Blessings and Curses: Is There a Difference?

I finally have time to write this. Thanks government! Though, my PC will literally die soon. We’ve spent around 10 years together already. Going back…

After a lofty night encoding some of the most quotable Monika quotes, I planned to write something some of the animes this season (when it’s finally finished), World End Economica (IF I DO REMEMBER IT), and this one, some saltfest for the rest of the group.

But for me, curses and blessings don’t have much of a difference, when you’re benefiting from both. Continue reading


My First 5-0 Take Two Run on Shadowverse!

For the above average player, this isn’t something worth celebrating, to be honest. Though, I thought this would be a good kick-starter to writing this summer for the NOHK Blogs. This little video I made should speak for itself. Expect more videos from me in the future as I try to improve my video editing, which may prove useful for me in the near future!

Requiem asked for a play-by-play, which I originally planned in the video, but I thought it sucked, so I’ll try to write it instead. This is meant to be read while watching the video. Weird. XD
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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Style – Lenovo Style!

What’s up everyone, hope you’re all doing great! Hime-senpai here with a slightly different kind of blog entry compared to what you’ve all been accustomed to.

Wait, a different type of content? Well, for one, this would be a Hime-senpai post that is neither TCG-related, nor is a review of a PS Vita game. For once, I’ll be doing event coverage, and what a way to start it off with the event showcasing the opening qualifiers for the 2017 LCL (League of Legends Collegiate League). Continue reading

Love Live School idol Festival!! –Aftermath Report, The Night Sky Knows Everything

Yousoro—uhm nyaa~? I flubbed it! Hey there folks and fellow SIF players! For the Love Live SIF EN players and just anyone curious reading this, the Aqours event featuring Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi recently concluded and the two week’s worth of painstaking level grinding and loveca spending heaped upon us our just rewards. Continue reading

Under 20: Just Deserts

Hi there, guys. Alkaeid here with my first post on the gaming blog, and as promised on my about write-up, I’m here with a game review! This series will aim to review games below $20 (which should be a decent budget for the average gamer). Maybe we’ll get the other writers to collab with down the line. Let’s start the very first one off with a dating sim: Just Deserts!


About from Steam page: Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time need to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

Just Deserts is a Dating Sim/RPG hybrid game developed by Vifth Floor and published by Sekai Project.  It was released the 26th of July, 2016 on Steam, and goes for $9.99.  I actually first heard of it during one of my rare visits to the Steam Greenlight pages, and I eagerly waited for its release in the Steam store after it had been Greenlit!  Coming in with expectations of a good balance between fighting and dating sim-ing, I won’t say I was disappointed, but… Continue reading

JP Rhythm Game Spotlight: SEGA’s MaiMai!

Summer 2014. It’s the weekend. I’m taking a break from school, studies, and whatever the hell is bothering me. Going to the mall with my family for some lunch and some relaxation. I go to my usual place: the game arcade on the top floor of the mall. Everything’s cool, then I see front-loading washing machines.


 “What the hell?”

(machines pictured not actual number in arcade)

Hello everybody~! notKotori here with my first post for the NOHK Gaming blog! Today, I’ll spotlight one of my favorite and currently my main rhythm game: SEGA’s very own MaiMai! Continue reading


Totally not sponsored. I wish I was. ;A; Maybe I should get S-Rank first before even asking for it.

What up? P3rcY here with a new installment I’d like to call Now Playing, where you get to watch what I’m playing… now. That sounds better if I said it, but anyway, this time, it’ll be another kind of CCG I recently got hooked on thanks to Alkaeid and some Hearthstone personalities. It’s time to enter the world of Duelyst!

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tavern Brawl 1: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain

Hey, what up? I’m back, but this time, I’ll be heading back to the hype I missed weeks ago and hopefully just giving a recap of the most recent epic new game mode Blizzard just released for Hearthstone. They named it Tavern Brawl, clearly depicting chaos throughout the inn as every week, there are different rules that spice up the game. From preset decks to card restrictions, we just experienced the first week, starting with preset decks for our two main villains in the latest expansion, Ragnaros the Firelord and Nefarian a.k.a Blackwing.

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World of Tanks Blitz: Tier VII AT-15A fighting tactics

Hello World!!

It’s yours truly, GMZ839, and I’m back here with the only Premium Tier VII British Tank Destroyer that you’ll find in Blitz and I’ll let you on a few tips should you chance upon using it or fighting it.

I’ll be basing the tips from experience and the common fighting patterns that I notice in battle. So far I’ve fought in the AT-15A for 100+ battles out of my 3000+ battles, I use this  mostly for credit grinding, when I want to get another piece of equipment or another tank, or just some credits to make sure I don’t lose too much when I go tier viii fighting. The good thing about this is you will never fight tier ix matches unless you go platoon with someone.


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