A Brief Shill: Doki-Doki Literature Club!

Author’s Note: This post does not give away a lot and it does not reveal any mysteries outside of what’s literally on the Steam page itself. No in-game screenshots will be posted either, just to give you more of a sense of curiosity. :^) With that said, enjoy~! -notKotori

October 6, 2017

A free visual novel gets released on Steam, with an immediate “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating. Obviously interested, I downloaded it and then started to read the tags and the details of the game. “Psychological Horror”, it said. “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.”, it said – twice.



Amused, I delved in – not knowing what kind of ride I set myself up for.

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Blessings and Curses: Is There a Difference?

I finally have time to write this. Thanks government! Though, my PC will literally die soon. We’ve spent around 10 years together already. Going back…

After a lofty night encoding some of the most quotable Monika quotes, I planned to write something some of the animes this season (when it’s finally finished), World End Economica (IF I DO REMEMBER IT), and this one, some saltfest for the rest of the group.

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My First 5-0 Take Two Run on Shadowverse!

For the above average player, this isn’t something worth celebrating, to be honest. Though, I thought this would be a good kick-starter to writing this summer for the NOHK Blogs. This little video I made should speak for itself. Expect more videos from me in the future as I try to improve my video editing, which may prove useful for me in the near future!

Requiem asked for a play-by-play, which I originally planned in the video, but I thought it sucked, so I’ll try to write it instead. This is meant to be read while watching the video. Weird. XD

Main Mulligan: Grab a 2-drop, a 3-drop, and a 4-drop, but priorities on the earlier ones. The more early game, the better. Super general. XD

Game 1: vs Bloodcraft

Turn 2 (going second): Opponent plays nothing.

I play Sektor.

Turn 3: Opponent plays Khaiza.

I play Attendant of Night and go face.

My reasoning: I played Sektor first, so I have the tempo (of being able to attack first), which forces my opponent to trade. Since they are of equal stat values, whoever does the trading doesn’t matter to me too much. More especially since I go second, having this opportunity lets me lead the damage race. In general, securing tempo should always be the key.

Turn 5: Opponent plays Dark Airjammer, summoning a Demonic Hedonist. Ultimate Carrot trades with Sektor.

(Point proven.)

I attack with the Attendant of Night (-1), and I sacrifice it for the Dolorblade Warrior to gain +2/+2, summoning a Lich. I evolve the Lich and trade with the Dark Airjammer, leaving a 6/7 and a 6/3 on the board.

Reasoning: Pretty obvious, but one must remember to spread your buffs.

The Balor trade was poorly executed. Poor Gobu died for no reason.

The play sequence at Turn 8, thinking about it, was, to an extent, bad. I could have, instead:

Played Ceridwen and evolved, bringing Balor back, and played Zombie Buccaneer (Necromancy-enabled). Trade the Ceridwen into the Matriarch and still trading Thane into the Carrot (to not enable Vengeance). This would have left a 4/1, a 3/6, and a 2/2 that can re-summon, alongside 7 Shadows, which are more than enough to enable Andras next turn.


Game 2: vs Shadowcraft

Turn 5 (going first): I play Orthrus. Her Fanfare hits Malicious Ghost, making it targetable for a Necromancy-disabled Ghostly Grasp. +2/+0 to Attendant of Night. I evolve Attendant of Night and go face with it and Unica.

Reasoning: I have the tempo. I should aim to finish this match early. Killing the Attendant of Night which is now a 5/3 still leaves behind a big 4/4 to deal with. It grabbing removal is still a plus for me.

And next turn, the beautiful de-synergy of Test of Strength and Attendant of Night. Easy win.

Game 3: vs Swordcraft

Turn 1 (going second): Opponent plays Quickblader.

I play Ghostly Grasp to kill the Quickblader.

Reasoning: Tempo and playing on-curve. This Quickblader could have easily been stacks of damage that could have killed me turns earlier. At that point, I would have not made it to 8 Shadows to kill a bigger follower than this one pestering me.

One could say that evolving the Goblin Zombie could have brought back my tempo, but I had the same reasoning as to why I didn’t evolve my Spartoi Sergeant to kill Hamsa on Turn 4. Because it wasn’t necessary to waste the Evolve. The Jolly Rogers was a big tempo hit when it gained Rush. -_-

Test of Strength + Prince Catacomb combo Turn 7. :bd It was the best play with that hand, and going face was because I needed to chase the face race. XD



Game 4: vs Havencraft

The non-evolve here at Turn 5 was originally a mistake in counting the board. I thought here that Aria wouldn’t summon the Holyflame Tiger. It ended up as an okay decision. Oh, and the Dolorblade sacrifice choice is because of the value of followers with additional Last Words = more things needed to trade into.

The face attack of the Dolorblade was punishment for a bad trade. Didn’t care as much if it got banished. And a bad Surefire Bullet gave me the win by Turn 8.

Game 5: vs Shadowcraft

Side note: I almost cried when I saw his Turn 2 Spartoi Sergeant after I passed. It was a huge tempo loss, and it was a massive taunt to me when I drew Spartoi Sergeant the turn after. -_-

What might look weird to some people is my Catacomb trades into the Lurching Corpse. This allowed the Last Words to work to the least value which is killing a 1/1, avoiding a potential tempo swing if he had a way to sac it and the Last Words RNG hitting my turn drop (Balor).

One thing I did NOT see while playing against the board at Turn 9 was the Dolorblade to sacrifice my Balor, which would have cleared his board. That could have put me up way ahead! Instead, I had to pray that he did not have 1 damage (ForsenODO), so I eventually stole a win. 😛

Until then, as always, thanks for the support for us here at the NOHK Blogs! See ya’! XD

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Style – Lenovo Style!

What’s up everyone, hope you’re all doing great! Hime-senpai here with a slightly different kind of blog entry compared to what you’ve all been accustomed to.

Wait, a different type of content? Well, for one, this would be a Hime-senpai post that is neither TCG-related, nor is a review of a PS Vita game. For once, I’ll be doing event coverage, and what a way to start it off with the event showcasing the opening qualifiers for the 2017 LCL (League of Legends Collegiate League). Continue reading

Symphonic Rain: A Review

Imagine a situation wherein you don’t have Internet access (let’s say, for at least two weeks, and you don’t have any academic/work-related stuff to do). What are you supposed to do?

You would probably die out of boredom, I guess. Kidding :> Of course you would sleep!

That’s exactly what happened to me. Boredom’s horrible, trust me. 


“Oh please.”

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Love Live School idol Festival!! –Aftermath Report, The Night Sky Knows Everything

Yousoro—uhm nyaa~? I flubbed it! Hey there folks and fellow SIF players! For the Love Live SIF EN players and just anyone curious reading this, the Aqours event featuring Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi recently concluded and the two week’s worth of painstaking level grinding and loveca spending heaped upon us our just rewards. Continue reading

Under 20: Just Deserts

Hi there, guys. Alkaeid here with my first post on the gaming blog, and as promised on my about write-up, I’m here with a game review! This series will aim to review games below $20 (which should be a decent budget for the average gamer). Maybe we’ll get the other writers to collab with down the line. Let’s start the very first one off with a dating sim: Just Deserts!


About from Steam page: Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time need to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

Just Deserts is a Dating Sim/RPG hybrid game developed by Vifth Floor and published by Sekai Project.  It was released the 26th of July, 2016 on Steam, and goes for $9.99.  I actually first heard of it during one of my rare visits to the Steam Greenlight pages, and I eagerly waited for its release in the Steam store after it had been Greenlit!  Coming in with expectations of a good balance between fighting and dating sim-ing, I won’t say I was disappointed, but… Continue reading