A derivative of the original blog. NOHK Gaming will focus on the group’s many gaming endeavors ranging from your usual video games to your more specific anime card games. To keep up with the tradition of ageless banter and periodical bits of seriousness, the blog will feature both game-related strategies and rants – all to be presented by the old crew at our individual writing intervals.


00ruo: Hello there, folks! I’m ruo – the group’s designated strategy gamer and the self-proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor. I play anything from traditional RTS games like StarCraft to cumbersome grand strategy games like Hearts of Iron and the widely popular Total War series. I apparently have a penchant in managing and telling people what to do. Possibly in real life too. Outside the digital gaming realm, I’m one of the group’s largest anime TCG players and probably the most experienced when it comes to Weiss Schwarz – a result of the vast amount of time I invest in playing and trying to understand how the game works. While my old folks are most likely not too proud of my cardboard exploits, I feel pretty damn satisfied with them so all’s well. My main games aside, I can play pretty much anything though with varying degrees of skill –  normal considering how much time I actually spend playing. Cheers!

13886452_1195047217213213_6567960690879722082_nP3r50n5_UnKnWn: CS:GO Support/Secondary AWPer. Hearthstone Priest player, but since that’s dead, I’ve mained everything else, mostly. FPS nut who’s loved Half Life for so long. Rhythm gamer who started realizing his potential in these sorts of games through an IPhone game called Tap Tap Revenge. I always say I play any kind of game, and yeah, I do, with a lot of exceptions (lolwut). Games that are too expensive for me to buy, MOBAs (because buying equipment in the heat of battle is too hard, and micro-ing a courier feels wtf-ish, also HotS was too simple to master that those who’ve mastered it rekt me too hard, but when I do play, I can only do support or ranged characters), and phone games (because RIP my phone, and they take up too much time away from other games that matter). I’m more commonly known as P3rcY nowadays, with older versions of my usernames exemplifying my childish nature like top1imno1.


Kiseki Arisa: I play Weiss Schwarz pretty competitively around here and Cardfight! Vanguard casually. I usually join the group on some online games (such as CS:GO) as long as my PC could handle it (de_train is a big no. Please.) Now that I think about it, I play more League than join the group for some online games.

Oh well.

requiem2Requiem: I play CS:GO, War Thunder and some Visual Novels. In War Thunder, I play realistic air battles, normally with British, German and Japanese planes. In CS:GO, I’m normally a rifler though I can AWP to some extent. As an author here, you can probably expect most of my posts to be about VNs, but don’t disregard the possibility of seeing some posts about other

areton2notKotori: Hi there! notKotori here — the newest [and youngest] blog writer for what seems to be only the NOHK Gaming blog! Mainly because I don’t catch up to recent anime as much and I play games more often. In any case, I specialize in rhythm games and first-person shooters (not CS:GO, though), but I can play most games with decent success. I also play Weiss Schwarz like the others, but I’m probably only “okay” when it comes to my skill in that game. If anything, I’ll probably mainly post about the rhythm games I play, some indie titles, and maybe a random recommendation every now and then. Once again, hello to everybody! Hopefully I can post often enough for this blog!

ss+(2016-08-15+at+08.12.32)Alkaeid: I play practically every type of video game in the sun (except RTS. gtfo RTS). I love rhythm games and JRPGs. My favorite games include Ar tonelico 2 and osu!. Praise GUST, Square, Atlus, NIS and go away Compile Heart. I’m going to try writing game reviews so hopefully that goes well!

P.S. Please fund me I want to play RimWorld and No Man’s Sky, thanks.

aa1Hime-senpai: A newer member from the NOHK main blog, making his entrance into this derivative blog dedicated to your gaming needs. I generally play anime trading card games.

Currently, I only actively play Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz, but I have played a little bit of WIXOSS, Z/X, and Level.Neo in the past.

As for video games, I’ll just preface with the fact that I am more of an anime fan, hence, my preference for the PS Vita with its huge library of JRPGs and anime tie-in games. I also play League of Legends on the PC, a little bit of VNs, and a little bit of Steam games like Aura Kingdom.

Nice to meet you guys once again, hope we’ll get to talk to each other and share our passions and hobbies through this blog.