The Sweetness of Swiss and the Boons of Byes

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[insert Watchmojo YT meme vid here]

Well, sad to say that as much as Doki Doki Literature Club has taken storm over the gaming community, I can’t cover it at the moment, and that’s mostly because you can’t review it without spoiling the surprises, and the fact that I have not and will not finish it. Rather, let’s head on to a real life event! Continue reading


My First 5-0 Take Two Run on Shadowverse!

For the above average player, this isn’t something worth celebrating, to be honest. Though, I thought this would be a good kick-starter to writing this summer for the NOHK Blogs. This little video I made should speak for itself. Expect more videos from me in the future as I try to improve my video editing, which may prove useful for me in the near future!

Requiem asked for a play-by-play, which I originally planned in the video, but I thought it sucked, so I’ll try to write it instead. This is meant to be read while watching the video. Weird. XD
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Totally not sponsored. I wish I was. ;A; Maybe I should get S-Rank first before even asking for it.

What up? P3rcY here with a new installment I’d like to call Now Playing, where you get to watch what I’m playing… now. That sounds better if I said it, but anyway, this time, it’ll be another kind of CCG I recently got hooked on thanks to Alkaeid and some Hearthstone personalities. It’s time to enter the world of Duelyst!

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