Blessings and Curses: Is There a Difference?

I finally have time to write this. Thanks government! Though, my PC will literally die soon. We’ve spent around 10 years together already. Going back…

After a lofty night encoding some of the most quotable Monika quotes, I planned to write something some of the animes this season (when it’s finally finished), World End Economica (IF I DO REMEMBER IT), and this one, some saltfest for the rest of the group.

But for me, curses and blessings don’t have much of a difference, when you’re benefiting from both. Continue reading

Cheesecake – Weiss Schwarz Madoka Magica G/R/B Deck Profile

Good day to all of you! This is ruo for a long overdue Weiss Schwarz deck profile and this blog’s very first post! Wait, did I even get order right? I don’t even know anymore. Life got in the way as usual. Not that I was doing anything relevant to begin with really – aside from my intersession semester, that is. I’m lazy, yes. Though if you want someone to blame for all the procrastination, you can talk to the lads who brought me back to first-person shooters and bought me CS:GO. Yes, I’m looking at you.

Today we’ll be featuring the first of several deck profiles I’ll hopefully be doing in the coming months. As I’ve mentioned to my friends, I’ve recently started a project of building a plethora of Weiss Schwarz decks for a grand collection – something I jokingly referred to as the Babylon project. Of the many decks in the list, Madoka had the privilege of being the first one to be completed, thus, is the deck we’ll be featuring today.

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Weiss Wednesdays – Updating the Arsenal, Kantai Collection RYG

Hi’ya’s~ I’m back for another episode of Weiss Wednesdays! Despite my current academic obligations, I seem to be able to find more time to write for the blog. Weird. Feels like I’ve wasted the first quarter of the year doing nothing. /sigh

It has been around a month since I posted my first rendition of the set here and I have to say, I’ll be damned. That has to be my worst performing build. Seriously. I’ve played several dozens of deck tests with it, even joined several tournaments, but damn still. I just can’t seem to win with the build. I guess I wasn’t used with the pace it had at all. Looking back, all of my older builds for any set have always had a solid line-up of high power 2-soul characters in level 2 – something my old build barely had in the form of Shokaku. Another thing, most of my older builds had to its disposal an abundance of Heals – something that I would usually spam end game.  Continue reading

Weiss Wednesdays – The 2nd Impact of Card Gaming on my Life

Figure collecting, being a tank commander in World of Tanks, watching anime, drawing things, and writing fanfics and blog posts; those are the things that I usually do in my free time. There was one thing I forgot sadly, and that is passionate card gaming.

In my earlier days I’ve always wanted to play trading card games, first starting with Yu-Gi-Oh!, or so I thought I could. I had the cards but no idea of how to play the game, it was a mistake on my part not having the initiative to at least try to learn how to properly play it. I collected countless Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with a passion, not knowing that my entire card collection was composed of fakes, and indistinguishable fakes that look just like the real thing. Being bluntly honest, this did not shock me, I was a kid at that time, attention span was also another thing that played a part in sending my TCG hobby to a screeching halt.

I drifted to other things and left card gaming until I came across Weiss Schwarz. 259 Continue reading