Symphonic Rain: A Review

Imagine a situation wherein you don’t have Internet access (let’s say, for at least two weeks, and you don’t have any academic/work-related stuff to do). What are you supposed to do?

You would probably die out of boredom, I guess. Kidding :> Of course you would sleep!

That’s exactly what happened to me. Boredom’s horrible, trust me. 


“Oh please.”

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Love Live School idol Festival!! –Aftermath Report, The Night Sky Knows Everything

Yousoro—uhm nyaa~? I flubbed it! Hey there folks and fellow SIF players! For the Love Live SIF EN players and just anyone curious reading this, the Aqours event featuring Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi recently concluded and the two week’s worth of painstaking level grinding and loveca spending heaped upon us our just rewards. Continue reading

Asterisk War: Phoenix Festa

Hime-senpai has arrived from the main animanga NOHK blog with my first video game post in this sub-blog.

I mentioned two things in my writer profile.

1.) My gaming platform of choice is the Playstation Vita.

2.) I am primarily an anime fan more than an actual gaming fan, hence my preference for the PSV and it’s huge library of JRPGs and tie-in games to niche anime.

Without further ado, let’s start off with a review of one such game that fits both criteria, one that’s recently released here in Asia – Asterisk War: Phoenix Festa, stylized as AW: Phoenix Festa in the actual cover for some reason. I guess game titles run on character limits. Continue reading

Under 20: Just Deserts

Hi there, guys. Alkaeid here with my first post on the gaming blog, and as promised on my about write-up, I’m here with a game review! This series will aim to review games below $20 (which should be a decent budget for the average gamer). Maybe we’ll get the other writers to collab with down the line. Let’s start the very first one off with a dating sim: Just Deserts!


About from Steam page: Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time need to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

Just Deserts is a Dating Sim/RPG hybrid game developed by Vifth Floor and published by Sekai Project.  It was released the 26th of July, 2016 on Steam, and goes for $9.99.  I actually first heard of it during one of my rare visits to the Steam Greenlight pages, and I eagerly waited for its release in the Steam store after it had been Greenlit!  Coming in with expectations of a good balance between fighting and dating sim-ing, I won’t say I was disappointed, but… Continue reading

JP Rhythm Game Spotlight: SEGA’s MaiMai!

Summer 2014. It’s the weekend. I’m taking a break from school, studies, and whatever the hell is bothering me. Going to the mall with my family for some lunch and some relaxation. I go to my usual place: the game arcade on the top floor of the mall. Everything’s cool, then I see front-loading washing machines.


 “What the hell?”

(machines pictured not actual number in arcade)

Hello everybody~! notKotori here with my first post for the NOHK Gaming blog! Today, I’ll spotlight one of my favorite and currently my main rhythm game: SEGA’s very own MaiMai! Continue reading

Cheesecake – Weiss Schwarz Madoka Magica G/R/B Deck Profile

Good day to all of you! This is ruo for a long overdue Weiss Schwarz deck profile and this blog’s very first post! Wait, did I even get order right? I don’t even know anymore. Life got in the way as usual. Not that I was doing anything relevant to begin with really – aside from my intersession semester, that is. I’m lazy, yes. Though if you want someone to blame for all the procrastination, you can talk to the lads who brought me back to first-person shooters and bought me CS:GO. Yes, I’m looking at you.

Today we’ll be featuring the first of several deck profiles I’ll hopefully be doing in the coming months. As I’ve mentioned to my friends, I’ve recently started a project of building a plethora of Weiss Schwarz decks for a grand collection – something I jokingly referred to as the Babylon project. Of the many decks in the list, Madoka had the privilege of being the first one to be completed, thus, is the deck we’ll be featuring today.

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Totally not sponsored. I wish I was. ;A; Maybe I should get S-Rank first before even asking for it.

What up? P3rcY here with a new installment I’d like to call Now Playing, where you get to watch what I’m playing… now. That sounds better if I said it, but anyway, this time, it’ll be another kind of CCG I recently got hooked on thanks to Alkaeid and some Hearthstone personalities. It’s time to enter the world of Duelyst!

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