Of Roaches and Witches: Shadowverse Spotlight!

After getting tired of Hearthstone and pretty much only select classes completely dominating the ladder even in early ranks when Karazhan came out…


I decided to go back to a CCG I played a couple of months ago with a fresh start!

Heyo, everybody and long time no see! notKotori is back with a general review/spotlight of: Shadowverse!

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Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Style – Lenovo Style!

What’s up everyone, hope you’re all doing great! Hime-senpai here with a slightly different kind of blog entry compared to what you’ve all been accustomed to.

Wait, a different type of content? Well, for one, this would be a Hime-senpai post that is neither TCG-related, nor is a review of a PS Vita game. For once, I’ll be doing event coverage, and what a way to start it off with the event showcasing the opening qualifiers for the 2017 LCL (League of Legends Collegiate League). Continue reading

Now, This is What You Call a SAO Game

It took three games, but they finally got it right the fourth time around, and right where it all began, to boot!

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization had its Philippine launch a little over a week ago, and the hype sure delivered. Not only did it come as a standard release for both Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, the game was also made available in a Collector’s Edition. Continue reading

A Little of Everything (BWC 2016 Report)

Hey guys, Hime-senpai checking in. October 15 is the first day of Bushiroad World Championship Philippine Qualifiers, with the first day featuring Cardfight!! Vanguard, and the second day featuring Buddyfight and Weiss Schwarz.

Let me just say that it’s been a really really fun event and these major tourneys are events that players would regret to miss. There’s no entrance fee, and you get the best of the best players under one roof. It’s definitely an experience any TCG player should never ever want to miss in his “TCG career”. Even if you’re not fond of these large tourneys, you should try attending even once in your lifetime as a player. Until you’ve been in one of these, you haven’t seen it all. I entered the tournament with my Angel Feather deck, centered around Black Shiver Gavrail, her stride fusion, Black Seraph Gavrail, and the “Rescue” mechanic. Continue reading

Symphonic Rain: A Review

Imagine a situation wherein you don’t have Internet access (let’s say, for at least two weeks, and you don’t have any academic/work-related stuff to do). What are you supposed to do?

You would probably die out of boredom, I guess. Kidding :> Of course you would sleep!

That’s exactly what happened to me. Boredom’s horrible, trust me. 


“Oh please.”

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