Even more so now because of all the anti-aggro tools this expansion has from Blood Razor, Spirit Lash, and the must craft card of the set: The Lich King. Not only is he pure value, but he’s also got special interactions with every boss in the single-player. XD

Druid Meta OpieOP

Unfortunately, yes. And the Ultimate Proof is from the meta snapshot from TempoStorm. Every Tier S deck is Druid???? This meta reminds me of pre-nerf Force of Nature and Savage Roar, where the combo is just too good to pass off no matter what archetype you are. So, what’s the Ultimate Problem now?

If you ultimately haven’t guessed it now, it’s the ramp that Druid gets which paves way for its Ultimate Lategame by Turn 5! Way before, ramping to 10 as fast as you can doesn’t reward you with anything. Now, doing so gives you 5 armor, a 5/5, 5 damage directed at a threat, and 5 cards, which replenishes your hand that you wasted by ramping up. Oh, and you can Innervate into that card. This is also amplified by the fact that the entire metagame that isn’t Druid has shifted to a more Control meta. A control deck which plays its lategame faster than a regular class’ lategame is absurdly dominant.

And of course, Jade Druid is still a problem. Even with Skulking Geist created specifically against them, it isn’t enough. Not all decks can afford to run Skulking Geist because it becomes usually useless against other matchups, especially other Druids. Simply put, the meta is plagued with Druids. Something must be done, but I’m not in a position to say what an ample solution is.

Any must-crafts?

Aside The Lich King, the to-crafts are similar to crafting Quests the last expansion. But if you want a list from me, here:

Death Knights (not a priority list: arranged alphabetically) (good okay bad)

Druid (yes, it’s actually good)

Paladin (new win condition is not only fun, but also pretty good)

Warlock (most expensive Death Knight = most useful for control, but I feel that Warlock is back in business this meta through Control or Handlock)

Mage (so-so; if you already have most of the important Elemental package)

Priest (AoE Shadow Word: Death is good, hero power also good, but you’ll need the Kazakus package for this to be a must-craft)

Rogue (you can win without it, anyway, but the burst from an extra card and a Stealthed hero are useful on their own)

Warrior (for Control Warrior only; no use making it outside of that)

Hunter (no, control Hunter isn’t a thing)

Shaman (unless you enjoy Evolve Shaman; hero card is pretty much useless without minions)

The Legendary minions, except The Lich King aren’t must-crafts for me. I feel that this is at least a good sign for the Free-to-Play to craft Legendaries from past sets or meta Epics.

Surprisingly, that’s all I have to say for the post-release report. As much as I want to try a million decks right now, the Free-to-Play life is hard to make that possible, so until I can find dust or pack RNG, I’ll be just lurking in this game. With that, I’ll go ahead and die now. The Lich King calls…….

(All non-screenshot pic credits to the Hearthstone Gamepedia)


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