Little Busters! English Edition Review


Little Busters is a VN I had a copy of way back in 2012, before the anime aired. Back then I only played the Kud route and lost all motivation to continue. Then the first season of the anime came. I watched it and was disappointed by the adaptation. I told myself I’ll finish the VN instead of watching or waiting for Refrain. I never continued back then. Then suddenly, it was announced the LB is coming to Steam. I immediately bought it upon release, and this time, I had the determination and motivation to continue.

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Dal Segno – Review (spoiler free)


A few months ago, one my Steam groups posted an announcement that the Dal Segno Store page is live. Knowing that D.S. is created by Circus, creators of the Da Capo series, I knew that this VN will be worth the purchase, and I bought it the day that it was available for purchase. Was the purchase worth it?

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